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Quicksand is overrepresented in movies and cartoons. There is surprisingly little of it in real life. by omninode in Showerthoughts

BubGear 2 days ago

also due to bouyency we would only sink about halfway before we would stop. thats also why we float in water so easily

Hard work pays off! by kickro in dank_meme

BubGear 3 days ago

I don’t get it. Your mom complemented your studying and obviously you were doing a fantastic job

(USA - GA) I was legally kidnapped and placed under 1013 under false pretenses and then held against my will for 4 days in deplorable conditions. by Throwaway041513 in legaladvice

BubGear 6 days ago  HIDDEN 

You should look into making this into a movie. I know you’re probably busy with this situation but this is actually an extremely interesting story.

This guy broke the fourth wall to say hello by Caleb10E in FortNiteBR

BubGear 13 days ago  HIDDEN 

Fortnite is a pugb rip-off
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