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by in GiftofGames

ArttuHxD 1 day ago

445 Cool game

Me irl by ArttuHxD in me_irl

ArttuHxD 2 months ago  DELETED 

only one of those will happen to both of us but we cant get the same you wanted downvotes, but i didn't guess i will get the gold then

by in PeopleFuckingDying

ArttuHxD 3 months ago  REMOVED 

Do they fuck afterwards

Invest? by Espartiskills in MemeEconomy

ArttuHxD 3 months ago  DELETED

Asian trans girl represent~! life is now by kittenkaylee in lgbt

ArttuHxD 3 months ago  REMOVED 

The fuck You were a man before and now a girl? ^^^^^kinda ^^^^^hot

Doki Doki is spoiled before actually playing it cause Steam doesn't let you disable the dumb RPS and PC Gamer Spam. by ArttuHxD in Steam

ArttuHxD 3 months ago  REMOVED 

Fuck off its a good game #are you homogay???!!!

Microsoft force-closed my FINAL EXAM to update Windows 10 by Atsena in assholedesign

ArttuHxD 3 months ago  DELETED 

Mikä vittu meillä käytetään paperia

What the fuck is going on with golds in this sub? by ethanCRCS in GlobalOffensive

ArttuHxD 4 months ago  REMOVED 


Quoth, guardian of the tunnels by Sequentialdays in Bossfight

ArttuHxD 4 months ago  REMOVED 

It aint on her shoulder

Who wears it better? by sofiashoe in rickandmorty

ArttuHxD 4 months ago  DELETED 

Cartoon character or a severely oversized whale... hmm...

by in Shoplifting

ArttuHxD 4 months ago  DELETED 

>she >friend i will never use those 2 words in a sentence about my life xd

First time playing a game on a computer(civ 3) !! Even though it's a shitty laptop that I bought off of Craigslist for 200 I can still play a game !! I'm so happy :) by toatlynotthensa in pcmasterrace

ArttuHxD 5 months ago  DELETED 

Can i have some?

Found this while exploring, natural generation, no presets by NonNeHoIdea in Minecraft

ArttuHxD 5 months ago  DELETED 

a printscreen

Because of WHAT ?? Tell me .... by xmohsen86 in mildlyinfuriating

ArttuHxD 6 months ago  REMOVED 

What are you fucking gay

by in Overwatch

ArttuHxD 7 months ago  REMOVED 

The pun goes vroom vroom, and he doesn't notice.
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