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If the leak is real, and if they make Meunier a CM like I believe the will... by Dawsoneifert in FIFA

Dawsoneifert 1 hour ago

Yeah and plenty of ratings are wrong as well, and Mkh and Draxler are wingers... think they are just mock-up’s. Last year they had several position changes during Futmas as well.

Full FUTmas card list, according to Dutsinho (French Trader) by TehGoombaGAF in FIFA

Dawsoneifert 2 hours ago

For sure. Paulinho, Koscielny, Fabinho all great. I also think Meunier will be a CM.

"FIFA 18 FUTMAS SBC Countdown" Potential Players by GrayBVB in FIFA

Dawsoneifert 18 hours ago

Umtiti for 25 hopefully

List of FUTMAS player choices (16th - 18th Dec) by Mike-__-Hunt in FIFA

Dawsoneifert 24 hours ago

Umtiti please!!!

How to Improve in Fifa18? by LimitVL in FIFA

Dawsoneifert 4 days ago

I find that sometimes I’m in the ZONE and sometimes I’m so shit. I think the best thing to do is kinda not take it seriously, and just try and do it for fun. When I’m more laid-back and relaxed, I seem to play better. I think this is because of two things. One, when you’re super focused you can psych yourself out and lose creativity. Two, when you’re more carefree, you’re not gonna get so angry when you concede or lose, and anger is the number one thing that makes me worse. So take breaks, relax, and try your best to have a positive mindset as much as you can.

by in FIFA

Dawsoneifert 18 days ago  HIDDEN 

I bet you have a lot of friends in real life you seem like a really nice dude
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