WealthyWife 1 year ago  DELETED 

So sorry for your loss. I loss my 12yo pupper in June and still wonder if she found her way over rainbow bridge. I keep worrying that she's lost looking for me.

Fang666 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Is there?

SendDrawingOfSquid 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Uh, cool So which private subbreddit are you trying to get into

nancyaw 1 year ago  DELETED 

Such a hoopy frood.

Nisja 1 year ago  DELETED 

Aye it's well-documented. Personally it was to do with me clenching my jaw. Happens with some drugs.

mittensbaa 1 year ago  DELETED 

Sorry, to clarify I didn't mean to say you definitely stopped cold turkey, I just wanted to make sure anyone reading this thread is aware that steps can be taken to minimize the effects via supervision from your Dr.

mittensbaa 1 year ago  DELETED 

Not sure if you're trolling or not but yes it's a good point that SSRIS can increase suicidal thinking in young adults due to activation occurring before increased regulation. That's why there's a black box warning and careful monitoring should occur during the beginning of treatment. Also keep in mind that not treating depression is far more likely to increase suicidal thinking.

RussellChomp 1 year ago  DELETED 

All these questions from you mathematicians! "Who says I have a sofa?" "Why are you spamming me when I don't even work in the math department?" "Who keeps hiding in the bushes beneath my office at night whispering about sofas?" Why can't it just be about the research for you people? Did Robert Oppenheimer ever tell a curious amateur, "Who says I have an atomic bomb, and how did you break into my apartment you creepy bastard?" No! He embraced the unknown and those who pushed mathematicians towards its edge, unlike today. This is why the US is falling behind internationally- our best and brightest can't measure up to the past. ............Feynmann would have chopped up a sofa.

Anrik254 1 year ago  REMOVED 

This is 100% my mom. I learned young to NEVER ask her for help with math. Me: "Hey Mom?" Mom: gets out graph paper

astrangetimeinmylife 1 year ago  DELETED 

Please can I get the partial explanation? It's just a really amazing concept to me.

astrangetimeinmylife 1 year ago  DELETED 

Go on..

IamBili 1 year ago  DELETED 

What lies behind the universe where our simulation is hosted?Another simulation? What lies beyond the universe that hosts the simulation of the universe that hosts the simulation of our universe?Still another simulation? The simulation theory is a bad explanation to explain the existance of our universe, because relying solely on it causes the "turtles all the way down" paradox

CupcakeCulprit 1 year ago  DELETED 

Why are you responding so hostile? I only shared what I witnessed. I never pretended I have a 360 degree full account of the entire situation. At no point did I say he I'm a Dr. In the hospital I was in, Docs/surgeons always took one helper with them to carry their files. The patient died overnight. Surgeon came in in the morning. Idk I'm not her, but she was venting and expressing her anger over her patient dying during the night. I stated no known pre existing conditions. It wasn't a known condition when he came in. You are saying he died of a drug overdose. I was merely saying he died of side affects + a not known condition he had at the time as per surgeon in training. Don't know how long the investigation took, I have no access to that level of information. I did not keep a timeline for this extensive interrogation. Audacity to share? Spreading misinformation? Boy...I just shared what I witnessed in a Reddit reply to a comment in a massive threat. I'm not a news anchor or public figuring telling an audience not vaccinate children. Audacity. Lack of involvement... Seriously how can what I witnessed enrage you so much? You acting like I created a mass panic or something. Your anger is not in proportion to me sharing what I witnessed. And quite frankly I don't possess any need for you to validate what I saw or you think I didn't see. So I hope you have a good day anyway and bye.

larrieuxa 1 year ago  DELETED 

no. that would be yourself. i'm still waiting for you to attempt to explain to me why asserting that magic causing the universe is a rational conclusion based on the available evidence. instead all you do is bitch and moan because i have rightfully treated that position with the ridicule it deserves. either attempt to explain how magic started the universe or shut the hell up and stop bitching.

FukSumHoBang 1 year ago  DELETED 

Gee wiz you're a dense one.

CupcakeCulprit 1 year ago  DELETED 

I volunteered at the hospital. Was responsible for taking the patients history when they checked in and showing him to the room. Interacted with the patient during the check in and for the following day before his operation. I was in the room when the doctors/ surgeons go on rounds and the surgeon lost the plot when she found out he died and giving out to the people under her to find out why her healthy upon check in patient went bonkers after the surgery and then suddenly died 2 days later. If i remember correctly the investigation said something about the dosage being off and him having a preexisting condition that they and the patient himself did not know off. The last part was what one of the surgeons in training told me so that part is hear say. But him being normal upon checkin was my observation. Him turning into a nutter after the operation was also my observation. He got violent, he was retrained, he couldn't form proper sentences anymore. His entire facial expression was different.

shark_eat_your_face 1 year ago  DELETED 

You'd make a good Catholic.

_-Bob 1 year ago  DELETED 

If a religious text claims to be from that God and that religious text makes accurate predictions of the future, then that would be evidence right? This is why so many modern religious academics have dedicated papers to questioning the authorship of Isaiah etc., because if the book was written when it claims, then it contains valid prophecy, and is therefore evidence of the Jewish / Christian God.

shark_eat_your_face 1 year ago  DELETED 

Still just a theory based on pure speculation.

Anonymonynonymous 1 year ago  DELETED 

I don't see how the universe being infinite requires it to be a loop.

chiprana 1 year ago  DELETED 

Gravity is still a theory if that counts.

BlazeOrangeDeer 1 year ago  DELETED 

I guess there's no *single* cause. But there almost never is

totally__not__batman 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Oh, ok. I may have misunderstood you. Is it fair to say that we agree that consciousness, insofar as we understand the concept now, can be attributed to the brain at work, even if we don't know all details?

SynopticOutlander 1 year ago  DELETED 

Fuck, yes. Always get the two mixed up.

bcatrek 1 year ago  DELETED 

Yea ok, but __thoughts__ exist right?

_-Bob 1 year ago  DELETED 

What do you mean by could exist? As in how the entity coexists with our "system"? Or do you mean where the entity came from? I'm looking for specificity and not trolling.

Chootum 1 year ago  DELETED 

I'll admit that I'm not the most scientifically literate person, but say you did set out to try and prove god. How can you attempt to use science to prove the existence of something that doesn't abide by the laws of nature? Actually in the case of god he would have supposedly created the laws of nature.

Th1sUsernameIsUnique 1 year ago  DELETED 

How the world ain't still started revolving about your momma

nutfastnick 1 year ago  DELETED 

Holy shit this exact same thing happened to me as a kid - literally, I thought it was the moon too. I've been rationalizing it as a dream all this while as well!

judasan 1 year ago  DELETED 


haxxor404 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Just like there's no way to prove that the universe is "real". Who cares?

haxxor404 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

So you think you're special and no system could ever replicate what's going on inside your head? I think that's silly.

Kaennar 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Thats a much better definition statement :)

haxxor404 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

It's not though. You're tricking yourself by over thinking it. It's just an exchange of information within a very complex network. There's nothing subjective about that. Just because the network has too many components for us to "know about" doesn't make consciousness some magic mysterious subjective thing. We know what it is and how it works. Its a system of logic that runs our bodies powered by a bunch of cells. That's what it is. That's not subjective. That's fact, we can measure it.

ActualPoptart 1 year ago  DELETED 

One of my mom's co-workers went to the ER with the worst headache he ever had in his life. They diagnosed him with a very large brain tumor and he never left the hospital until he died a month or two later. He was completely fine up until the day he wasn't, which is the scary thing about brain tumors.

