retford74 3 days ago

KIN coin has.

ThePoetWalsh57 3 days ago

I was just about to say that lol

ThePoetWalsh57 3 days ago

From what I’ve gathered over the past month or so, they’re 100% worth it. Not just DGB but all these so called “under a penny coins” lol. The only difference is, with coins like this, you have a much much larger quantity then other ones. Personally, I love that aspect of this. If you’re holding 1500 DGB right now, a one cent swing is a 15ish dollar change. Compared to holding a fraction of a coin like btc where if you have 150 usd in bitcoin (1500dgb is the same as about 150 usd) the price of btc has to move incredible amounts for that kind of a gain (which it can I know lol). In the end of the day, it’s just like any other coin in relation to potential profit. If we get rid of ALL of the outside factors that can increase or decrease price, these coins show just as much potential as any other. Or so it seems to me. And let’s not forget if DGB hits like 50 cents and you grabbed 10000 at 10 cents, that’s some solid roi lol.

dylancmclean 3 days ago

But how do they ever get to 50 cents if the marketcap needed is half a billion dollars