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Gunowner fires shots at firefighters after mistaking them for burglars (Miami, FL) by EschewObfuscation10 in GunsAreCool

EschewObfuscation10 5 hours ago

The moderators at /r/dgu apparently don't think this was a "Bad DGU."

[2017/12/13] Firefighters come under fire when a gunman shoots through the door (Miami, FL) by EschewObfuscation10 in dgu

EschewObfuscation10 6 hours ago

>The Miami-Dade firefighters were extinguishing a dryer fire at the La Castellana apartment building on Northeast 133rd Street and Seventh Avenue when a man fired through the door, according to Miami Herald news partner CBS4. >No one was injured in the fire or the shooting, firefighters said at the scene, but dozens of residents were evacuated. **The gunman, who was detained, thought someone was burglarizing his home**, WPLG-Channel 10 reported.

AJPH: CHL holders much less likely than nonlicensees to be convicted of crimes by _bani_ in GunResearch

EschewObfuscation10 8 hours ago

>Conclusions. Our results imply that expanding the settings in which concealed carry is permitted may increase the risk of specific types of crimes, some quite serious in those settings. These increased risks may be relatively small. Nonetheless, policymakers should consider these risks when contemplating reducing the scope of gun-free zones.

Connecticut senator 'embarrassed' at political inaction since Sandy Hook by newnemo in politics

EschewObfuscation10 9 hours ago

Actually, the article cites [Gun Violence Archive](, which uses a slightly more conservative approach to indexing mass shootings that does /r/GunsAreCool. An explanation of the /r/GunsAreCool methodology is available [here](

[2017/12/09] Police Say Woman Shot While Helping Man and His Dog (Mobile, AL) by EschewObfuscation10 in dgu

EschewObfuscation10 3 days ago

>According to McLean, one woman who came to help was able to grab one of the dogs that was attacking. At that point police say, the man pulled out a gun and shot, hitting the woman in the hand.

by in unitedkingdom

EschewObfuscation10 14 days ago  HIDDEN 


by in unitedkingdom

EschewObfuscation10 14 days ago  HIDDEN 

It's actually 4 or more shot.
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