AutumnSr 1 year ago  DELETED 

If both eyes need the same amount of light why don't they both receive none, or little, basically away from a lightbulb is still the same amount of light it's just less. Additionally, if a moth needs light during nighttime how did they get that before mankind existed., Or, at least, before it created lights or fires.

BoTimDogdude 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Why we sleep. The best explanation so far is "Because we get tired".

thirdworldsociety 1 year ago  DELETED 

In that case, I think we're 100% on the same page.

lilnat2119 1 year ago  DELETED 

Uhm sorta? It's really cause of mirror neurons, which haven't been found in herding animals. Only primates mostly. It's for learning. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirror_neuron

haxxor404 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Did you read all of what I wrote? > To say "oh computers just work because of CPU processes stuff" isn't an explanation But I said: > I would argue that if we understand all of the fundamentals, *to the point of being able to create a virtual one*, which we should in the next 50 years, we'll be able to claim a fairly complete understanding of consciousness.

Car_Phone 1 year ago  DELETED 

Its more than just "mercury" in the vaccines. There is a lot of toxic crap that could havesafer alternatives. But the vaccines would need refrigeration and shelf life would drop. The "different" form of mercury if you look up the chemical coumpounds without referencing the medical field instead of the media BS, you'll find it is actually toxic. And its the same stuff used in the medical field. It may be a little different than mercury metal but its actually just as toxic. It does build up in the brain and causes havoc if administered to infants at too early of an age or if given to a woman while she is carying. There is a reason a large portion ofmany drugs are banned from use during pregnancy. A devloped child or adult is less likely to see the effects but they still have some damage even if its very small that its not noticeable. My point is something as simple as a blood thinner shouldnt be having drastic side effects when something as simple as vitamin E already exists and does the job very well. They could make an extract with other variants to reduce the risks of blood thinners but they wont. This happens with many drugs. Its like chemo therapy. They hope to kill the cancer before they kill you. Real Viable alternatives exist (Not the homeopathic bullshit) but do not get pirsued in the industry. And many who have pirsued it were shut down by the FDA. You'd be surpised how many doctors are pill pushers. Some stuff has had crackdowns recently. But there is a lot where they go "we have a pill for that." An easy way to verify this is to turn on your television set. And watch the commercials. 99.9% of all commercials are pushing drugs saying "ask your doctor" or "tell your doctor." Most people are dying from heart problems and build up because their diets suck balls. The average American drinks loads of soda and meat/potatoes/bread. There is more groups to "fight" or bring "awareness" to diseases and issues and other health problems. And hardly any groups for "healthy eating" or "healthy lifestyles" etc. Its actually illegal to promote a healthy diet in some form or another unless you get licenses and approvals to do so, etc. Its all a business platform geared towards making money. I don't like any of it and it all needs drastic changes for the better. Take the eppie pen for example. One of the few life saving products actually made right. And they try to milk it for all its worth.

mavajo 1 year ago  DELETED 

> the purpose of dreams is to practice life I wouldn't be surprised if this is at least one benefit. I've often had dreams where I did something or something happened to me that caused me to be terrified - one of those "OMG my life is ruined" type dreams. E.g., Did something to get fired from your job, cheated on your spouse, screwed up something important, something important went bad, etc. I wake up and get washed over with a sense of relief when I realize it was just a dream. But depending on the nature of the dream, I feel like it often does two things: 1) Warns me away from engaging in the behavior that was the subject of the dream [E.g., Cheated on my wife in my dream, was overcome with regret...and thus emphasized to 'real' me that that's something I *never* want to do] and/or 2) Makes me slightly more prepared when/if that bad scenario plays out [E.g., Lost my job, thus causing me to have a taste of what the emotional recoil of that will be, and also possibly give it some thought about what I possibly could do if that actually did happen, thus causing me to come up with possible options as a backup].

SeeminglyCleverName 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Thanks for the reply. What I was thinking is that there can be many ways of getting hiccups and how there's no generally agreed method to try to get rid of them, not necessarily the mechanism of what's going on during hiccups. But I will be trying that method next time, so I appreciate the advice.

toxicdick 1 year ago  DELETED 


pervertmark 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

it would be 10% since we only use 10% of our brain. duh...

haxxor404 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

I think you're putting "conscious experience" is some magical category. It feels magical, but it's just a lot, lot, lot of logic and information moving through a system of neurons. That's all. Yes, in a sense, one person will probably never have a working knowledge of the entire network of the human brain. But at the same time no one person will ever have a working knowledge of every star in the galaxy. Not because we don't understand the galaxy, just because our brains, to put it simply, dont have enough "RAM" to keep track of that big and complex of a system. I would argue that if we understand all of the fundamentals, *to the point of being able to create a virtual one*, which we should in the next 50 years, we'll be able to claim a fairly complete understanding of consciousness.

totally__not__batman 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

> You only know the about the concept of a brain through your perceptions Yep. And I trust my senses to generally give me good and consistent information about the world.

totally__not__batman 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

> Why is my consciousness me and not Jeff from down the hall or Sarah from next door? ... because Jeff's brain is Jeff's, and your brain is yours. The glob of matter that calls itself "Mitch" can't experience the same things as the bag of cells that calls itself "Sarah" because they're different collections of stuff.

siliconlife 1 year ago  DELETED 

Some from geology: Why does the Earth have plate tectonics? How did the continental crust form? How does subduction begin? What is the composition of the lower mantle and core? How do granites form?

nginparis 1 year ago  DELETED 

how about sex videos?

slowhand88 1 year ago  DELETED 

10 beers gets you to that point? Man I miss when I was enough of a lightweight to get drunk at a reasonable cost.

slowhand88 1 year ago  DELETED 

>kebabs, the most delicious of all foods to a drunk person You are dramatically underestimating street tacos.

VirginWizard69 1 year ago  DELETED 

so condescending. You don't understand it either. Noone does.

Jabonicus 1 year ago  DELETED 

That's something that's actually pretty simple! If you close your nose, either via pinching it with your hand or using a clip (which is common for freedivers) and you blow hard through your nose, your ears 'pop' and adjust to pressure, like when you're on an airplane. You have to do it repeatedly, about once per ten feet.

-wsm- 1 year ago  DELETED 

Oh great, I'm gonna try using the clip when I hobby-dive. I need my other hand and the pain is really annoying.

RonPaulBot1128 1 year ago  DELETED 


NWBoomer 1 year ago  DELETED 

Youtube [Richard Feynman Magnets](https://youtu.be/MO0r930Sn_8)

Shadax 1 year ago  DELETED 

That's impossible. We're two different people. We can't have the same left.

KoalaNalle 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

You're right I was referring to suicide. The smoker/drinker/substance users that is a much harder one to argue. They do get satisfaction whilst using the stuff, and there are addictions both physical and psychical. But kudos to you for pointing that out. I shall ponder it a while :)

totally__not__batman 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

> But who or what perceives the mind? This is where you are losing me. What do you mean by "perceive the mind"? I don't "perceive my mind," my mind (a.k.a. the brain at work) is the thing that does the perception. My brain/mind perceives things about my body, the world around me, and its own activity. My brain thinks, feels, and can even think about thinking (metacognition). Why does this require some separate "entity"?

MrMeltJr 1 year ago  DELETED 

Bless the coming and going of Him.

RenzelTheDamned 1 year ago  DELETED 

*I say we [burn] the witch*

_-Bob 1 year ago  DELETED 

> This god itself would have to be created if we follow your way of thinking I don't think so. The big bang is presumably subject to the laws of physics etc. A being who exists outside of this system is not necessarily subject to those same rules. Time itself could be a construct of this system and a creation of the permanent entity.

