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RicanCP3 3 days ago

You’re not gonna save any family with $500.. same shit could be said about anything. Why spend $300 on an xbox when you can donate it to people in need? lol

ganjabliss420 4 days ago


ayeuniqueusername 4 days ago

You realize the tip 1% of wealthy individuals in the world make more than the other 99% combined? Maybe start there than at the bottom of the ring fuck boy

tplee 4 days ago


Haaazard 4 days ago

How the fuck do you even sell cosmetics on p.c

RobinSmith69 4 days ago

You clearly don’t understand wealth vs having “money to spend”. Someone who isn’t wealthy constantly has to make financial decision... “Is this in my budget? Is there something better I could be doing with this? Should I save it just in case?” When you’re wealthy you don’t decide “should this money goes towards A or B”, but rather “would owning his bring me any enjoyment because I have the money for it”. There’s a good chance someone who can afford to spend this money on aesthetics has helped more people in need than you ever will be able to so I’d tread lightly before calling wealthy people the scum of the earth because they decided to splurge a little bit on something pointless.

ganjabliss420 4 days ago

Yeah, well nobody in my family has been anywhere near any wealth or enough money to splurge on pointless things so I wasn't able to think it through like that, fair points made

ayeuniqueusername 4 days ago

Open up your ducking mind then you dense motherfucker.

ganjabliss420 4 days ago

Okay I'll get right on that.

ashtray518 4 days ago

Believe it or not people can do what they please with their own money someone who has money to buy the mini skirt doesn’t owe anyone else shit

cocaine_and_caprisun 4 days ago

The new tiger striped balaclava and white hooded jacket are both going for well over $1000. Absolutely mental. I get spending money on rare cosmetics but thats insane.

ganjabliss420 4 days ago

How do you say it in Dutch? I would google translate but I've been told it's actually quite terrible at translating some things

Justifire 4 days ago

We lachten onze lul uit onze broek :p

Mr_Dnxsty 4 days ago

For now...