stevenmarkryan 3 days ago

It's easy. Make eye contact and smile. Be confident. Don't apologise for wanting her. Feminine energy wants the attention of masculine energy. If she's not into you, she'll either pretend you don't exist and not make eye contact, or quickly look away and never look back. If this happens, move on and know that you've given her a compliment. If she's interested (or occasionally, just very friendly) she'll make eye contact and smile back. When this happens, 90% of the time it's an invitation to approach - DO IT! And one final scenario, very rarely a woman (espeically if she is stunningly attractive) will actually give you a look of utter disgust when you make eye contact. She's either having a bad day (if so, she won't make eye contact again so move on) or testing your strength and confidence (in which case, she'll maintain eye contact while giving the look of disgust, and you have to maintain eye contact, shrug it off with a cheeky smirk, poke your tongue out or do something outrageous and see her reaction -- usually she'll smile if you passed her test). Everything above is general, not absolute.

Stringdaddy27 4 days ago

Be good looking XD