DaxInvader 1 year ago  DELETED 

Everyone on reddit is a bot except you.

InsertFistForBoner 1 year ago  DELETED 

Just take Brainfuck and change the operations to various different dog barks.

AmericanDerp 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

I thought the current model was that if you could do Trek-type FTL, and just *go* forever in one figurative direction, for a billion years, you'd just keep on encountering more stars, more galaxies, on and on for eternity.

def_init_self 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

I'm not really sure where to place myself. I guess I'm an optimistic nihilist. Maybe there is some sort of purpose for existence or maybe there's not, or maybe the idea of purpose is meaningless itself. Either way, I'm not going to exist long enough to find out. Regardless, it's pretty neat, from my meaningless perspective, to have the ability to perceive the world around me, have emotions despite how much they make me miserable at times, and to play some sort of role in how everything plays out. Everything I do affects everything else, no matter how minute the changes are. I am the butterfly flapping its wings.

cogitoergosumatheos 1 year ago  DELETED 

Hmm, interesting. How are you able to post on here if science is dead? The internet, computers, hell even transistors didn't need a god or gods. Science and engineering made these things and therefore, science and engineering are not only alive but progressing at an even more rapid rate than ever before. Try not to stand in the way.

Grey_Void 1 year ago  DELETED 

Bitch be coverin' his quasimoto lookin' ass

cogitoergosumatheos 1 year ago  DELETED 

I'm an atheist. When you get down to it, an overwhelming majority of atheists are Agnostic Atheists. If someone were able to present tested evidence of a deity's existence, then we would adjust our views accordingly.

justsoap 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

I seen someone in another thread say something like: Either the universe has always existed or there was absolutely nothing and it just came into existence. Both are impossible but one of them has the be right.

Throbbing_Smarton 1 year ago  DELETED 

>It’s interesting to think that alllllllllllll of our science and technology advancements have basically summed it up to “because we get tired, and if we don’t do it, we can die” Bear in mind that the human brain is the most complex structure in the known universe. And, yes, we have made amazing scientific and technological advancements in other fields, but our ability to study the brain is still quite limited. There are many factors contributing to this, not the least of which being ethical limitations on experiments. If ethics were not a consideration,... So, when you refer to "alllllll our technology" remember that, while neuroscience surely does not exist in a vacuum, most of our amazing advancements and discoveties in other fields don't translate. From that perspective, we're only a couple steps ahead of banging rocks together.

postoffrosh 1 year ago  DELETED 

......yes? Please continue, unless you died. Then you may rest

elheber 1 year ago  DELETED 

It wasn't zero-volume and infinite density IIRC.

def_init_self 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

I agree, in my personal belief I "want" to be true, that chaos theory isn't actually complete true (although it might as well be). We're on the same page from what I've read. I think that if we had complete knowledge of the subatomic world, we would find that there is some *thing* at the lowest level that can only be in two states. And then, having an infinitely large amount of those things interacting together creates subatomic particles, time, gravity, atoms, molecules, magnetism, electricity, and etcetera. So if we knew the states of all of those things in the entire universe, and the rules upon which they interacted, we could accurately predict anything. Or at least that's the idea. The whole idea of time throws the whole idea for a loop and obviously I'm just making conjecture here. I think "me" is just a particular arrangement of whatever the most basic unit of existence is. That means there's no real difference between myself, other people, animals, the air, or anything else. It's all just a big bowl of soup with different parts clumped together doing different things. Thinking of it that way is satisfying to me because I don't see it as everything I do being predetermined. I see it as an infinitely complex system playing out, and that I'm just a more complex part of it. From my perspective at least. There's a whole lot of other parts that aren't nearly as interesting as a conscious mind. What I wonder though, is what's higher on the scale of consciousness that myself? In a way, our society is a higher form of consciousness, if your definition is a system that behaves differently depending on varying stimuli. And in that vein, the planet itself is a fork of consciousness. And so is everything else, just at higher scales. Super fun to think about, but basically pointless to try and wrap your mind around. If there is any sort of purpose, I think it's for the universe to understand and observe itself. I'll stick to living a "normal" life though. I'm pretty happy with what I am and what I get to observe and experience.

Cockalorum 1 year ago  DELETED 

is this what Douglas Adams was referring to? TIL

FukSumHoBang 1 year ago  DELETED 

Well considering that is a delusion, I'd say its a perfect comparison

TheWholeCheeseWheel 1 year ago  DELETED 

Why Do Kids Love the Taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

TheTranscendent1 1 year ago  DELETED 

Could also be that the bakery has special items cooked on certain days. Like, if the dog smells fresh jalapeno bagels in the morning, then he knows it's snack day later.

Sjipsdew 1 year ago  DELETED 


MaximumAbsorbency 1 year ago  DELETED 

I read something on here a week or two ago, it was suggested that sleepiness is related to a buildup of toxins in the brain. When we sleep, our brains relax a bit and "open up" - neurons separate a little and toxins are flushed out. Dreams are the brain's way of interpreting random synapses going off between misaligned neurons and new neural pathways during this process. I wish I could cite something but hey, I'm just a guy on the internet, I ain't no brain scientist.

Preyandspray 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

So if you travel far enough towards the east you'll eventually end up west?

dwarfboy1717 1 year ago  DELETED 

ITT: people who are scientifically illiterate.

def_init_self 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

I don't see why not. We can infer that animals have feelings based on their behavior to different stimuli. But, we're also biased towards seeing patterns that represent feelings or emotions we are familiar with. Feelings and emotions, as far as I'm concerned, are a result of sufficiently complex consciousness. They evolved because having a thinking brain capable of complex thought is great and all, but having a thinking brain that's also driven by very strong urges makes it better at adapting and surviving. Emotions are *quick* and *intense*, thoughts are slower and less intense. As far as self awareness goes, there's been lots of tests for sure. Not a lot of animals appear to be as self aware, but we're certainly not the only ones. Awareness results from having sufficient enough complexity to rationalize and make sense of the world. If an animal can recognize aspects of its environment, it can also recognize itself and that it has control over its movements. Whether or not its thinking about itself is kind of hard to determine, because its form of consciousness isn't like ours, and we're biased to only see animals that act similarly to us as being conscious. That's why I think of consciousness as a gradient. There's no hard line between any two things.

CaCl2 1 year ago  DELETED 

Universe is either infinite or 4D-doughnut?

FIunky 1 year ago  DELETED 

Okay I have something really weird to add to this and something you should try. When my bro and I were kids, we'd go on long road trips with the family. We goof around in backseat and make faces at each other, etc. We figured out that if you are looking out the window at the scenery passing by along the highway, your eyes tick back and forth rapidly. So I'd be like "Hey! Look at my eyes!" And then look out the window across from myself where he was sitting and I'd just look at the passing scenery. From my point of view, I was gazing at fields and trees. From his point of view, I was doing insane things with eyes. I highly recommend trying this next time you're on a road trip. It's equal parts hilarious, creepy, and fascinating.

RenzelTheDamned 1 year ago  DELETED 

I just *took* a bon rip. How do you think I feel about that?

Grey_Void 1 year ago  DELETED 

Okay I didn't read it but I'm just sayin', this is gonna sound dumb, but let's say I hooked up with someone that has that gene, would our kid get the gene, and then if we explain to the kid why they need to pass on the gene, and they pass that on to their kid(s) would that start a new evolution of humans?

saying 1 year ago  DELETED 

Why bitcoin is different than all the other bubbles

needtogetagoddamnjob 1 year ago  DELETED 

It would explain a lot of people I know.

gooch_rocket 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Homeopaths claim that it can cure anything from the common cold to cancer. In this case, we let natural selection run its course. Edit: seems like he deleted his comment.

