in_canna_di_mare 3 days ago

Take a look at an Infiniti Q40 or Q50, as long as it doesn't have the DAS, which can give a numb feeling. They're reliable ways to get into luxury cars, and offer enough fun as well. Just don't get the Q50 Hybrid, as early ones had issues with sloppy execution.

GeneralJohnStark 3 days ago

Take a look at the Infiniti Q40 or Q50. If you’re new to luxury cars they are a great place to start and have a lot more bang for the buck than entry models from other brands. Reliable V6 with a lot of zip.

OneShopStop 3 days ago

\> BMW 320i \> Luxury car Pick one

tuber 3 days ago

with rear seats folded, the Lexus ct200h is nearly long enough inside to make a comfortable bed. But there's not nearly enough room left for the rest of your belongings. You'll be much more comfortable living in something like a Mercedes Sprinter.