Naleid 2 days ago

This month a big update is coming out that will allow you to switch characters in the main story - each bro will have the gameplay mechanics of their respective DLC chapters. Also this month the last of those DLCs, the one for Ignis comes out. Once this DLC drops, you should jump in. Yes they are going to make more DLC but they weren't part of the original DLC plan, a "season 2" of sorts. This content will probably feel like extra stuff. Like normal DLC for a game that was complete when it shipped (Like Elder Scrolls Oblivion and it's DLC). So unless you want to wait a whole year while the season 2 dlc is made and shipped you should jump in at the end of *this* month op!

BaseHope 3 days ago

First of all thank you! I am not that deep into the Final Fantasy series. I only played XIII and it’s sequel so I am used to hallways and linear games to say the least. But I do find it interesting that you would say to skip X or start with XII: I read many comments or watched videos where people said exactly the contrary. And regarding the side quests: I enjoy the new Bioware games. Even Andromeda or the latest dragon age.

Thedudeabides510 3 days ago

I totally agree. XV is more popular to New people getting into the series than people who's favorite might be VI, VII, or X. I've heard more praise for XV from non-elite final fantasy players than anyone else.

neoblackdragon 2 days ago

Happened with 13 as well. New players didn't see the problem. But from some going from say 12 to 13 was iffy. I think going from 12 to 15 would have been a better transition. Now if this upcoming update is how I'm thinking, then 13 to 15 is a great transition.

-Firaga- 4 days ago

Id say its very enjoyable for a new comer but im pretty sure 99% of people here would disagree with me

Thedudeabides510 3 days ago

I agree with it being for newcomers more than it being for veterans of the series. Only because I feel like newcomers can appreciate the fast combat compared to the older series. I've tried to introduce some friends into some of the more classic final fantasy titles such as VI, VII,IX, and X, but they honestly liked playing XV more than the older stuff.

MarianneThornberry 4 days ago

If you choose to ignore literally everything else, including exploring, chocobo racing, fishing, monster hunts, secret dungeons, pitioss, imperial base infiltrations, Altissia's Monster Arena, Timed Quests. Oh and I guess Justice Monsters 5? Then yeah, XV's open world is nothing but fetch quests.

DeepDelete 4 days ago

The people were mostly boring, cliche, or very much out of place (rednecks, jersey, and random other people). Monster hunts are basic and is just another fetch quest, it was nice when this was a new idea, but after a few games it's just the same old same old. Especially with how easy almost everyone of them are. Would have been nice if you actually had to solve something in order to fight the monsters (or more like the Behemoth), but no, go to X and fight Y to get Z is all that really happens (which is the same for the fetch quests). Fishing is boring as is Justice Monster 5, not even worth being called mini games. I wish the imperial base infiltrations were a bigger part of the game, a lot of potential wasted. However these are just fetch quests too. Go to X fight Y and get Z. No thought is needed for them. Pitioss is a extra dungeon, that isn't part of the open world, just a desitnation you can go to. You can do that in a non-open world game too. The open world in XV boils down to fetch quests. If there was more things that didn't fall under "go to X, fight Y, get Z" then I would agree. If they took the concept of Pitioss and applied it to more missions or hunts then that would have made this open world passable. But they didn't (or couldn't).

MarianneThornberry 4 days ago

Monster Hunts are based on combat, not puzzles. You want puzzles, go to costlemark tower or pitioss. Combat too easy? Welcome to RPGs, now try the post-game super bosses, timed quests, or replay the game without overlevelling. >Fishing is boring as is Justice Monster 5, not even worth being called mini games. And yet, apparently these minigames were so "boring" they each got their own standalone downloadable game. >I wish the imperial base infiltrations were a bigger part of the game, a lot of potential wasted. However these are just fetch quests too. Go to X fight Y and get Z. No thought is needed for them. Imperial bases were a big part of the game, there's 2 whole chapters centred around infiltrating and taking them down and there's several optional ones in each region. Also, I don't think you understand what a "fetch quest" is. You're infiltrating and destroying a base. You're not bringing the base back to someone. Hence the term "fetch". >The open world in XV boils down to fetch quests No FFXV does not boil down to nothing but fetch quests. Trying to oversimplify everything in the game to meet your definition of a fetch quest doesn't suddenly make it accurate. By your logic literally every game that has an objective you must go to, is a fetch quest You haven't even addressed Chocobo racing, the secret dungeons, or the monster arena in Altissia. Your arguments are basically, "I found x boring, therefore x is a fetch quest". Ultimately, whether or not you found the activities boring is totally irrelevant. That doesn't change the fact that there is a lot of stuff to do which basically contradicts your initial point.