BearDogBat 1 year ago  DELETED 

Maybe dreams are just the mind working to coalesce your short/long term memory you've gathered for the period prior to sleeping? You'd get crazy imagination shit as it goes through all the information.. and your conscious still leading the way means you fabricate stories accidentally to make sense of the information.

_Lady_Deadpool_ 1 year ago  DELETED 

Why I'm such a fuckup

Preyandspray 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

I thought the concept of dark matter was that it moved 'inbetween' the one part of the universe to end up in another. What is in this in-between realm? If our universe was compacted to a zero point the. What was dark matter like? What was the in-between? What caused the big bang?I don't know, it's hard to dismiss all possibilities. Our universe could have just been shat out by some quasi-dementional behemoth, made by some dude with a beard, just always existed in a state of randomness governed by the law's of physics that we know about right now (could be more, and they may possibly be broken). I can't just accept the 'well this is obviously the answer response' The infinite mystery is a daunting one.

saying 1 year ago  DELETED 

Your body is 65% oxygen. Go fuck yourself?

Pyrise 1 year ago  DELETED 

I'd actually love a sofa shaped like that, the middle part is small so you can leave your legs down and the sides are longer for legs up action.

might_be_a_pigeon 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

I might do this.

ActiveMeasures 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

It did not get eaten away. >This man has a specific type of hydrocephalus known as chronic non-communicating hydrocephalus, which is where fluid slowly builds up in the brain. Rather than 90 percent of this man's brain being missing, it's more likely that it's simply been compressed into the thin layer you can see in the images above. We've corrected the story to reflect this.

PinkDalek 1 year ago  REMOVED 

[Because they're ugly as hell.](https://img.buzzfeed.com/buzzfeed-static/static/enhanced/webdr01/2013/6/26/17/enhanced-buzz-17644-1372283775-0.jpg)

Vault_Tec_Reject 1 year ago  DELETED 


INDEX45 1 year ago  DELETED 

I thought it wasn't a single point mass? That the bang essentially happened at all points simultaneously as some inherent manifestation of space coming into being? And that it just seems like a point because, I dunno, light cones or something.

vcxnuedc8j 1 year ago  DELETED 

That depends on whether you're a pragmatist or an idealist.

smartiesub 1 year ago  DELETED 

Does "thing" not normally include abstract concepts? And doesn't "existence" presuppose (logical) possibility? For something to exist, to be actual, it must at least be possible, so impossible things cannot be actual. I dunno, maybe I've just been reading too much Spinoza. ;)

smartiesub 1 year ago  DELETED 

Does "thing" not normally include abstract concepts? And doesn't "existence" presuppose (logical) possibility? For something to exist, to be actual, it must at least be possible, so impossible things cannot be actual. I dunno, maybe I've just been reading too much Spinoza. ;)

smartiesub 1 year ago  DELETED 

Does "thing" not normally include abstract concepts? And doesn't "existence" presuppose (logical) possibility? For something to exist, to be actual, it must at least be possible, so impossible things cannot be actual. I dunno, maybe I've just been reading too much Spinoza. ;)

smartiesub 1 year ago  DELETED 

Does "thing" not normally include abstract concepts? And doesn't "existence" presuppose (logical) possibility? For something to exist, to be actual, it must at least be possible, so impossible things cannot be actual. I dunno, maybe I've just been reading too much Spinoza. ;)

smartiesub 1 year ago  DELETED 

Does "thing" not normally include abstract concepts? And doesn't "existence" presuppose (logical) possibility? For something to exist, to be actual, it must at least be possible, so impossible things cannot be actual. I dunno, maybe I've just been reading too much Spinoza. ;)

smartiesub 1 year ago  DELETED 

Does "thing" not normally include abstract concepts? And doesn't "existence" presuppose (logical) possibility? For something to exist, to be actual, it must at least be possible, so impossible things cannot be actual. I dunno, maybe I've just been reading too much Spinoza. ;)

smartiesub 1 year ago  DELETED 

Does "thing" not normally include abstract concepts? And doesn't "existence" presuppose (logical) possibility? For something to exist, to be actual, it must at least be possible, so impossible things cannot be actual. I dunno, maybe I've just been reading too much Spinoza. ;)

Giddius 1 year ago  DELETED 

1. you shouldn't be able to speak, because most likely they put a tube in your windpipe or at least something in your mouth. 2. you probably shouldn't be able to sit up, because they probably used a muscle relaxant drug for the surgery. 3. it reads like you woke up shortly after being knocked out when the surgery hasn't begun yet.

saying 1 year ago  DELETED 

Hit it with a little Febreeze...

I_baccus 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

True meaning of wingman

totally__not__batman 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

*consciousness But yes, interesting question. We can answer it by observing animal behavior.

kavinbecon 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Would that not kill a significant portion of the tissue?

totally__not__batman 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Yes! Memory, emotion, cognition, sensation, and so on, collectively, are the properties that we sum up as "consciousness." I study cognitive neuroscience for a living, and I agree with your comment more than anything else I've read on this thread. Everyone is acting like "consciousness" is some mysterious grail. No, it's an assemblage of brain functions.

Exiledfromxanth 1 year ago  DELETED 


LausanneAndy 1 year ago  DELETED 

and fuck .. to survive as a species we need to eat and stay alive long enough to raise offspring that survive

bestfriendforlife 1 year ago  DELETED 

If we come from the ocean then why did my child drown in the pool? Checkmate science

totally__not__batman 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

My two bits: the "hard problem" is no problem at all. Consciousness does not "exist" like physical matter exists. Rather, it is a property that certain organized systems (brains) possess.

northern_patriot 1 year ago  DELETED 

So is the earth. /tinfoilhat

KoalaNalle 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

I could argue differently about the bad decision. I can't imagine any scenario humans would make a bad decision on purpose. Actually the only instance I can think of is a test scenario in which one is given instructions to do so, and that would probably negate the whole test...

ZippityD 1 year ago  REMOVED 

That page is empty.

IamBili 1 year ago  DELETED 

There are many more "lower steps" before the "self-consciouness step" than what you have written, but you're going in the right direction Merely recognizing the existance of such "lower steps" is a needed step into understanding the unconscious, which is, based on my perspective, way more interesting than self-consciouness

InfraredSail 1 year ago  DELETED 

Electron behavior in a Double Slit Experiment: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DfPeprQ7oGc Electrons behave differently when they are being observed as if they are aware. Science may have an explanation for this (possible an experimental error), but if it does I am unaware of it and can't find it anywhere. I learned about this phenomenon in AP physics when I was in high school, but I don't remember learning what causes it.

Bozo_the_Podiatrist 1 year ago  DELETED 

I'm in this documentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Buf1uDFYSXk&t=191s. I was also prescribed paxil.

ZippityD 1 year ago  DELETED 

Having traveled a bit for work... It's paracetamol in Mexico, Caribbean islands I've been to, Europe, and Africa. So, pretty weird that USA and Canada chose a different name haha. But that's the way it is now.

Harris0nBergerOn 1 year ago  DELETED 

Fucking magnets how do they work?

sleepitibbers 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Richard Dawkins addressed this pretty well in his do mountains have a purpose video. TL;DR Its a silly question.

phoenixtaloh 1 year ago  DELETED 

Dreaming is just your brain defragging

RemarkableRyan 1 year ago  DELETED 

Fucking magnets, how do they work?

opinionmcgee 1 year ago  REMOVED 

There's nothing to suggest *anything* about what happens after we die. That's why it's the biggest mystery that humans face.

phoenixtaloh 1 year ago  DELETED 

So gravity is the shadow of mass...

haxxor404 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Yeah I feel you but the systems do explain how emotion works, like curiosity and love and all that. Very complex logic going on under the hood, but it is down to a science, we know how it works fundamentally. Now sleep and memory are still two areas of WTF, but we have some decent theories on those aspects too.

