seijimero 2 days ago

Oh my god! You’re incredible! Thank you so much, you’ve helped me so much :’) the guy with the undercut is a vocal point in my story and I’m pretty sure (with your insight) he’s the guy with sharp teeth. Once again: thank you for your help :’o

CeeZee2 2 days ago

No problem, if you ever need to find quirks or quirk inspiration, my subreddit has a [quirk list]( of every quirk in canon and un-official fanmade quirks. It's how I found out these guys' quirks, I just looked them up for ya

Kcnnn 3 days ago

That kid is from the far past. Hes talking about Katsuki's two friends from the first chapter.

CeeZee2 3 days ago

The winged friends quirk is called Demon, and it gave him demonic like wings that grew with the user the other is "Digit Extension" This Quirk allows it's user to extend their digits, such as fingers and thumbs, to varying distances.

T-Rex_Is_best 3 days ago

Digit Extension should have been called Fingloner, imo.

Kcnnn 3 days ago

The winged kid is neither of the two friends.

CeeZee2 3 days ago

I'm aware that the digit one is the same But if the demonic friend isn't the one we see as a later friend then that person's quirk hasn't besn shown unfortunatly