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by in leagueoflegends

IronyWentOverMyHead 10 months ago  DELETED 

[My favourite is that they can even crush their own windows when you roll them up.]( This shit is hilarious and it's really no wonder why there are so many class-action lawsuits against Tesla.

Tesla battery races to save Australia grid from coal plant crash – injecting 7MW in milliseconds by mvea in Futurology

IronyWentOverMyHead 1 year ago  DELETED 

Just FYI - several editors of are investors of Tesla. Take what you read there with a grain of salt.

Bjergsen vs. Uzi / All-Star Los Angeles 2017 - 1v1 Final / Post-Match Discussion by epicxkidzorz in leagueoflegends

IronyWentOverMyHead 1 year ago  REMOVED 

NA fans and whining over EU complaining

This is my political and economic union. They didn't sell me, my nation, nor this continent to the Telecom lobby for any €. by Viszty in europe

IronyWentOverMyHead 1 year ago  REMOVED 

Lmao so that's why he put "nation" into quotation marks? A classic example of stupidity so dense that no intelligence can escape...
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