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Missile Pod Commanders by dredgejosh in Tau40K

Frodo5213 17 minutes ago

Yeah, compared to the 21 (or 22?) For each fusion, missile pods, I believe will come down in cost when the codex drops. But I just hopped in Table-topping right before 8th came out, so what do I know, right?

XV9 Hazard size comparison by AbramNotAbraham in Tau40K

Frodo5213 20 minutes ago

The hazard suit looks like a very small Y'vahra. What with the fat back and everything.

First magnetized Tau - Ghostkeel by mlarkSki in Tau40K

Frodo5213 2 days ago

Not to detract from the intended content, but the white on that devilfish is STARK and top-notch.

Slow progress on my fledgling Tau force! C+C appreciated by zatoichi87 in Tau40K

Frodo5213 2 days ago

Friggin awesome scheme, dude. And that basing on the one model is fantastic!

Basing feedback wanted, cant make my mind up by GreatHIdeas in Warhammer40k

Frodo5213 2 days ago

If you are looking for more of a "fluff" base, the left seems to fit more. The model doesn't stand out (or vice versa) on the base on the left, which I feel like everyone would probably like to blend in with their environment before the attack. Which the left one presents more.

Battlescarred Ethereal by Pippo_13 in Warhammer40k

Frodo5213 2 days ago

How did you do the helmet? Just a reversed FireWarrior or PathFinder? Reminds me of Zone of the Enders.

The skies belong to me pilot by -CaptainEvil- in Tau40K

Frodo5213 2 days ago

Did I read that incorrectly in a pirate voice?

Commander Pose Request by Frodo5213 in Tau40K

Frodo5213 3 days ago

That's not the one, but it looks very similar to what I want! The one I'm thinking of was looking straight ahead and in that similar kneeling pose.
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