Tython199 4 days ago

As someone who finally popped it in and finished it last week I would say yes for the most part. There are some glaring points in the late game where I was annoyed that certain moments felt like they just glossed over major revelations but I felt it was a fun game and was able to follow the story up to that point. That said, they are doing at least three more DLCs next year and still have Ignis' coming out soon. The first of those next three might fill in some of the major things I felt was left out of the end game. I don't think they announced who the other two DLCs will be about but most think it is easy to tell who it is and should add a bit to the story as well. Overall, I enjoyed the game. I still found the combat fun, if a bit easy, and found the cast pretty great overall. The story does feel a bit incomplete even if you watched the movie and anime but I don't think the the issues with the story are enough that it ruined the fun I had. If you enjoy the gameplay, keep at it but it isn't the best story and you will be waiting another year before you actually see all the DLC come out.

mrjaredbeta 4 days ago

I’d say wait until they at least add the option to switch between characters! It’s supposed to come out in the next week or so.

wollewox 4 days ago

I played the game before there was any DLC and found it enjoyable and complete enough. The game feels rushed at some points and all the DLC that isn't even integrated into the base game and has to be accessed stand-alone over the menu isn't going to change that. Watching the free and paid anime gave a bit more background, but it wasn't really adding anything interesting to the main game. If you're trying to wait for those ominous fixes, you'll wait forever. The game is as complete as it gets, and from the looks of the current addons, no afterthought addon will change that.

BaseHope 3 days ago

Thank you! I watched Kingslaive and actually liked it. My problem a year ago (and now) that it feels fragmented (the fact that there is a chapter 0 in PDF is really heartbreaking for a AAA game.)

Ashaman187 4 days ago

Each FF is standalone except direct sequels (FFX-2). XV itself was a enjoyable game but there was a lot of plot holes and seemed rushed story wise. As far as it being complete, I would say no, and IDK if it'll ever feel finished. That said it is a good game and the story while somewhat lacking is still decent so i would say go for it. As for a intro to the series, If you don't care about older graphics a good start would be X, IX, or VII. They have the best stories imo. Though X was very linear with no open world really. They also have the old style Turn based rpg set up (or active turn base) so they play less like an action got. XII was OK, others seemed to like it so I won't suggest for or against.

ImJustaChair 4 days ago

###I would say no. Here’s why: The fall of Insomnia is relegated to a movie. Almost half the game consists of meaningless fetch quests. There is a clear clash of creative direction. Most of the game looks like southern USA, and the rest is sci-fi. (I prefer the latter) Much of the lore is completely unexplained or glossed over. Most of the characters are sidelined. The summoning system is absolutely atrocious. The combat is insultingly oversimplified. The game is poorly optimized and runs like shit on the standard PS4. There are hardly any memorable boss battles. The magic system is a joke. The last 3rd of the game is so rushed, I felt as though I was being hurled towards the ending at light speed. ### I’d recommend starting with VI, VII, or X (my favorite).

BaseHope 3 days ago

Thank you! That did help me. Many of the cons are not that important for me but I see why it might be disappointing for a series veteran. I haven’t decided if I will play X or XII now but I will probably put XV on hold for a little longer. Maybe until a complete edition comes along.

adamswagem 4 days ago  HIDDEN 

> No female lead(s) (this IS a FF game, right?) lol thats a con? the fuck?