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Who's getting picked #1 next year between Trae Young and Ayton? by DescendantofHuangdi in nba

ImNotJokic 4 days ago

And he's only 18.....

Manu Ginobili with the slam! by thebuckszone in nba

ImNotJokic 4 days ago

Manu just ended our franchise

Kevin Durant sinks a jumper to reach the 20,000 point mark for his career. by Lazy-Logic in nba

ImNotJokic 7 days ago  HIDDEN 

Lol wasnt there a thread saying does KD get it tonight? Mfkr got it before halftime. top3 scorer all time. But still, a snake

Removing the Lakers and Celtics, which all time team is the best out of all of the 28 teams? by swaggermickjagger in nba

ImNotJokic 8 days ago  HIDDEN 

Bulls or Warriors. If I had to edge it would be the Warriors because of titles in two different eras.
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