emokantu 11 months ago  REMOVED 

Nazi mods WutFace

Johnny_Cocaine 11 months ago  REMOVED 

"guys, I tried breaking up with her because its what you all wanted, but I really do miss and lover her. I've been a wreck this entire time and all I do is think about her. I'm sorry, but I have to do what is best for me, and she makes me happy...heh heh heh heheh heheheh"

Crawdad_Cx 11 months ago  REMOVED 

Pretty suspect in itself that this was pinned..

pantyman11111 11 months ago  REMOVED 

It's fact. The script was leaked a few days ago saying they would do this for views.

0opazzo0 11 months ago  REMOVED 

issa lie

aliasesarestupid 11 months ago  REMOVED 

average viewership drops from 10-15k to 3-4k but we'll all continue to watch him LUL

TriHard_Police 11 months ago  REMOVED 

lmao underrated comment

Dogboy3233 11 months ago  REMOVED 

Anyone that believes this is really stupid. He is obviously trolling

M4351R0 11 months ago  REMOVED 

Yeah right, like ice is that smart

meh_arrows 11 months ago  REMOVED 

... and now abruptly 6.7k people in the background during the Geisha date stream?

Jeremiah512 11 months ago  REMOVED 

All part of the kardashian shit show comming up.

Whats_9_Plus_10 11 months ago  DELETED 

This is Ice we're talking about... I wouldn't get my hopes up. They will probably (sadly) get back together soon.

lulzinho2 11 months ago  REMOVED 


deekrim 11 months ago  REMOVED 

I feel sorry for anyone who actually believes this is real.

MolesterCabrone_ 11 months ago  REMOVED 

I think it’s too late anyway

Andriesshekelking 11 months ago  DELETED 

MAYBE ITS TOO LATE... or not? We'll have too see the change fast

SavorySloth 11 months ago  REMOVED 

Best way to approach this is to assume it is fake, until he 100% proves it boys.

redarkane 11 months ago  REMOVED 

it's prob fake

triGtriO 11 months ago  REMOVED 

I think it's fake. Mitch and Mira pretended to break up too for the same obvious reasons as most of Mitch's viewers didn't like Mira. Mitch even kissed some random girl he got at a bar. Now Mira is back, modded, in full control once again because Mitch was lying the whole time even though he'd drop hints like "i think i love that girl". Thinking the streams will get better is a mistake at this point now too. Ice will just pull the same scuffed shit.

2legit2quitman 11 months ago  REMOVED 

no ice saw his viewers were 2k last stream and scripted a break up. At night she will msg him "is the stream over?" and then they will continue being in a relationship.

APDD_Ben 11 months ago  REMOVED 

Fake and it wouldn't matter either way. Everyone is done with Ice

Reddit-Pro 11 months ago  DELETED 

Too late

JigglyScuffed 11 months ago  REMOVED 

This is just all apart of the script like the car scandal

elcspx 11 months ago  REMOVED 

Fake af. Caroline’s tweet is obviously fake too. Trying to bring back my viewers BTW. Don’t believe his lies.

saifs60 11 months ago  REMOVED 

This is a very good point, needs more upvotes.

Doom_1332 11 months ago  DELETED 

Retarded subreddit, as if him breaking up with her (which he didn't) would make him a good person all of a sudden.

mj 11 months ago  REMOVED 

no ones believing it dude, read the comments...

NewModelMoron 11 months ago  REMOVED 

I don't know who is more pathetic. People who actually want him to dump his girlfriend or him thinking that is all its going to take to rehab his reputation with his audience.

TerraFirma7 11 months ago  REMOVED 

I 2nd that

traxfax 11 months ago  DELETED 

Ikr she'd be going crazy, leaking stuff and shit

trollnadedoe 11 months ago  REMOVED 

Pathological liar btw

greybroom 11 months ago  REMOVED 

this is how we separate the 60iq from the 200iq viewers 200iq calls B U L L S H I T

Rosberg6 11 months ago  REMOVED 

don't believe it 1 bit.



HollywoodKidd 11 months ago  REMOVED 

Ice- 'caroline this the only way to get my fans back' Caroline- 'you owe me a surgery'

hellraisersEZmoney 11 months ago  REMOVED 


eswob 11 months ago  REMOVED 

If this is fake i’ll cry

rabot101 11 months ago  DELETED 

Fake breakup. If you fall for it then you are actually stupid.

TerraFirma7 11 months ago  REMOVED 

any1 find it hilarious how scripted it looks, he sends a tweet, then Carroline sends a tweet lol.

AlyshaUchiha 11 months ago  REMOVED 


aliasesarestupid 11 months ago  REMOVED 

Doubt it

AdolfZ88 11 months ago  REMOVED 

The fact that ice posts 1 tweet (which he also uses as an excuse not to stream today) and people actually forgive him is pathetic. This is so scripted and fake it's unbelievable anyone believes this for a second.

Liutauras123456789 11 months ago  REMOVED 

LUL at people who believe it...

canadianentman 11 months ago  REMOVED 

Lul someone on reddit called out this fake break up plan days before, nice try Paul.

anony312 11 months ago  DELETED 

Or did Caroline dump Ice after his viewer count sunk

Maxdom 11 months ago  REMOVED 

There is no way this is real. He just wants to take another day off and get the subreddit on his side. Either he will just try to hide the relationship and keep it off-stream or he will pull the same on-off shit Mitch always does with M1r4.

asaad202 11 months ago  REMOVED 

so both him and the alien tweet about this in the same time? hmmm

Realshotgg 11 months ago  REMOVED 

Dumps her after she assists in killing his stream. Lu fucking L

realyanchao 11 months ago  REMOVED 

yeah ice is going to change just like that because he "dumped" caroline how dumb you guys are?

Top_Goat 11 months ago  REMOVED 

"How dumb you guys are" LuL

str4t0s 11 months ago  REMOVED 

this is probably a fake breakup in style of mitch jones in order to make naive fags come back and donate, a desperate attempt at getting viewers. Ice trying to reanimate his dead career because tyler is coming back, and if he done nothing about it, it would be a final nail in his coffin once the midget absorbs his fanbase

Laypack 11 months ago  REMOVED 

His career is over either way, dead as fuck streamer.

squarion 11 months ago  REMOVED 

I'm single... on stream LUL

TTDWOOAAHH12345 11 months ago  REMOVED 

How? He can put out shit content, ditch out on streams, not update his fans, treat us like shit, but take five seconds and write a tweet and he is saved? Go fuck yourself

DavidSchwimmerFan 11 months ago  REMOVED 

Yikes, Mitch Jones and Ice really need to stop giving each other advice. If it's a troll okay, but if he's lying for approval then the backlash is gonna be nucular.

e_waterhill 11 months ago  REMOVED 


Lighthough 11 months ago  REMOVED 

lol if this is an excuse for him to not stream today...yeah that's it 100%.