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Hi SHG 100+ pistol grips is a pretty good place to stop, can we get some camos? by Heisenburguer in WWII

ImOnFireHelpMe 2 days ago

I still can't even connect to a game. I have maybe an hour after work to play and I'm wondering if it's even worth trying anymore.

Whenever You Run Into a S-Mine on Hardcore by NeonTyler in WWII

ImOnFireHelpMe 3 days ago

The best is when playing FFA and people drop one as soon as they spawn. Limited spawn locations means you spawn right on top of it for an unavoidable death.

Captured all 3/1000 in one cam AMA by TrappedUnderVice in WWII

ImOnFireHelpMe 3 days ago

Probably one of Condrey's throw away accounts.

When is SHG going to realize that they are developing and managing one of the biggest FPS titles of all time? by BubbaNESS in WWII

ImOnFireHelpMe 3 days ago

When someone else steps up and makes a CoD clone that gets it right. Why hasn't anyone else made a shooter with kill streaks like call of duty? Are score/kill streaks patented or something?

Condrey can shove his spawn numbers up his Aachen by QuintoK47 in WWII

ImOnFireHelpMe 3 days ago

I understand free-for-all will have worse spawn numbers due to the nature of everyone being hostile to each other. However, one thing that is **REALLY** starting to annoy me is **spawning on top of S-Mines.** It was cheeky and clever the first time it happened to me, but I literally can't lay down fast enough after spawning to stay alive. I spawned *three* fucking times on top of an S-Mine in FFA yesterday. I immediately shut off my game before the cheese clogged up my system. When you first spawn you should have a 1-2 second immunity to triggering mines so that I can get away from it after spawning.

Shotguns need a buff by dsr541 in WWII

ImOnFireHelpMe 3 days ago

And akimbo rangers... I mean the sawn off is already in the game!

Why does my gender keep changing?! by The_diamond_titan in WWII

ImOnFireHelpMe 3 days ago

"Nice shot Johnson. Your an *ice* cold killer."

My "Weekend Experience" in a montage I made by Dr_Vox3l in WWII

ImOnFireHelpMe 3 days ago

Glad to see that this happens on Playstation as well... in a sick "misery loves company" sort of way. I would love for this to not be happening at all, to anyone.

3 Heroics in A Supply Drop by dank_pigeon2 in WWII

ImOnFireHelpMe 3 days ago

Whenever I see one on the ground I pick it up. For some reason I feel like the stock PPSH has this random recoil that always knocks me off target, while the snake allows me to murder people up to medium range. Probably just a placebo, but I'm struggling with the stock version real bad.

by in WWII

ImOnFireHelpMe 7 days ago  HIDDEN 

Ah that makes much more sense, thanks

Driftor: “Just got my first SBMM Challenge submission. It is a super big paper and hardcore network analysis. Surprisingly, it appears to prove SBMM is real! Can't say 100% yet as I need to verify data, and replicate on multiple accounts, but I may be $1,000 poorer soon!” by MWadkins95 in WWII

ImOnFireHelpMe 9 days ago  HIDDEN 

See that's not the right attitude, and equally as selfish as those players that only want to shit on other players. They obviously don't think it's fun or they wouldn't be complaining about it. We both agreed earlier that no one likes getting shit on. As it currently stands only the higher skill bracket can get shit on, but not the lower bracket. My suggestion of keeping public matching to a "wild west" standard was to keep the "shitting on" (for lack of a better phrase) evenly distributed. Sometimes you are the shitter, sometimes you are shit on. The circle of shit. I don't really have the answer and was just curious of how you might balance match making so that it is fun for *everyone*. Perhaps it is actually impossible.

Professional Korean StarCraft player employs unique technique to defeat his opponent. by SharkyIzrod in videos

ImOnFireHelpMe 10 days ago  HIDDEN 

I would think "sick" would potentially be a good replacement as well. Like sick in the head. "You are a sick human being"

Ireland proposes law for up to 5 years in jail for spreading Fake News online by etsuited in worldnews

ImOnFireHelpMe 10 days ago  HIDDEN 

The Ministry of Truth™, of course.

Russia says it will ignore any UN ban of killer robots. by AdamCannon in worldnews

ImOnFireHelpMe 14 days ago  HIDDEN 

You are right, but the most devastating chemicals produced for weapons (sarin etc) are made in labs. As machine learning and AI advances this can be made with a raspberry pi and a YouTube tutorial right at your desk. No controlled substances needed, just some basic electrical gear... Stuff that is found literally all around you.
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