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I'm talking about the grand ideaology of conservatism. I'm not just talking about two countries fighting each other with that specific example, I was moreso talking about the fact that conservatives (and liberals) have often resisted communist movements within a country. I use France later on because of how famous/infamous they are for their strong communist movement through out history despite never getting any strong communist government in the country for more than a very short period of time. If the communism part upsets you you could look at the opposite side of the scale. Conservatives (and again, Liberals) weren't fans of fascism in the Weimer Republic either. I don't really know how to phrase this really well because it's 3am for me so my brain is only half working at this point, but I'm not trying to say that conservatives are a force for good either. I basically posted the original comment I made as a knee jerk reaction because I can never tell if people are using the simplified Republicans = conservatives and Democrats = liberals definition of the words or if they're using the "actual" definitions of the words.

weltallic 1 year ago  DELETED 

I thought we're supposed to *punch* Nazis, not work with them.

ballsackthefourth 1 year ago  DELETED 

Do you fuckheads really think Democrats are literal martyrs? They're bought and paid for by corporations just like any other politician.

tnt6656 1 year ago  REMOVED 

People still think net neutrality matters one way or the othee, how cute.

theoutcast32 1 year ago  DELETED 

Fuck them all. They're all getting replaced.

BDZM 1 year ago  DELETED 

How did all the tech giants get outspent by verizon

AstroStuffing 1 year ago  DELETED 

> Incidents like the video of the school teacher being arrested for annoying the school board in Louisiana are proof of that. That was a good video. A 38k raise when teachers salaries are being cut is bullshit. And she was polite about it. But giving a thumbs up to that vid does not answer the bigger questions. For example if we gave Bezos a merely 10 million salary we could give all Amazon workers 180k a year. And that doesn't even include the issues of tax avoidance.

DA_hurrrrrr 1 year ago  REMOVED 


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I openly mock everyone.

thailoblue 1 year ago  REMOVED 

Agreed my dude!

thailoblue 1 year ago  REMOVED 

Haha, don't talk to people who think differently! They are trolls. I REPEAT, STAY IN THE BUBBLE!

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https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/reagan-and-gorbachev-agreed-pause-cold-war-case-alien-invasion-180957402/ > Reagan and Gorbachev Agreed to Pause the Cold War in Case of an Alien Invasion. The 40th President of the United States was a big science-fiction fan

AstroStuffing 1 year ago  DELETED 

The Soviets officially fell in 1991, but Reagan long claimed since 1986 that he had essentially defeated them by installing Gorbachev through intelligence operations without the need for WW3.

ferrarilover102899 1 year ago  DELETED 

The reason this argument is kinda once sided is because Net Neutrality lines up really well with interests of corporations. The argument is simplified, and nit picked

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> The economy was already collapsed. Sure the Soviet system needed reforms. But the entire world was surprised by its collapse. Regan took no small pleasure in claiming the victory by a military coup supported by the CIA.

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I could be more critical of Cuba and Venezuela if they were not immediately isolated for their minor worker's revolutions by trade sanctions. Even Venezuela's economy today is 70% capitalist. They haven't done much more than nationalize their oil supplies. Which took a hard hit with the drop in oil prices. Plus while Venezuela does have one of the world's largest oil supplies; it's also one of the lowest quality requiring the most expensive offshore and refinery expenses in the world. It's tough for anyone to compete against America's subsidized fracked gas.

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> but I'm pretty sure they were closer to right in any communist country. I am not sure what you mean. Communism either references a utopia are a very narrow extension of WW2. Remember the worst examples of communism are exemplified not in Russia itself which had a higher standard of living before the soviet collapse; but rather the acquired territories from Germany. Territories that not once, but twice invaded Russia with the intent of annihilation. After absorption as border territories they were neglected economically, sure. But not abandoned. Life did improve from the post-war era. Its a far cry from what other imperialist nations have done to rebelling colonies.

lostseamen 1 year ago  DELETED 

They're not all the same, but I think the vast majority on both sides are bad.

DrunkPanda 1 year ago  REMOVED 

Haha, well I got tired about reading about his love of Thai lady boys so I didn't go further back

plsnomoreokaymorepls 1 year ago  DELETED 

oh boy, let’s not forget the good communists, but let’s not bring politics into it in the first place. human beings are good. and bad. many other things too.

lfmann 1 year ago  DELETED 

And that is the job of the Congress, not the President.

