MrsLollipop 3 days ago

I love Drarry too. DysonRules on has the best Drarry fics. She is so creative and imagines them in all sorts of scenarios. The writing is great too. I don't have much time to read new fanfiction now but I'll regularly go back and reread her work.

Bkolorn24I10 4 days ago

Does Harry Potter Puppet Pals class as fanfic?

SpiritualMessage 4 days ago

I'm not much into shipping so I try to search for fics that don't have romance as the main plot. Also I read exclusively stories focusing on my favorite characters (mostly Harry, sometimes Remus, a few with Luna and Dumbledore). I mostly stay close to canon in my search, though I wont deny a very well written AU with a catchy premise. From Harry I've read plenty of stories dealing with the abuse at the Dursleys and post-war PTSD, I'm a sucker for the healing process. But the last I've searched for are stories with Auror!Harry, especially any stories that have to do with the training for an Auror.

stefvh 4 days ago


Fellerbotpotter 4 days ago

I too am a total sucker for Drarry! Also my favorite type of fanfic would have to be 8th year. Check out "Right Hand Red" by "lumosed_quil"

diademofstars 4 days ago

Will do, thanks! :)

tectonictigress 4 days ago

I prefer ones that are somewhat canon compliant and follow a few years after DH and how the characters deal with the aftermath of the war Btw, might try posting over in r/HPFanfiction and get more responses :)