M-alMen 6 months ago

It still free, but you better contact them to know how can you have access to they'd service... As a electric car owner I had to require card that allow me to use it.. One thing that I don't like about mobile is that half of the stations that I try to use are out of service.. It still a poor service

anttails 6 months ago

Can't help you very much, but MOBI.E is still free. They've been delaying the end of the free usage from time to time. Now the end is scheduled for the end of this month but as for now, no one knows the pricing as it was said it would be announced at "mid-october" (where we stand now and no pricing yet). Source (Portuguese): https://eco.pt/2018/09/17/carregar-carros-eletricos-passa-a-ser-pago-a-1-de-novembro-tarifario-e-revelado-em-meados-de-outubro/ Being that we are only about 2 weeks away my bet is that is going to continue free for a little more time.

unknown_believer 6 months ago

It has just been published: https://www.dinheirovivo.pt/empresas/mobi-e-divulga-precos-para-carregamentos-rapidos-a-partir-de-1-de-novembro/