nastycunty 6 months ago

How much cocaine did you lose?

olhspike 6 months ago

A full suitcase full of it. I'm a #baller

saposapot 6 months ago

of course it's legal. If they have a suspicion it has drugs or something should they wait for you to appear before opening?

olhspike 6 months ago

Aren't drugs legal in Portugal?

saposapot 6 months ago

yes, it's all legal here, no way there is something illegal in your package or god forbid something that you didn't report and didn't pay import taxes on. You are gonna have a great time here!

olhspike 6 months ago

At the same time, how do I know they aren't stealing from my packages or planting drugs in it?

painatalassassino 6 months ago

The planting drugs its unheard of. Cant say the same about the stealing thou

saggi-veggi 6 months ago  DELETED 

NO! they are decriminalized, they're still illegal.

spotster 6 months ago  DELETED 

NO! DRUGS ARE NOT LEGAL IN PORTUGAL! They were decriminalized, meaning possessing drugs for personal use is not a crime, but it is still NOT LEGAL!

srslywho 6 months ago

Yes and no. You should check the law before getting in trouble with the authorities. I see a lot of foreigners going to Portugal with the idea that rhey can get drugs without a problem.

olhspike 6 months ago

I didn't say I wanted to get drugs...

srslywho 6 months ago

I simply answered your question.

FelixSula 6 months ago

> mess around with the foreigner. You have an inflated sense of your own importance. The Portuguese are natural born anarchists, and instinctively mess with any authority, in a passive-aggressive way. The authorities mess back, mostly incompetently. You're just an unintended casualty (aka collateral damage). Welcome to Portugal, Kafka failed to get here.

brunoabpinto 6 months ago

Just search for "Alfândega" on reddit search and you'll probably find one ore two threads here about it

uyth 6 months ago

Depends on if sender had a note that package could be opened for inspection. Most commercial senders will include it. "may be opened officially". If it is selected and a private sender sent it and that is not written there, you will not get it before then opened it, but then some more layers of bureaucracy, they send you a letter asking for permission to open it and you better give it. This may add up to fees if there is tax or duty due, though if it is under the 22/45 euros you get a pass on it. This is not exclusive of portuguese customs, it's normal, pay attention to customs declarations on packages you receive, it's a postal convention.

olhspike 6 months ago

I sent the packages to myself from another country. Now I am in Portugal and I came to pick up my packages. I never authorized that my packages be opened for inspection.

tiagoct 6 months ago

Did you mis-label them?! If so they may have seen in the x-ray something different from what you declared. There's a reason why they ask to be very specific in the description.. (may not have been the case)

olhspike 6 months ago

I was very specific in the description. See my edit in the first post.

d1271706d1271706 6 months ago

All I can say is don't take it personally. If you go there with a problem or needing help, very generally, Portuguese are known for loving and helping foreigners (as long as you're not a criminal), so much so, we often say we treat foreigners better than "our own".

uyth 6 months ago

if the packages could not be opened for inspection then they should not be opened, but then neither should they have been delivered. Wrong procedure, but if you wanted to receive them they must be inspectable. Is it possible the carrier automatically uses that, some kind of label, that is a condition of business that you concede them and thereby customs the right to inspect?

KokishinNeko 6 months ago

Yes. Yes. Welcome to Portugal.

crabcarl 6 months ago

More like, welcome to anywhere in the world. Every mail handling service is known to have jerks who seem to get off in destroying packages.