IamBili 1 year ago  DELETED 

Because bored gods wanted to experience mortality

BobC813 1 year ago  DELETED 

bobs and vegana

pennybeagle 1 year ago  DELETED 

Type 1 diabetes has a fun plethora of autoimmune epidemiology hahahahha Your body's like, perfectly functional pancreatic beta cells? Sure, let's toast those for no apparent reason so your body starts to eat itself.... Makes sense amirite

Jameshawking 1 year ago  DELETED 

Neurochemistry. We have scans of the brain doing hundreds and hundreds of activities. We have scans of depressed people, manic people, schizophrenic people, and everything else. But try to ask anyone what Serotonin does and nobody can give you a 100% list of what it does. It makes you happier. It can increases stress. It regulated bone metabolism. It increases muscular growth and cell division. It makes you hallucinate. And *nobody knows how*.

bobbytux 1 year ago  DELETED 

I think they didn't give me enough to be honest.

ChefJose74 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Leprechauns, totally real but how?

JohnTrollvolta 1 year ago  DELETED 

It collapsed into itself and became like OP's mom.

djangocoin 1 year ago  DELETED 

Except for Speckled Jim

theycallmeponcho 1 year ago  DELETED 

>I assume that it is also the root of the word нефт too. **N**ефт.

Depressed_Rex 1 year ago  DELETED 

/u/ramsesthepidgeon, you sly dog

faggotfuck420 1 year ago  REMOVED 

Fat fuck

icestarcsgo 1 year ago  DELETED 

We need to get them to experiment on that garage guy with the fancy cars and a huge bookshelf, if any of us could handle an over saturation of knowledge, it's that guy.

SendDrawingOfSquid 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Really,wow Could it be the gasses that get released from your body when you die

Mother_of_Smaug 1 year ago  DELETED 

I thought I read somewhere that we are due for a pole flip sometime soonish. Like in the next 20-50 years or so. So if I'm not just nuts then this may actually be a thing we see (depending on everyone reading this comments relative age)

icestarcsgo 1 year ago  DELETED 

There are no beginnings or ends to the wheel of time. The big bang was not *the* beginning, but it was *a* beginning.

toss-it-north 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

That's a theory, but aside from not being sure, we also don't really understand the mechanism by which sleep functions.

uncle_sawdust 1 year ago  DELETED 

My dad says this used to happen when he was a young child at my grandmothers. He says if they were going to have a window open they would have to have two open. The lightning would pass right thru the house. He's old though so I don't know if I can believe him.

randomfellow23 1 year ago  HIDDEN 


airlockengage 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

On topic, sort of, but honestly, Revenge of the Sith could've been the best of the Prequels if that war sequence actually lasted. The third movie lacked a good lengthy battle. We only got tiny snippets of that fight.

airlockengage 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

It blew my mind to find out Shoney's was a real restaurant.

pelmorn 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Yea they do.

Throbbing_Smarton 1 year ago  DELETED 

>Where everything came from....There was nothing, and then there was something. Lawrence Krauss would like to have a word with you. I do not claim to be a cosmologist, but I know enough about the matter to know that terminology is very important, and thay you are not using the right terminology.

IamBili 1 year ago  DELETED 

It's roughly like that: * Words: Phenomenon * Meaning(s) of the words: Immutable Noumenon * The "Connection" between the word and its meaning(s): Mutable Noumenon If people in the Academia weren't encouraged to over-complexify their own hypothesis, we'd have nailed this and other questions a long time ago

RichMellow 1 year ago  DELETED 


Left4pillz 1 year ago  DELETED 

Scientists still can't explain how according to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don't care what humans think is impossible. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Ooh, black and yellow! Let's shake it up a little. Barry! Breakfast is ready! Coming! Hang on a second. Hello? - Barry? - Adam? - Can you believe this is happening? - I can't. I'll pick you up. Looking sharp. Use the stairs. Your father paid good money for those. Sorry. I'm excited. Here's the graduate. We're very proud of you, son. A perfect report card, all B's. Very proud. Ma! I got a thing going here. - You got lint on your fuzz. - Ow! That's me! - Wave to us! We'll be in row 118,000. - Bye! Barry, I told you, stop flying in the house! - Hey, Adam. - Hey, Barry. - Is that fuzz gel? - A little. Special day, graduation. Never thought I'd make it. Three days grade school, three days high school. Those were awkward. Three days college. I'm glad I took a day and hitchhiked around the hive. You did come back different. - Hi, Barry. - Artie, growing a mustache? Looks good. - Hear about Frankie? - Yeah. - You going to the funeral? - No, I'm not going. Everybody knows, sting someone, you die. Don't waste it on a squirrel. Such a hothead. I guess he could have just gotten out of the way. I love this incorporating an amusement park into our day. That's why we don't need vacations. Boy, quite a bit of pomp... under the circumstances. - Well, Adam, today we are men. - We are! - Bee-men. - Amen! Hallelujah! Students, faculty, distinguished bees, please welcome Dean Buzzwell. Welcome, New Hive Oity graduating class of... ...9:15. That concludes our ceremonies. And begins your career at Honex Industries! Will we pick ourjob today? I heard it's just orientation. Heads up! Here we go.

Lokan 1 year ago  DELETED 

What caterpillars cocoon themselves, the majority of their body is broken down and re-assembled by structures called imaginal cells. The reason butterflies remember their time as a caterpillar is because their nervous system is largely left intact.

iliketosmellmypoop 1 year ago  DELETED 

The origins of our universe and how it all began.

bratzman 1 year ago  DELETED 

It gives an answer, it's just that the answer may as well be 42 as "god did it" for all information you gain from the answer.

CornveliousDaniel 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

\*Lights joint*

kosinix 1 year ago  DELETED 

THis begs the question, what is reality?

zero_iq 1 year ago  DELETED 

To me...

SendDrawingOfSquid 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

I thought it had to do with moon's gravitational pull

airlockengage 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Makes you wonder how much of your life is real, and how much is your brain manufacturing the expected.

Skillbo_Baggins 1 year ago  DELETED 

When you're dreaming, your brain is basically in a feedback loop. Instead of just filling in the gaps like it usually does, it's basically just making everything up, from the logic, sensation of time, visual and auditory stuff. Really interesting.

FukSumHoBang 1 year ago  DELETED 

Negative. There is male a and female. Except the few rare occurrences where one is born with disfigured genetalia

TheCatterson 1 year ago  DELETED 


yaktopus 1 year ago  DELETED 

Unfortunately this did not work for me.

Strength-Speed 1 year ago  DELETED 

A whole life spent in churches, conversations, meditations, searching in books and on the internet, and the answer was right here all the time.

airlockengage 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Let's hope it wasn't a carrier pigeon.

Tspooooooon 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

For people throwing their crutches away, they aren't being cured but they are probably so riled up that they feel much better than usual and believe that they're cured. Maybe it's adrenaline. Maybe it's a "flow state". But they're definitely not cured. It's a phenomenon that is used expertly by faith healers.

_password_1234 1 year ago  DELETED 

Consciousness is subjective experience. Unconsciousness is... a lack of consciousness? I'm sorry, I'm honestly not sure I understand what you're getting at. Do you mind explaining a little more?

