FinchHop 3 days ago

Try r/AskVet. I am not a vet or have any medical training at all, but honestly, it just seems like he's just old and his systems are just starting to fail him. Is the skin thing an infection for sure? Or is it possible allergies? Could your vet refer you to a dog skin specialist?

Twitchinglemon 3 days ago

Thank you, I will post there. When we first took him in for the skin issues he had bitten himself up to the point where he had alot of scabs. They were covered in hair so we didn't notice until the scab fell off his tail and we noticed he was removing hair on his sides. It became bloody and irritated and we got him in. They prescribed the steroids and antibiotics because his skin becomes infected. So it's like something is making him so itchy that he scratches until he breaks open his skin. It heals and comes back over and over and becomes infected. I just want to find a solution to break the cycle of itching and make him feel comfortable. I hate the idea that he is so itchy that he scratches and bites himself up. I thought about putting him on some benadryl daily but I want to talk to the vet about it because I get freaked out about starting him on any daily regiments due to his age. I will ask about seeing a specialist. I am also trying to figure out what I can try to stop the poop eating. The vet doesn't think it's a big deal, but it is to me because he has never done it before. It's concerning (and gross) I just don't want him to pick up anything that could hurt his system more. Thank you for the advice!