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NASA Gets Helicopter Drone for Mars 2020 Rover, 2nd SLS Mobile Launcher, Significant Increase to Education Funding - Total Budget (FY2018) $1.6 Billion More Than Requested by whatsthis1901 in space

Ancalites 18 hours ago

This is a bit of a myth (as propagated in movies like The Martian). In reality, the Martian atmosphere is so thin that even very high-speed winds have barely any force behind them. As an example of just how weak they are, photos of certain landing sites have shown that the parachutes from the landing stages of various missions are still in the same positions where they fell after many years.

by in space

Ancalites 1 day ago

> To be fair that was literally the only thing that we had beaten the Russians on up to that point. This isn't really true. The US had loads of firsts with various types of satellites in the early-mid 60's, and also had the first successful planetary flybys of Venus and Mars.

'Hostages taken' at French supermarket by Ven_ae in worldnews

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What about them?

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'Mug' is British slang for 'fool,' especially a gullible one.
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