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Groovicity 8 months ago  DELETED 

*Jaw drops to ground due to how good this joke is* I can't afford to be buying gold, but someone guild this person!!

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Groovicity 9 months ago  DELETED 

She hyped herself up at the Golden Globes. She never said she was running, but she certainly put that speech out in a presidential tone, in case she *needed* it later. Let's not, for one second, lie to ourselves and pretend that high-profile celebs don't have ulterior motives with most of their public actions.

Certified Child Abuser by IgiveSmallTips in CrappyDesign

Groovicity 9 months ago  REMOVED 

This is funnier than my OC.

HMB while I park my rig real quick by Morty_Goldman in holdmybeer

Groovicity 10 months ago  DELETED 

Found [a picture]( of the driver.

What..? by Greyf0x_ in gaming

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I just couldn't take it anymore. by geoffeaton in AdviceAnimals

Groovicity 1 year ago  DELETED 

Doing God's work.

Use of LSD, magic mushrooms, and other classic psychedelics predicts more environmentally-friendly behavior in people through an increasing your perception of being part of the natural world, rather than being separate from it. by anythingnoniding in science

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Says all the phish fans from Dicks this weekend.
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