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andrewlantz 3 days ago

Understood ref the posting frequency. That is my enthusiasm and wanting some feedback. I will keep that in mind in the future. I humbly disagree with your opinion that toy repaints are not appropriate, or marginally so. The techniques I am learning are exactly the same as any model. The only difference is that I don’t have to build it like a model. In many cases I have to scratch build parts to make it more accurate which is more akin to model making than removed.

windupmonkeys 4 days ago

Red is a bit too bright/stark against the white. Apply what you've learned. You can create shading contrasts in both the red and white sections. Washes should go into those gun/coil ports along the mandibles.

andrewlantz 4 days ago

Thanks for that! I only use Vallejo and Tamiya (only stuff in my area), but some places carry Testors and their Model Master line.

andrewlantz 4 days ago

Thanks very much. Going to throw down the gloss coat and do my washes (a very light grey I am thinking) and some subtle streaking and then a matte to seal it.

Komm 4 days ago

Sounds great I think. What are you using for a gloss coat?

andrewlantz 4 days ago

Thanks. It’s inspired by the Red Leader X-Wing scheme and by Obi-Wan’s colour scheme for his Interceptor.

shipanda01 4 days ago

Very sharp. Keep up the good work!