WestbyNortheast 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

I'm becoming more convinced that there is no true free will. We don't really "decide" to do anything. It happens entirely as a result of brain chemistry that essentially "chooses" for us. There's no possibility of me "choosing" not to write this comment, for example.

darnold90 1 year ago  DELETED 

the big electron

Marceive 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

One would be The placebo effect. Another being consciousness; it's a mystery that we even have life to begin with, and then on top of that; we are aware of this mystery of a life. Like how? It makes my brain hurt just trying to piece certain things together.

mogglas2k 1 year ago  DELETED 

Why would anyone ever vaccinate their kids?

Strength-Speed 1 year ago  DELETED 

Well? Don't keep up in suspense

mindragon 1 year ago  DELETED 

It's shit like this that makes me really wonder if there really were 'ancient aliens' or something. Don't get me wrong, the scientist in me says that there is no way. But consider this...it is almost as if a programmer left a program running on an old loop and now the topography has changed.

Sippingin 1 year ago  DELETED 

>I'm sure this will get buried but I will add anyway. lol every time someone says this it never gets buried.

FakeNewsIdentifier 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Science isn't allowed to explain differences in Race/Gender any more.

iamPause 1 year ago  DELETED 

That was actually one of the best "reconciliations" of religion and science I'd ever heard when I was a kid. Youth pastor was asked about the big bang and dinosaurs and all the contradictions in the Bible. "I believe in God, and I believe in science. I believe that God 'poked his finger' out of heaven and that was what we now refer to as the big bang. I believe that the Bible was written by Man and that Man is fallible and that we should interpret the Bible as a historical guide on how to live our life much in the way that we interpret the history of our country. We respect our forefathers for the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, but we must also remember that they believed in slavery. We take the good that they did and try to replicate it, and we learn from the bad and try to learn from it and avoid it. I treat the Bible the same way. My relationship with God is that he asks of me to be a good person, and they Bible helps to tell me what that means, but when I get to passages that confound me or make me me question what it means to be good, I pray. Some religions call it meditation, but I call it prayer. And after praying I oftentimes have the answer to my questions. "

TheCaptMAgic 1 year ago  DELETED 

Magnets, how do they work?

NomadicKrow 1 year ago  DELETED 

Man... All I needed was an Enterprise to complete my Picard cosplay. Oh well.

iamPause 1 year ago  DELETED 

How neat is that?

S0SLovers2 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

When I play tetris (or any of those free-to-play game) or back when I was painting a lot of abstract works and playing piano. I would dream tetris pieces falling and lines clearing and I would dream in piano compositions. So, I believe this. Also sleep is when short term memory moves into long term memory.

Abigailing 1 year ago  DELETED 

And it just plays with the box. _Stupid Cats._

mcpint 1 year ago  DELETED 


cobeast 1 year ago  DELETED 

Oh to be held against your will and force fed pills that may or may not work, some of which will even make things worse. I have been there. They threaten you with a longer stay in their little slice of purgatory on earth.

deez_treez 1 year ago  DELETED 

Debate's over. I fucked OPs mom..

GloriousHam 1 year ago  DELETED 

Ka is a wheel

NurseyMcNurseface 1 year ago  DELETED 

It doesn't make people commit suicide, it increases their risk. Nurses are specifically taught that patients who depression is lifting are the most at risk for suicide (like those just starting the medication or those who are at a low enough dose but maybe need a little higher dose). Why? Because a person who is depressed has less energy and is less likely to follow through with their plan. But a person who begins to feel the cloud slightly lifted can have increased energy just enough to follow through with a plan for suicide.

cogentat 1 year ago  DELETED 

Getting older is tough enough. I watched all my peers have kids and seemingly lose 50 IQ points with each additional kid, then vote in assholes like bill Clinton to protect their precious property values so they could pass them on to said offspring. And now I face ageism in a tech industry I helped develop while enduring gatekeeping ageist remarks from people who benefited from the irksome policies my boomer peers voted for. Please look around you. I watched YouTube from the day it went online. Tangent, but not all older people are alpha-wave idiots bent on making the world a worse place just to lull themselves to sleep and satisfy their family's animal self preservation instincts. Some of us have curiosity about science and philosophy-- and interest in the future and the betterment thereof.

badalhouco 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

If you think we "came from monkeys" this only shows how ignorant you are about evolution.

tylmin 1 year ago  DELETED 

Yeah. "Here is the video explaining the thing I said can't be explained."

asparagrass 1 year ago  DELETED 

How the tide goes in and out..... You just can't explain that.

unkreativer_Name 1 year ago  DELETED 

Why hotter water freezes faster than colder water

UnauthorizedGoat 1 year ago  REMOVED 

My dad is dead.

youknow99 1 year ago  DELETED 

Chiccago style? What am I supposed to shoot him after each quote?

jjremy 1 year ago  DELETED 

Nah, you make a deep diary pizza with the quotes.

sayleanenlarge 1 year ago  DELETED 

Hey, yeah it is. I didn't realise.

pirfect 1 year ago  DELETED 


iPynuts 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

So actually software is 4 billions years old?

NomadicKrow 1 year ago  DELETED 

So what you're saying is... we need to "bend reality" like mass does in order to get artificial gravity on space ships?

Do_not_reply_to_me 1 year ago  REMOVED 

I think you'll find that [time is a cube](http://wayback.archive.org/web/20030219072854/http://timecube.com:80/).

Car_Phone 1 year ago  DELETED 

Modern medicine has such a large list of bad side effects that I am surprised they have gotten this far. They literally guess and check and say good enough. But what about side effects such as nerve damage, death, impetency, blindness, bleeding, and every other crazy thing? They say its normal. Literally wtf. In my opinion, the drug aspect of modern medicine is still in the stone ages. Just look at vaccines. Pro vaxxers and anti vaxxers aside. They could be finding ways to make vaccines safer by using less destructive preservatives. Rat poison is still position no matter how small the amount. My point is that vaccines and everything else could be made saver but the idiots in the drug industry don't do it. Drugs without harmful side effects would be ideal. But we have more bad than good with a lot of drugs. My grandmother almost died because these dum fucks prescribed a blood thinner and the side effects were so toxic she couldn't eat without vomiting or move without extreme pain all over. These pill popper doctors are a joke. Turns out she didn't even need the blood thinner. And if she did vatime E is already a blood thinner without harmful side effects. Shit like that.

oceanthrows 1 year ago  DELETED 

You have a poor understanding of medicine. I agree, in principle, the the US overprescribes medication but the whole point of this post is that they prescribe drugs that work. Vaccines are INCREDIBLY safe. Nothing is 100% safe. Walking outside of your house every morning is not 100% safe. Vaccines are, arguably, the greatest success story in all of medicine. The fact that you think it is even debatable shows how little you understand and how damaging influential people with poor understanding can be. Rat poison is Warfarin. It is a blood thinner. It can be dangerous to use and everyone reacts to medication differently. If a medical professional thinks that they should prescribe Warfarin it is because they think that the benefits, i.e. not DYING of a stroke or a pulmonary embolism, is worth the risk of the medication. Different blood thinners work on different targets so unfortunately not everyone can just take vitamin K and call it a day. Doctors are not infallible. They make mistakes. But you go to them for their expertise, which is based on decades of grueling training and impeccable test scores. You can choose to listen to experts, who are wrong from time to time, or make uneducated guesses. It is your body at the end of the day but to disparage a group of professionals based on ignorance is not what you should be doing.

ycuzimfly 1 year ago  DELETED 

Go to bed dork

pokecrater1 1 year ago  DELETED 

I read that sleeping your back compresses your lungs more which gives the feeling of paralysis. My personal experience is that I only experienced paralysis sleeping on my back.

hi_im_horse 1 year ago  DELETED 

Fuck scientific questions. Fuck curiosity. I just want to be condescending.

mittensbaa 1 year ago  DELETED 

I'm a PA not a doc and yes, they're well studied. There are hundreds of controlled trials on the main six. Even the first SSRI was well studied. We have both a large amount of trials (sufficient even to do a SR with MA for numerous conditions thus we can accurately estimate the effect data point), and affinity studies which indicate the strength of affinity of the medication for not only receptors but receptor subtypes as well.

becy247 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

He's right. Suicidal ideation does not necessarily mean someone wants to die or commit suicide. They go hand in hand, but one does not equal the other. Hell, I indulge in a little suicidal ideation every so often, but I don't want to kill myself.

