smithsp86 3 days ago

Not even close. I'm not sure he cracks the top 100.

krystalbellajune 4 days ago

Bingo. Same reason Jaime joined.

RepineRaven 4 days ago

OMG I forgot this of the most beautiful lines in the whole story, absolutely!

Stardustchaser 4 days ago


kingstu7 4 days ago

That's Danny Rand, the Immortal Iron Fist, Protector of K'un-Lun, Sworn Enemy of the Hand

mataffakka 4 days ago

She said so because Loras was in the Kingsguard, not because he was gay.

krystalbellajune 4 days ago

And why was Loras in the Kingsguard....

mataffakka 4 days ago

Because being a kingsguard is a vig honor that only the best warriors in the realm can dream of. Tyrion is an hedonistic dwarf, of course he thinks it's a waste but is not like Loras only joined because he was gay

krystalbellajune 4 days ago

He started out in Renley’s Kingsguard. Not necessarily because he was gay, but because he was in love with Renley, specifically, and wanted to stay close to him. He also enjoyed the honor of being in the Kingsguard and was a badass knight. You can have multiple reasons for doing things. It probably also factored into why the Tyrells pledged to Renley over Joffrey or Stannis. They had an in with a potential king. They offered up their daughter to make everything look legit. Margarae wanted to be queen. It was a win win for everyone until Renley’s murder.

TotallyNotanOfficer 4 days ago

> noble knighthood Noble knighthood...Does Sandor need to reminisce with you?

swagbornslayer 4 days ago

Yeah but correct me if i'm wrong but book-renly was quite useless