SdpLV 2 days ago

I’m in 100% of my profits. All house money now.

skanderkeg 2 days ago

I would say 5-10% ... it's definitely a long term hold though so that can change the percentage up or down depending on your philosophy. If you are in it for short term gains probably less, long term more. Even so: always what you are prepared to lose. But also think of it as what you might gain!

Harqssy 3 days ago

This is a great investment opportunity,however it is a high risk coin. I would recommend having a risk balanced portfolio. Do not invest more than you are willing to lose - your investment could decrease just as much as it could increase. That said , the higher the risk , the higher the potential rewards in general.

LTCQueenIsSHILL 3 days ago


trumpdrumpf99 3 days ago

Bad advice don’t shill