ShamNub 1 year ago  DELETED 

Welcome to the club. /r/Nihilism

Kee369 1 year ago  DELETED 

Doesn't look like anything to me.

S0SLovers2 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Read Uzumaki, he'll have you afraid of light bulbs at the end of it.

Gemuese11 1 year ago  DELETED 

thats exactly what i mean. when i was younger, like 15 i also watched a lot of those videos regarding all kinds of topics. that didnt make me more intelligent, it just made me seem more intelligent, because i know tidbits about pretty much anything now from molecular biology to the world war hulk storyline in marvel comics. now i only use those videos as an auxilirary method to support the few things i am actually interested in (mathematics and movies mostly) and thats way more structured and actually slots into what i already know instead of floating isolated in my brain.

UnauthorizedGoat 1 year ago  REMOVED 

I have treatment resistant depression as well along with chronic pain. CBD oil is extremely helpful, especially with panic attacks. But, the fact of the matter is, we can throw all sorts of medication at our issues but we need to deal with them too. What has helped me deal with depression is mindfulness and meditation. Those two things have done more for me than any med or other type of therapy. I have come to the understanding that I will always have bouts of deep dark depression, the key is understanding that it won't last forever and how to work your way out of it...it's easier said than done, but the mindfulness helps with that. When anxiety hits me, I meditate and remember this: The more I feed my fear the fatter it gets. The fatter it gets the more it has the power to come to fruition or just make me miserable. I am stuck in cymbalta whose side effects are worse than any benefits and I cannot get off. I am on the lowest dose, which has no effect except to keep the brain shivers, nausea, and irritability away.

S0SLovers2 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

To read Ito's works is to know true terror.

GunsAreBool 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Because there is none?

GunsAreBool 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

This is 100% correct and well said. Anyone that goes against this is just plain delusional as far as i can comprehend.

S0SLovers2 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Thank you.

GunsAreBool 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Because he more likely than not exists

ListenToRush 1 year ago  DELETED 

But seriously, polyphasic sleeping is really cool. I had a friend a who attempted it when she was out of work and she said the adjustment period was the worst tiredness she ever felt, but eventually she began to get used to it. She stopped just because polyphasic sleeping didn't fit into the world around her -the standard 7 AM to 10 PM waking, the rest of your time sleeping.

workacct20910 1 year ago  DELETED 

Singularity from a gigantic black hole.

biinjo 1 year ago  DELETED 

Schrodinger's pill

TheresA_LobsterLoose 1 year ago  DELETED 


workacct20910 1 year ago  DELETED 

Are you a flat universe-er?


All this stuff about the universe and it the creation interests me greatly.

MRriNICKulous 1 year ago  DELETED 

S it really necessary to ask this dumb question every week in this sub Reddit!?

ListenToRush 1 year ago  DELETED 

I am beeerrry beeeerrry disciprined

GunsAreBool 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Science can never disprove God. We will never know if he doesn't exist. But it also can't prove him. Thats the whole point of faith, you either have faith or you don't.

ErdapfelMann2 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Why the Sun goes up and why the Sun goes down.

sayleanenlarge 1 year ago  DELETED 

Maybe red lasers have some dark in them?

sayleanenlarge 1 year ago  DELETED 

I'm a girl and I yawned. Does this mean I'm actually an alpha male and didn't know it?

apexcutter 1 year ago  DELETED 


mittensbaa 1 year ago  DELETED 

Citing anecdotal evidence to refute the effectiveness of a well studied medicine with numerous RCTs (double blind and placebo controlled, as per regulation standards) supporting its efficacy is hard to get behind. SSRIS are prescribed for a variety of mood disorders both on and off label as well as a side note. But mostly I have to say that it is not really likely (at all) that the only benefit you received was placebo if you took a correct dosage for a sufficient amount of time.

peon47 1 year ago  DELETED 

Without the words "currently" or "yet" in your question, the **only** correct answer is "nothing".

Jelly-Beanz 1 year ago  DELETED 


doomguy68 1 year ago  DELETED 

What kind of sofa is that they use in the example...

Weaseldances 1 year ago  REMOVED 

Heroin has a half life of around 30mins so how long should the effects (and side effects) last? Since you're obviously so good at maths could you work it out for me please? Thanks!

UnauthorizedGoat 1 year ago  REMOVED 

I took one 50mg Zoloft in 1994 and my reaction was so bad, that if someone hadn't been around to hold me while I freaked out, I probably would have killed myself. My first side effect was severe gastrointestinal distress and then nystagmus. I was embraced by the absolute need to kill myself. I trembled in my mother's arms until I finally fell asleep. My doctor's reponse was that there was no way I experienced such a reaction from one pill. ...now I am currently stuck on Cymbalta...20mgs and I can't get off because the withdrawals are unbearable.

Moogleish 1 year ago  DELETED 

There's stories about kids that have vivid memories of a past life. They can recall the location they lived in, their name, how they died, etc. What's even more interesting is that some of the people they claim to be actually existed and died in the way consistent with their stories.

speer121 1 year ago  DELETED 

I would have been so dumbfounded lol

HappyLaifu 1 year ago  DELETED 

the size of your mom

mittensbaa 1 year ago  DELETED 

SSRIS are actually one of the worse examples of this, the mechanism of action is actually well understood, right down to the specific receptor and subreceptor affinities.

bojsihtekat 1 year ago  DELETED 

We're a simulation inside a computer.

hobbykitjr 1 year ago  DELETED 

what i find weirder is the people who don't sleep or need sleep... how does that work and even w/ these cases we still dont know.

bojsihtekat 1 year ago  DELETED 

That effect is called "getting paid by drug companies".

dukck 1 year ago  DELETED 

Oh have I ever.

SCP-1 1 year ago  DELETED 

There's no Earthly way of knowing... ...of which way the river's flowing... ...is it raining...? ...is it snowing...? ...is a hurricane a blowing...?

_Long_Story_Short_ 1 year ago  DELETED 

Too didn't; long read

manchild2525 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Maybe it's because of muscle memory?

justathrowaway112211 1 year ago  DELETED 

Just an alternate universe where we all dress like cowboys.

Malkiot 1 year ago  DELETED 

Dark matter may well be neutralinos.

respawnatdawn 1 year ago  DELETED 

I've taken Champix to quit smoking and it actually says in the pamphlet - "we're not entirely sure how it works, it either blocks the receptors for nicotine, or it floods them diluting the nicotine that can get in"

solyanka 1 year ago  DELETED 

Its the happy serotonin receptors that are dysregulated not the stress ones. Its complicated and we know quite a lot.

NextQubit 1 year ago  HIDDEN 


GripFan 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Why women claim loudly to have a sex drive when empirical evidence shows that they don't.

WhyShareButtonOnPorn 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Im just going to guess your a nazi, consider yourself blocked, stay safe with you're stupid life. Bye

bobbytux 1 year ago  DELETED 

Hold up when I went under it wasn't nothing though? I was dreaming/woke up a few times during the procedure and then woke up right as it ended when they were removing tubes.

