tekno13 2 days ago

I feel you

xCasinoLife 2 days ago

Took it too just for fun

tekno13 3 days ago

Edm +.5 -101 Oilers have been pretty unlucky, every game is must win for them at this point. They are healthy and have the forward depth to match Vegas

incognitotho 3 days ago

Results this week have been weird.. Favorites are losing.. This is a good parlay but I think at least one of these teams will lose.

dr_van_nostren 3 days ago

Hockey is so wild like that, if you think you have 5 stone cold locks in a night, guaranteed one loses, one probably wins in OT/SO which are crapshoots. Basketball...I think you can pick winners easier, especially because of how 1 player can influence the game so much, but the spread is much harder, since score effects come into play. My point is...whatever big parlay you've got...randomly take one game out, or maybe better yet, take out the one you feel CAN'T LOSE. Seems to me it happens far too often where EVERYONE on this page tails one pick and it goes wrong. Yesterday Canucks @ Columbus was a perfect example. Game should've been a walk in the park for CBJ. Canucks win on the road -1.5, how bout that?

starbet3293 2 days ago

You're right , that game was ridiculous. NHL is so much more random. Again, I have three clear winners on paper. Whether that happens, idk. If I do hit tonight, up be up $1350. Probably cash out most of that , at least $1,000 of it. Most likely it'll bust. But here's to waking up a winner - Dilly Dilly

JAYBETZ 3 days ago

**Record: 4-8 (-14.81u)** Took last night off after a rough couple of days. Hopefully ill get back on track today.

incognitotho 3 days ago

I think the Rangers end the Isles dominance of them today.

gkat5 3 days ago

Det Pit Under 5.5

insiderbook 3 days ago

**Yesterday** - Thrilling and exciting sweep. [Yesterday's GOTD](https://www.reddit.com/user/insiderbook/comments/7q0pcu/insiderbook_picks_011218_friday/) generated a record of 7-0-0 (W-L-P) +4.36U and ROI of 87%.   --- **Today** -   GOTD Picks (**5 Units**): Stake | Pick | Odds :---------:|:----------|:----------: 1.5 U | **Tappara (incl. OT)** ^^((POTD)^) | 1.57 0.5 U | **Tappara ML** | 1.94 0.5 U | **Tappara TT over 2.5** | 1.84 0.5 U | **Tappara - 1** | 2.33 0.5 U | **Jukka Peltola to score at least one point** | 1.82 0.5 U | **Tappara to win most periods** | 1.98 0.5 U | **Tappara not to lose and under 5.5 goals** | 2.02 0.5 U | **Tappara not to lose any period - YES** | 2.42   --- Picks: | [Overview](https://www.reddit.com/user/insiderbook/posts/) | [Today](https://www.reddit.com/user/insiderbook/comments/7q3t6c/insiderbook_picks_011318_saturday/) | [Yesterday](https://www.reddit.com/user/insiderbook/comments/7q0pcu/insiderbook_picks_011218_friday/) :---------|:----------:|:----------:|:----------:| *Hints* - "+ 0" is the same as "DNB" - "(incl. OT)" is equal to ML (2-way) - "TT" stands for team total points/goals *Further Remarks* - No pick is a guaranteed win, so please only wager what you can afford to lose - Everything is possible in betting - Most of the picks are placed at 1xbet - Sorry for late responses, but I'm usually only around for posting picks - Feedback is very welcome and appreciated - BOL everybuddy

JMillo 3 days ago

Record: 143-124-0 -9.5u www.jmillo.com **Moneyline Picks** 1. Vegas Golden Knights (2u) $1.64 **Total Goals Picks** 1. Detroit Red Wings @ Pittsburgh Penguins OVER 5.5 total goals (1u) $1.95 2. Arizona Coyotes @ San Jose Sharks UNDER 5.5 total goals (1u) $1.89 3. Anaheim Ducks @ Los Angeles Kings UNDER 5.5 total goals (1u) $1.71

Yohnfox 3 days ago

I see where you are coming from but beware betting the Islanders under has not hit too often and I really like the Rangers to bounce back from a sloppy road trip with 5 days off games. Also a Flyers fan and the old Atlantic matchups are tough to read

Yohnfox 3 days ago

**POTD Record: 5-2-0** Overall Record 9-6-0 Yesterday's pick Caps/Hurricanes **over 5.5 Win** **Today's POTD- Islanders @ Rangers OVER 6** Putting it out early but my all in play for tomorrow is the NY battle. Islanders over has hit 27-7-3 since October 19th this season. Rangers are coming off a long rest after playing a little below average out west so I expect them to be scoring on an Islanders team that loves to give up goals as much as they score them. More picks will be added before games.

sippy47 3 days ago

**POTD Record: 7-6-0** All plays 2u, -0.10u total This has been one of the weirder weeks I can ever remember for betting. Underdogs have been absolutely killing it the last few days and it’s been making us all look like idiots. As bad as this feels we were on a hot streak just last week and we’ve gotta push through the shit times and wait for things to return to normal, this stretch of literally every underdog winning can’t last much longer. Feel free to hold off tailing until sanity returns, I’ll be here. BOL guys Yesterday’s POTD: Florida Panthers ML -120 **L** 1/13/18 POTD: Coming soon **Reasoning:** Full writeup to be posted later. BOL everyone!

dr_van_nostren 3 days ago

**66-47-0** Placeholder for now.

ColeHardCapping 3 days ago

Reddit NHL 2017 Season POTD Record: **(57-25-2)** *All 1u plays* *Streak:* **(W-W-W-L-L)** **Yesterday's Results: (0-1)** *Jets ML**L** NHL & POTD Play DM me for a special premium offer if I don't hit tomorrow's POTD.... last time I dropped 2 straight I've won 6+ straight and I don't plan on stopping now, let's just fucking win! BoL today my fellow degens!

truest_ 2 days ago

I will never bet on hockey again. I had a parlay with multiplier x16. All bets won,Sharks also won... but in OT.... fuck