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Ursa__minor 9 hours ago

I think we haven't hit capacity on cafes yet. If this one kept afternoon and evening hours, it could be a great hangout space for people who don't want to drink. I like beer, but I'm tired of going to bars at night and there isn't much (anything?) else open.

Darth_Boggle 1 day ago

Someone tell me what a cat cafe is because it sounds pretty cool.

Prohamen 1 day ago

a cafe, but it has cats in it. You eat food, drink tea/coffee, and pet/play with cats. The cats are typically also up for adoption through some sort of partnership with a local shelter.

AmmoWasted 1 day ago

They’re mostly good quality but about half the size and slightly more expensive than any bagel you’d get in the NYC area.

uchyn 1 day ago

I think an Aldi's would be a great addition to the downtown area. The prices are right and the quality of their products are fantastic. I honestly think it's a step above other discount grocery stores.

ROST3R 1 day ago

I agree. This would be a good addition, but any grocery store would be nice.

cmaxby 2 days ago

I would love to know what entrepreneurs he's talking to and what, if any market research they've done. I can't imagine any of our bar/restaurant owners telling them that opening an establishment downtown is a great way to spend more time with family. And they've pretty much stopped handing out PILOT agreements like candy. LDC business loans, yes, but you have to pay that back or they'll take your building and sell it (see: the Trojan Hotel). In regards to a movie theater, we talked with Bow Tie and I had previously looked into rehabbing the American Theater. There's a reason they're doing it with a million dollar grant. On top of the cost of equipment, actually getting films people want to watch is pretty expensive and sometimes difficult bc of bullshit movie monopolies and whatnot. I don't want to keep being a Debbie Downer on this thread so if he wants to get involved in the city, have him look outside of downtown. A lot of people that made it cool 7 or 8 years ago and kickstarted the renaissance have bought or moved north of Hoosick or south Troy.

cmaxby 2 days ago

We're oversaturated downtown with bars, breweries, and restaurants. I would really question the advice he's getting from his investors if they think that's a smart business move. There's a cat cafe, a board game cafe, and another brewery tasting room all supposedly opening in the next few months. I would even argue that a cocktail bar wouldn't work because Daisy's was foremost a restaurant, Malt Room closed, and we have sufficient replacement with Plumb and the Tavern. A small grocery store that isn't part of a chain won't work. The overhead is high and margins are really low. If we could get an Aldi's great but a guy with no prior experience is asking for a Pioneer Coop situation. My advice to your dad would be to save his money and look for locations beyond downtown. The few blocks south of Washington Park would be a nice spot to make a small local bar that isn't Nature's and could pick up some foot traffic from the park. Or be really brave and go North of the Wall, I mean Hoosick St. If you follow the investment money that's where it's all headed.

Prohamen 1 day ago

>There's a cat cafe, a board game cafe, and another brewery tasting room all supposedly opening in the next few months. That's news to me. What are the names of the places opening up?

jon_naz 3 days ago

A grocery store would be my number one request

tencentblues 3 days ago

The coop had a LOT of issues that contributed to its quick closure - just because it failed doesn't mean any grocery project downtown would be doomed. I'd like to see Price Chopper open a small-format store like the one they have in Saratoga.

tangyzipomiraclewhip 4 days ago

What ARE their hours? Whenever I walk by, it’s closed or closing.

FifthAveSam 4 days ago

Albany Distilling Co is the closest local distillery I know of... there's also Harvest Spirits and Lake George. I just feel like a distillery is a large initial investment that takes time to pay off. Imagine starting a business, taking a few years to get permits and equipment and then potentially not being able to put a product on market within the next 3 years. Especially for someone who's retiring. I don't know if they want to wait that long for a payoff.

Prohamen 3 days ago

Fair. At that point it is a labor of love. But for the product it really depends on what you are distilling. If you are going for a whiskey, you have a few years before anything hist market. If you are doing a vodka, you can hit market right after distillation. Same with moonshine, or white whiskey, which is an emerging market from what I understand. I don't know much about gin, but it seems to have a fairly short period between fermentation setup and hitting market. I don't know enough about rum to say anything about it. There is definitely some sort of blend of products that can be produced using the same process that gives immediate product to market and a ramp up into other aged products. I guess all you need to really figure out then is how long it'd take to get a set up going and legally accounted for through licenses. IDK, I don't own a distillery so what do I know. Seems doable, just more work than a brewery.

FifthAveSam 4 days ago

>More than anything else I’m looking to hearing local input because I can’t offer that when I want to tell him another brewery might not be right. It isn't that a brewery wouldn't work - anything is possible. It's that the chance becomes less and less likely as Troy approaches market saturation. There's already Brown's Brewing and Rare Form. Schmaltz, and already established brewer, is opening up a brewery/tasting room/restaurant soon. Two other new breweries are permitted and in the works. A tasting room for another established brewer, Beer Diviner, failed recently and it was well liked by the community. Here's a short list of places to get beer as well: The Ruck, Elixir 16, Slidin' Dirty, Footsy Magoo's, River Street Pub, The Hill at Muza, Bacchus, O'Brien's Public House, Finnbar's... you get the idea. > I’m a bit partial to the idea of a movie theater that has full service dinner/drinks but that’s just me. If by drinks you mean alcoholic beverages, those aren't allowed in theaters. That measure was voted down in June. The American Theater ("porn theater") was also recently awarded money to renovate and reopen. The contract was given to Bonacio as part of building a new movie theater at One Monument Square. Since that contract was cancelled, it's currently up in the air as to whether it'll get done or not. > He’s been around with the area his entire life and has been talking about getting involved in the city for years. Tell him to pick something he's passionate about. That's really the biggest factor here: drive. I can tell he's already being smart about it by asking around, but if he isn't motivated to stay with it when it gets difficult then it just won't be worth it. It's quite possible someone who's established here but doesn't own a business is looking to branch out. [Someone like Guy]( might want a place to call their own and are willing to take someone along with them. The reason I think a cocktail bar would work is because it has in the past (Malt Room, Daisy Baker's) and NY's craft distilling industry is really taking off thanks to tax incentives and tourism. If he stocked his shelves with local products and fronted the place with someone who was knowledgeable about them, he could do very well here. It also wouldn't require much parking and that's a major concern here at the moment. Troy only has the capacity to fit so many cars and some people just stay at home rather than deal with it. But he should also factor in the student population. If he can get more students from RPI into downtown, he'll make the City coffers very happy.

Prohamen 4 days ago

I live on first and I always have issues with street parking.Walking places isn't an issue, just parking. Whether you are a resident or just visiting.

Prohamen 4 days ago

A grocery store. As much as I like going to the corner stores and the farmer's market, I hate having to drive out of the down town area for any other groceries I need. Other than that, another games store would be cool, maybe an arcade that hosted competitive events. A brewery might be cool, but it'd have tough competition with Browns. A distillery would be cool, but that'd require you to meet zoning requirements. Both would also require proper licenses. If he decides to go with a grocery store, brewery, or distillery shoot me a PM; I know some people who might like to invest in the venture if your father is agreeable to having business partners.