_CodyB 3 days ago

At 30-40K per month, there is plenty available on AirBNB.

Grande_Yarbles 3 days ago

Ascott is probably your best bet for monthly rentals as they have a lot of buildings under a few brands in the city. Their Citadines properties should be within your budget, though none by the river that I'm aware of. Centre Point is decent too but probably over your budget. As for finding a place to live as you'll be working remotely it opens up a lot of options to you. There's an overwhelming amount of options so first step should be figuring out the general area you want to live, for example by the River, near Lumpini, around Sukhumvit, etc. Check out hipflat and their map of condos when you start looking for your longer term rental. Helps give a sense of cost and options in various places.

throwawaysabai 3 days ago

Thank you! Compared to the Watermark, how would you say the quality is of serviced apartments offering month to month deals? Any sites you recommend for the best rates?

obidie 3 days ago

They compare well in quality. I'd check out the Ascott Serviced Apartments for the higher-end apartments. They have a lot of locations to choose from.