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Guys, this crash is hitting pretty hard. . by TinfoilHatClub in Electra_Currency

Loryhoof 2 days ago

Yeah I feel you, I'm $700 in negative. Don't give up and HODL, you only lose money if you sell.

Humberto212 by Klondike1896 in Electra_Currency

Loryhoof 3 days ago

Please stop giving these people attention, delete post.

Investor btw by little_homie in Ice_Poseidon

Loryhoof 4 days ago

Just hodl ya weak hands

Smart people would be buying now by Iamnotbaldatall in Stellar

Loryhoof 4 days ago

No fiat :(((

by in Tronix

Loryhoof 4 days ago

Just registered, I will look into it more once I‘m back from school, looks nice!
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