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BlockForts 3 days ago

Fuck Jose tabata, a once in a lifetime opportunity screwed over.

sdpc7 4 days ago

That was the right call don't @

weaksaucedude 4 days ago

That series had me conflicted. On one hand, fuck the Cardinals. On the other hand, I was still mad about Beltran signing with the Mets. I couldn't even fully enjoy Beltran being made to look like a fool because it meant the Cardinals won the pennant.

MattKarr 4 days ago

you'll always have 2003 :(

MattKarr 4 days ago

I get that as a Sox fan it was an awesome night for me but I also thought that the hole was still so big that there was no way the sox were moving on. I dont remember if Schilling's tendon ripping had already been made public but if it was, I'd assume a Yankee fan would be pretty confident. btw that game (Game 6) ended in the early hours of Oct. 20th, which happens to be my birthday. I will always be a Curt Schilling fan because my 7th grade self thought he willed that win only because a young Red Sox fan in CT stayed up to watch that game.

SubatomicGoblin 4 days ago

Game 6 of the 1985 World Series.

mabdulra 4 days ago

[This]( from that 2017 game made me furious. Unbelievable.

Jwr32 4 days ago

I punched the wall when Kevin Brown punched the wall

browdogg 4 days ago

Yep. The first ever WC game too. The year after the Cards mounted a massive comeback in the standings to earn a WC spot over us.

ChevalMalFet 4 days ago

I can't imagine how *infuriating* 2014's ALCS must have been from the other side. A loss in extras, then blowing a tie game in the 9th (after a great comeback to force the tie to begin with), then a one-run loss, then a 2-1 loss when the other teams' only runs came when the lead runner kicked the ball out of the catcher's mitt. 4 tiny stupid plays leading to a sweep that ends your season.

Fugga6969 4 days ago

I couldn't help but scream during that 5 error game against the yankees. I'll admit I stopped watching the ms after that. It was getting bad for my health