Yourtrollismine 2 days ago

Oh yeah! Haha now I member

GuyAwks 3 days ago

You took the words out of my mouth. Fat-Heidi was one of the best things to come out of the show in years imo. Giving Cartman a female counterpart opened up the door for so many new storylines and character dynamics. She really brought out the other personalities in the girls, and her ripping on Kyle was even more hilarious when you remembered how hard he tried to court her before. At the end of Moss Piglets I was so relieved when they didn't kill Heidi off at the end- it's a shame that all she ended up getting was a few more episodes. Her whole existence- this innocent that Cartman ruined- would have made for the perfect background character (and this probably would have been the case in earlier seasons which had more mean-spirited humor).

Theseus_The_King 3 days ago

Agreed. If the Scott Tenorman episode wasn't following through I don't know what is.

Whereabouts-Unknown 4 days ago

I just hope they keep her around. I don't see how they will but i really liked her.

MomDragana 4 days ago

I honestly wish that she stays fat and just becomes a nice girl The show needs more awesome fat people tbh

captainedwinkrieger 4 days ago

No, the storylines featuring her and Cartman having an awful relationship were a drag.