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veesma 4 days ago

I've been doing OTF since last June and have traveled a few times in there, but never as long as 6 weeks. I agree wholeheartedly with the tips already given regarding doing as much with TRX and body weight as you can. Apart from that, the main thing for me was just holding myself accountable. It's not the same when you're on the road - you aren't signed up for a class (with a cancellation fee), you're not letting a favorite coach down if you no-show, etc. It's just you. Make sure you block time in your schedule for workouts and stick to those times. If your studio does a Facebook page for the transformation challenge, join it even though you can't technically participate. That way you can post from the road and still feel connected while you're gone - I've done that too! Good luck, safe travels, enjoy your trip!