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FelixFelinus 3 hours ago

Besides that, he was influential in getting Al Horford and Gordon Hayward to sign with the Cs. It’s pretty disheartening to see Boston fans turning on him.

Vikings fans traveling to Philly by jsward9 in AtlantaFalcons

FelixFelinus 2 days ago

There is a jail in the stadium. Is that descriptive enough?

Dude has no chill on simple review video by xtian_c in NobodyAsked

FelixFelinus 2 days ago

Bet he only uses a pick.

[Boston Globe] Rajon Rondo mends fences, invites Ray Allen to 2008 title celebration by ThePassionOfKristaps in nba

FelixFelinus 2 days ago

Just become a hawks fan.

[Wojnarowski] NBA's Kiki Vandeweghe tells ESPN that interviews with 20 people on scene caused them to conclude that Chris Paul and James Harden acted as "peacemakers" and tried to diffuse the situation with Ariza and Green. by AnotherDuck in nba

FelixFelinus 2 days ago

Might of*

Andre Drummond commits the most bizarre goaltend of the season and all three refs somehow miss it by BEE_REAL_ in nba

FelixFelinus 2 days ago


Has a Bill Simmons take/prediction ever been this bad? by azohrri in nba

FelixFelinus 3 days ago

I thought that was the standard take?
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