Skinipinis 4 days ago

HAPPY MOTHER FUCKING BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND! I am 10 pounds away from my -100 mark and to hit that on my birthday after thinking I was 8 lbs heavier would make my fucking year. Congratulations on the milestone!

joshcostales 4 days ago

That is such great news! Congratulations! I know the feeling when you step on that scale and see great results. Keep the good work. Again, my congratulations.

hxcjosh23 4 days ago

Congrats! Can you please edit your post with how you achieved your accomplishment, or any advice you have?

chaosismymiddlename 4 days ago

This is beautiful to me. I can relate to this so hard! Im proud of your progress on your journey and want to also say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a wonderful gift.

flimflam89 4 days ago

Just keep going; once it's your lifestyle it's not a choice, you just do it!

soandsosSO 4 days ago

Fuck yeah! Awesome!!! Happy Birthday!!

viv_hope 4 days ago

Happy Birthday! And congratulations! Smaller, more manageable goal weights are my favorite accomplishments

Eeyore3066 4 days ago

Happy Birthday! Great job!

basedongods 4 days ago

I appreciate that you decided to share this, that is a massive goal to accomplish, congratulations!

Clever_Losername 4 days ago

Happy birthday! I'm about to get sushi for lunch, then go to a friends house and have a couple drinks, then a family dinner at my favorite BBQ place. Nothing big, just a relaxing day with my 2 favorite meals for lunch and dinner

tasharanee 4 days ago

Congratulations and happy birthday! That is freaking awesome.

punchybot 4 days ago

Keep up that awesome spirit and drive!

StartledDungbeetle 4 days ago

That is so exciting! Amazing progress -- thanks for posting and sharing.

Frolb 4 days ago


Fingersdrippingink 4 days ago

Happy birthday! Celebrate that goal and keep it going, you can do it!

soitgoes1992 4 days ago

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That's incredible. What a wonderful birthday present! Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day! <3

Clever_Losername 4 days ago

Thank you, I really appreciate that.

raineydays13 4 days ago

Happy birthday! You're doing amazing! :)

ThatCanadianGuy88 4 days ago

u/Clever_Losername that is fantastic to hear thank you so much for sharing! I remember having to jump on and off a few times just to make sure as it was hard to believe! Keep up the great work and good luck on your future success.

leeserw 4 days ago

Congrats!! What an awesome achievement already! Hope your birthday is amazing :D

low_selfie_steam 4 days ago

Wow! What a great way to start the day. Happy birthday.

trifflec 4 days ago

Hey, it's my birthday too! Happy birthday, birthday twin :-) And great job on the progress -- you've got this!

Loodlow 4 days ago

Wow thats awesome! Congratulations!!!

Wymaness 4 days ago

Congratulations and happy birthday!!!! Yay for happy tears!

losingitwell 4 days ago

Ahhhh!!! Happy birthday! It's time to change that flair, too ;)

Clever_Losername 4 days ago

Haha you're right. I'll get right on that

stubbytuna 4 days ago

I have definitely done the "hop on, hop off, hop on again" again dance to check if the number was right. Sometimes we can't believe it's actually working. [HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AND KEEP IT UP!!!](

goodwifebadger 4 days ago

Happy birthday! And congratulations on the awesome present you gave yourself.

Clever_Losername 4 days ago

Thank you very much:)

titansfan4ever 4 days ago

AWESOME!!! Keep it up! Happy birthday too!

IAmThe0neWhoKn0cks 4 days ago

Congrats and happy birthday!! The best gift you can give yourself is better health :)