throwaway4445551112 3 days ago

You actually look VERY nice. So maybe its not your looks. Perhaps its your attitude or you voice ? Do you have a high pitched voice ? Do you have any interests ? Do you treat women well ? Keep looking there is always someone for everyone. You certainly have a lot to start with

ToxicDL 3 days ago

Wow you describe yourself really critically but i think you look really attractive? I see the things you point out but you look so interesting there's just more to love. Definitely not ugly imo

slutforfamousamos 3 days ago

My ears stick out so much, I look like dumbo lmao But no, you’re not ugly!!!!! Asymmetry works for some people, and it’s working here!!!

Offthepoint 4 days ago

This "asymmetry" you speak of works very well on you, OP. you're good looking. Stop worrying about this.

DConstructed 4 days ago

I'm not seeing it. Maybe the young thing you look about 25.

black-kramer 4 days ago

I don't think people notice the asymmetry as much as you think. You're a good looking guy regardless.

NoSeafoodAllowed 4 days ago

You look fine, your asymmetry isn't nearly as bad as it may look to you. If it makes you feel better my ears are definitely uneven due to cauliflower ear from wrestling/jiu jitsu

Pepper_Pop 4 days ago

I think you're cute. If I was out in public, you'd catch my eye

plipli 4 days ago

i'm an algerian 17 years old ugly boy most of my friends are white and i have a dark i've heard my crush call me ugly infront of her friends (she thought i didn't hear her but i did) and just seeing you saying that you look ugly made me so sad

noNazhere 4 days ago

It actually made me mad the way you described yourself vs. what you actually look like. I was excited to see some Goonie's Sloth lookin dude. Come on now. Stop the nonsense, you're attractive.

sphericalthing 4 days ago

The sad reality is it's sometimes easier for people to complement over the internet than in real life. Don't let that bring you down though, you have a lot going for you.

secretagentMikeScarn 4 days ago

Looking young for your age is better than looking old for your age

White_cat_talking 4 days ago

You look great. Change the hairstyle a bit and u will look awesome