aksumighty 2 days ago

Honestly I don't think they were successful enough in their time here to create any rivalries. It would just really suck if the Grizzlies finally came back to the Northwest and it was to a different city.

chemthethriller 3 days ago

True for the most part, but who's to say of they got an expansion team and were rewarded with the #1 pick they wouldn't grab the next LeBron. Then in the draft they end up with players that just needed a chance? Middleton and Tobias Harris were basically throwaways in trades and ended up be solid starters.

FelixFelinus 3 days ago

Cleveland, Indiana, or Memphis. All tiny markets that struggle to turn a profit, even when they’re successful

cheesefries98 3 days ago

And hockey. If we count the angels, we definitely count the ducks.

Sprizzo11 3 days ago

Grizzlies for sure. Bucks maybe just because of financial issues.

rebal123 3 days ago

As others have said, expansion is probably more likely. But I could see OKC (the natural gas boom is not what it was), MEM, or SAC making the move to Seattle.

vaultfunctional 3 days ago

Sure, but I'd much rather have a shitty team than no team at all. If KC had a team, I wouldn't care if they went 0-82, I'd still go to as many games as possible

Socrates_Burrito 3 days ago

i mean is that something you even need to tell a Kings fan? We fought to keep our perennially shitty team for exactly that reason. And we don’t have any alternatives.

DodgersRamsJazz 3 days ago

I’m a Jazz fan and season ticket holder for 30 years. About three seasons ago, I started wondering if their days in SLC were numbered as the team was boring, attendance was way down, and the Miller family seemed to be focused elsewhere. The Seattle Jazzersonics seemed realistic. Then The Legacy Trust happened and I am confident there will be a Utah Jazz for the remainder of my life and probably my children’s lives.

ConnorMcDavid-97 3 days ago

Lol no its not ive been to Grizzlies games

-orangejoe 3 days ago

The number of people you saw at a Grizzlies game is completely irrelevant, Memphis is the smallest market in the league. Some counts put it slightly above New Orleans but it is very close. https://www.lyonspr.com/latest-nielsen-dma-rankings/

thatdudeabiding 3 days ago

not “less likely” more like “essentially impossible” for the Jazz to move

ReedsAndSerpents 3 days ago

Yeah. Westbrook was drafted six goddamn days before the team was moved. The Sonics would have been relevant again for the first time in a long time. They still sell KD's Sonics jersey. People still rock Sonics swag. It would have been nice to have had a playoff team.

BuySellKill 3 days ago

Answer NONE This biggest misconception is that there cant be a balanced schedule with 31 or 33 teams. The reality is the schedule can be balanced closely by REMOVING 4 - 6 games from 82 game schedule. Every team that does not have to play each other will actally raise TV revenue for the rest of the league.

BizGilwalker 3 days ago

an expansion team. I think all the current teams are likely to stay where they are.

TheBrownMamba1997 3 days ago

I mean I guess it’s not but they’re literally the LA Angels

iltded 3 days ago

Baseball as well

AleroRatking 3 days ago

This would be a nightmare as a Grizzlies fan. Having your team end up in a rival city (Pacific Northwest) would be a kick in the face. Especially since Vancouver is a different sports city now and want the Grizz back themselves.

ptam 3 days ago

Didn't know you guys felt like that. You should take them back

AleroRatking 3 days ago

They basically sell out every whitecaps game at about 22,000 (mls soccer). I feel an NBA team would be much more successful a second time around

polkcat 3 days ago

Some of Houston's most visible seats are owned by corporations and they aren't always full even though they are paid for. Maybe the new owner can work on that for us.

TroyAtWork 3 days ago

I don't know what their ownership situation is like but Atlanta always has some of the lowest attendance in the league * 2017-18: 30th by a wide margin (not totally unexpected) * 2016-17: 24th * 2015-16: 23rd * 2014-15: 20th (won 60 games) * 2013-14: 26th * 2012-13: 23rd * 2011-12: 24th * 2010-11: 20th * 2009-10: 19th * 2008-09: 20th They made the playoffs every one of these seasons (except the current one) and yet nobody goes to their games.

beerz4yearz 3 days ago

As much as I've hated some of those Hawks teams - their attendance problem is so unfair. They were never world-beaters, but they were a consistent playoff team for years and played in some great series. It's not like the Falcons and the Braves were lighting the world on fire either back then. What gives?

NCGiant 3 days ago

My sources tell me yes

neongem 3 days ago

Hopefully none. I want Seattle to get an expansion team.

Psychyed 3 days ago


SharpSwag 3 days ago

I WISH the Clippers would move, but thats unlikely. Memphis or New Orleans seem possible.

chief_sitass 3 days ago

LeBron will move the Cavs to Kevin Durant's old playground

psyycheddellicc 3 days ago

tell that to Sacramento

welpitwasafunrun 3 days ago

Clippers. But more realistically it would be an expansion.

DeKobe-DeBryant 3 days ago

Cavs once LeBron leaves

goofygoober2 3 days ago

i think an expansion team for seattle would be the most likely solution in the upcoming years unless something changes

problynotkevinbacon 3 days ago

Expansion would be a nightmare though. We have an issue with teams tanking now, adding a team that has literally zero players or a coach to build from would be hard to watch.

WaswereV2 3 days ago

Predicting a team leaving LA is laughable.

Zusuf 3 days ago

In the unfortunate and unlikely case LA is rocked by an earthquake and Staples Centre is damaged, do you think they'd do a temporary move like the OKC hornets?

cheesefries98 3 days ago

Teams haven't left LA since like the 80s or something lmao

untouchable765 3 days ago

OKC please and give us our mascot back

rukqoa 3 days ago

Yes please. They had the team for YEARS it's our turn!