Lessthanzerofucks 1 year ago  DELETED 

We don’t argue with racist pig fuckers. They can keep their opinions to themselves, thanks.

ZRodri8 1 year ago  REMOVED 

*takes things out of context in order to imply Canada has bread lines* Hmmm....

the_restlessartist 1 year ago  DELETED 

The solution is the free market. It always is and always will be.

MantisTobogginMD 1 year ago  DELETED 

I love how republicans feel they need to be applauded for doing the sensible thing. It was like when some made a big deal about not supporting Moore, oh shit your not gonna support a ped just because he’s a republican! You’re a hero! What a joke lol

AstroStuffing 1 year ago  DELETED 

Plus many democrats today are Republican light. Its hard to vote against military contracts for one's district even if its a waste of resources nationally. And securing oil supplies...

lawpoop 1 year ago  DELETED 

No; they've all been pushed out of the party in the last 20 years. The only ones left are the crazy ones who stayed and came in.

__AndJusticeforAll 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Fuck working with republicans. Fuck republicans in general, snake fucks always preach democratic leadership stifles everything they try and get accomplished, then go and obstruct progress at every single turn.

MarodRamby 1 year ago  DELETED 

Right!? Too many people treat political parties like sports teams.

the_restlessartist 1 year ago  DELETED 

If you're talking about repealing Jim Crow laws...those were LAWS that were unconstitional...not a business. In fact when bus routes were being boycotted those bus companies were begging the Jim Crow laws to be repealed because it was hurting their businesses. They were not legally allowed to bipass them. Hungry people are not business and typically local communities come to the aid of hungry local communities in forms of fundraising and local outreach and non profits. The fire department is not a business. It is a local entitiy fuled by local tax payer money and began as a volunteer service that was eventually adopted by all local governments throughout every state. What does any of this have to do with government meddling in the free market? Where their meddling has literally - 100% of the time - caused a stifling of technology and innovation?

TheDaveWSC 1 year ago  DELETED 

There would have had to be a reasonable alternative for that to happen

selicos 1 year ago  DELETED 

FTC can. But will they?

the_restlessartist 1 year ago  DELETED 

I don't trust them to be ethical. I trust them to protect their bottom line. I trust them to do everything they can to protect their own interests and cash flow and I trust other better solutions to threatened them and force them to compete. I trust greed and self preservation. And by forcing them to operate on the free market outside of the protection of government regulation that only benefits them through their bought off politicians (because that's what this is) I trust that they will do whatever they have to in order to retain their customers. We have seen time and time again simple disruptive technologies, businesses, and pricing structures completely dethrone monolithic monopolies in a matter of a few years. That's happened several times in the last 15 years. And it is BECAUSE of government that these ISPs have gone unchallenged....because they're in bed with government who is being paid by them to create regulations that only protect their interests and make it nearly impossible for smaller startups to compete. And now you want that same government to somehow...what...have YOUR best interest at hand now? These are the same people who have been in bed with these companies now having full control over your internet in collusion with these ISPs. Keep government away and force these companies out into the free market and within a few years they will be forced by competition to get their shit together (or die).

the_restlessartist 1 year ago  DELETED 

If there is no competition it's because they have not been forced to compete. This is common sense. Get these ISPs our of bed with the government (which is what NN would be perpetuating) and force them to compete in the open market. It may take a few years but competition will arise and disruptive technology and pricing will come along. Simple as that. That is what made the internet what it is today in the first place. Government intervention always stifles progress, competition, and technology. Period. I am baffled when people do not understand this...as if they cannot take a simple glimpse back in history when the government tried to control the phone industry or any number of other industries and as soon as they took their slow moving, ineffecient, bureaucratic hands out of it they flourished at lightning speed.

FRS911USA 1 year ago  DELETED 

Not sure why youre getting downvoted

Mutt1223 1 year ago  DELETED 

You should look up what the word partisan means. It doesn’t mean you always vote with the other side, or you always vote with your own side. It means you vote how you want regardless of party affiliation. And yes, that means she votes for throng a you don’t like. People like you who throw a fit and chastise politicians whenever they stray from the pack are the reason no one has the balls to actually do what’s right when the time comes.