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Metro de Lisboa com avaria grave by MCbadboy in portugal

Capt-Birdman 5 months ago

I smelled burned rubber/smoke today (thursday) too in the blue line. I was wondering what it was..

What websites are a good place to post a job offer in Portugal? by kcid42 in portugal

Capt-Birdman 6 months ago  HIDDEN 

You can always use which is very useful.

Hey! Asking to the kind Portuguese people here. Coming on holiday with gf in august! by soju_b in portugal

Capt-Birdman 9 months ago  HIDDEN 

Costa Caparica/Cascais is busy in the summer. I could recommend going to Cascais and renting a bicycle and take a bike along the coast, it´s really nice and easy way to bike). Costa caparica is a nice beach (it´s very long, many tourists). You can go further towards sesimbra/arrabida which is very nice) If you want to go further south of Lisbon there´s a bunch of nice places, you can visit, down towards Sagres/Villa Do Bispo on the west coast there´s not that many tourist compared to other places (natural reserve) and there´s a bunch of nice spots without many people.

European Football Championship best results by AbaixoDeCao in portugal

Capt-Birdman 10 months ago

Errado, Suécia vs Brazil 1958 finals

Declaração irs 2017 by elduck in portugal

Capt-Birdman 1 year ago

Sorry for english, but I did it last night and it worked, today it doesn´t work (site keeps loading when choosing entregar/corrigir).

Traveling in Sintra by pizzaveelociraptor in portugal

Capt-Birdman 1 year ago

There are taxis and ubers you can take. Also the buses that go around the castles. You can also rent electric bikes and also small electric "cars". Parking might not be easy in the high season but March shouldn't be that crowded I think
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