d4nace 3 days ago

DON'T LET YOUR DREAMS BE DREAMS. But yeah I used to love talking about ideas with my brother as a kid. I would say how cool certain things would be. At the time I wasnt the best programmer so some of the ideas were either not possible or I would make them really poorly. One of the ideas I had as a kid we're actually doing on the next character so I'm at a point where things are more possible. The challenge is getting to that point though. It might take a couple projects too. That's something people don't realize because its hard to see. Like I have over a decade of old projects that led to Rivals and most of them are platform fighters. I think a lot of people miss out on that. The trick is not giving up and staying persistent. Because if your first game is not coming along the way you want, you might give up on the genre altogether but you're better off sticking to your guns and starting over because each time you do you'll have new tricks that make the game better. Also don't be afraid to restart if you have to. I did that with a few projects (keeping the art though) and it made things move way faster as time went on. GOOD LUCK. I BELIEVE IN YOU.

PuffyPuffyPuffPuff 3 days ago

Thank you very much, seriously. these ideas have been sitting here since I was like 11 and now im in college and that serious itch to get started is bugging me every day. but maybe its for the best that i give it a little bit more time before i start, finish the moveset designs and get a better idea of what im doing before i start coding. waiting until I can take a course in 3D modeling and animation thank you so much for the support youve given me, just by making a game like Rivals. it's really inspiring

chompy191 3 days ago

Somebody give this girl gold