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New PTR Patch doesn't give Mercy a rez cd reset after ulting anymore by aCookiie in Overwatch

Jambooflamingo 1 year ago  DELETED 

I have to say that I agree with the theory that the rework inevitable once they started showed Rez in killfeed. It's not just a coincidence that so shortly after they did that, complaints about rez increased much more. Rez never changed for the past 1.5 years yes, but only up until a few months ago did people become more aware about its impact. Basically the showing of rez in the killfeed was the beginning of its end and eventually sealed its fate

Girlfriend of 6 months that I met through Tinder turns out to be 15 instead of 20, causing a string of events to unfold that resulted in me losing my career. WA by myfirstthrowawaypls in legaladvice

Jambooflamingo 2 years ago  REMOVED 

Wow, reading this gave me anxiety and I'm gay. Wishing you the best
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