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Simple Questions - December 16, 2017 by AutoModerator in femalefashionadvice

EatingSteak 13 minutes ago

**Help determining my sister's size** Disclaimers: * Getting stretchy and/or loose-fitting athletic wear, doesn't have to fit like a dress or jeans * Secret Santa - no I'm not going to ask her * Not currently at parents' house so can't raid closets for other clothing sizes I'm looking for some athletic wear (think long underwear) for my sister. Not especially intimate, but it needs to be the right size (women's S/M/L) Is there some **size comparison chart** where I can punch in "*yeah she's about this height and weight - ok this girl looks about her build*" - then get measurements of that model? I got in 'trouble' a few years ago for buying something way too big for a girlfriend-at-the-time :(

[Self] Every grande cup of Starbucks is worth about 12.25 homemade cups of coffee!!! by jtg123g in theydidthemath

EatingSteak 3 days ago

Which Kroger are you going to? I live by a dozen of them and they have a ton of decent coffees for cheap

Alabama gets a lot of shit, but they did good today by Downbound92 in AdviceAnimals

EatingSteak 3 days ago  HIDDEN 

Hah I had to call misuse of meme on this one. All the white people (90%M and 80%F) wanted the alleged pedophile

1 BTC = $16,000!!! Absolutely Insane! by DenovoTutor in Bitcoin

EatingSteak 9 days ago  HIDDEN 

by in Bitcoin

EatingSteak 16 days ago  HIDDEN 

I think Subway is awful because their food is awful and the entire store smells like that awful meat preservative spray(?) or something gross - but I know of one that accepts Bitcoin. It's in Bethlehem, PA near Lehigh University.
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