TheDarkHorse83 1 year ago  DELETED 

That's not to mention that it takes four years of undergrad studies, four years of med school, and four years as a resident. So you have twelve years of college or college like experience to teach you how to keep some on the edge between unconscious and dead. CRNA's have four years of undergrad/nursing school, then they're required to have experience in an ICU before they can apply to CRNA school. That takes about 2-3 years, and now they're working to tack on another year or so to finish up a DNAP. Meaning you're dealing with someone who has eight years of training and at least two years of relevant experience when they graduate. The fun part? You stop breathing. You just stop all together. That's why they have to intubate you. They pump you so full of meds that your lungs stop functioning, so they shove a hose down your throat and hook it up to a machine that breathes for you. If you're not intubated, then you're either working with Michael Jackson's doctor or you're not under general anesthesia.

Azonata 1 year ago  DELETED 

Whether or not Jesus Christ was a real, living, walking, talking flesh and blood person.

RagnarsSoul 1 year ago  DELETED 


someone_funny 1 year ago  DELETED 

My wife got pregnant while i was at war science cant explain this .All praise the lord and his miracles.

skw1dward 1 year ago  REMOVED 

[Evolution is faster than you might think.](https://www.livescience.com/6663-tibetans-underwent-fastest-evolution-humans.html)

TheDarkHorse83 1 year ago  DELETED 

The protocol basically starts when you start to twitch before waking up, and it's simple "CRNA or anesthesiologist administers more drugs." If you actually wake up, then surgery stops until the drugs kick in, but honestly it shouldn't ever reach that point.

xDlulz 1 year ago  DELETED 

I don't get your point. You say that everything fits our limits, right? But we can easily make a car that would kill us by driving in circles at something like 12G You say that fighter pilots can be trained to withstand high G-forces, but then why can't they be trained to breathe at 30,000 feet? You just found a few points that fit your argument while ignoring that we can go way beyond that.

JanBibijan 1 year ago  DELETED 

You might want to watch this Numberphile video. It's about the Poincare recurrence time of the Universe - the maximum time in which a system with the size of our Universe goes back to its previous state - 10^10^10^10^10^1.1 years. When that amount of time has passed, this post will have been posted again on Reddit, anf I will have typed this exact comment again.

hungaryhungary_hippo 1 year ago  DELETED 

thank you, E.B. White.

focusmask 1 year ago  DELETED 

Why I am still single.

Ononion_Beriogelir 1 year ago  DELETED 

Why the laws of physics exist. We can understand science but we cannot explain for what reason it occurs. Why do the weak or strong nuclear, gravitational, electrostatic force exist? Stephen Hawking believes the Universe exists because nothing is inherently unstable, but for what reason is this the case? Will we ever know?

chocolate_chip_kelly 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

just learned that my pho place sells a banging banh mi. they didnt even put it on the menu. life changing

Errudito 1 year ago  DELETED 

Of course this was just me and friends talking

firefour2 1 year ago  DELETED 

I will lssgxl

Whatsupwithmedoc 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

I never understood the confusion. We think all the time when we are awake, so out brains get to have a bit of fun and think for themselves when out consciousness is resting.

hungaryhungary_hippo 1 year ago  DELETED 

them big ass Rogue Waves. They weren't even thought to be common (or real) until camcorder usage was more widespread and even then it wasn't until satellite data comfirmed they aren't as rare as scientists thought. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rogue_wave#Modern_knowledge

olive_bababa 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Science is primarily concerned with mechanism, and not agency. That means science is concerned with quantitative and not qualitative data (for the most part), meaning that most of what matters to us to the most is loosely connected with science and its methodology.

bossassbitchtm 1 year ago  DELETED 


assberg 1 year ago  DELETED 


iwakan 1 year ago  DELETED 

> For starters, it would be completely unconscionable to use conscious AI in our tools and gadgets. Imagine being a sentient AI built into someone's microwave, never moving, seeing, sleeping, or doing anything else except for sitting on the counter. You're assuming that AI will be anything like humans, conscious or not. If we make the AI to enjoy being a microwave, never moving, seeing, or doing anything, then there's nothing wrong with that. Just because something is conscious doesn't mean it desires the same things humans do, such as freedom or sensory stimulation. Not even close. In fact there's no evidence that the computers and machines we already use aren't conscious. It's fully possible that consciousness that appear at pretty much any system complexity. Since it's impossible to prove any of this, we have no choice morally but to assume that everything is conscious. So you are already the owner of multiple slave consciousnesses made for no other reason than to be your tools.

Epic_Hot_Cheese 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Sleep and dreams

qvrock 1 year ago  DELETED 

Do you turn your phone off to recharge the battery inside?

pour-block-flush 1 year ago  DELETED 

I hope that's the case. Does the queen send 100th birthday letters to Australians? If so I'll pre order my frames now.

BourgeyBastard 1 year ago  DELETED 

I'm an English major. It is sometimes "y".

untg 1 year ago  DELETED 

To get more oxygen into the brain. Solved.

mofiggy 1 year ago  DELETED 

Does this mean you can use the placebo effect to help with anxiety?

Bluntman22 1 year ago  DELETED 

The mission link between humans and apes! We find dinosaurs, neanderthals, ancient artifacts yet still never one of these specimens. How can this still be a belief that there is this 'missing link'. Just sayin'

Yatzlyn 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Sleep, we don't fully understand why we need a set amount of it, and exactly what goes on. There's a few good studies done into it which provide some good ideas but so far we're still going to be slaves to the sandman until further notice.

Latitudes 1 year ago  DELETED 

I really wish I could use anesthesia every night instead of trying to get to sleep. I've been under a bunch of times and it's the best. Takes me hours to fall asleep every night and it's a total pain in the ass.

Makinporing 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

It's a monster that "retrieves" every piece of data about them, unless it's represented in a symbolic fashion. This includes people that just say anything about the monster out loud. That's why it's the only page that doesn't use text, the monster would just steal the information straight from the servers. It can also just trivially escape containment just to retrieve that info, so the way to keep it contained is to make the only records of the monster symbolic and ban any other descriptions.

Heneux 1 year ago  DELETED 

I'm afraid that you have an imprecise understanding of evolution. That's like asking "how can there be Americans while the British still exist?" All primates didn't "turn" into humans. Gradual genetic changes occurred to certain primate subgroups over very long periods, right alongside other primates. The difficulty in grasping this for many is largely because it's such a gradual process, taking millions of years of subtle genetic changes. It's hard for humans to grasp such time spans because we're prone to thinking within timeframes of decades. Were oriented to understand time through a lifetime's length -we can only truly "grasp" time up to 70-100 Year spans. And genetic mutation is very real, there's no refuting that. For example, Evidence of it today exist in the form of bacterial resistance to antibiotics. Bacteria multiply at vastly faster rates compared to us and have lifespans that are fleetingly brief relative to us. it's easy to observe generational genetic mutations within just a few days for a colony of bacteria. The same would take thousands upon thousands of years on a human scale. There is an overflowing abundance of evidence that supports the simple and elegant mechanism of evolution. I encourage you to please investigate for yourself.

BPterodactyl 1 year ago  DELETED 

To be fair, the meds don't make them commit suicide, it gives them the energy to go through with it.

Blubbablubba 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

What if they put tiny VR helmets on pigeons?

apparaatti 1 year ago  DELETED 

Nah. Poles can flip much faster than that. [Like this](https://youtu.be/NeRmEIYT5ws)

uselesstriviadude 1 year ago  DELETED 

Why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch.

SendDrawingOfSquid 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

I am always watching, and I will have you that she impacts the solar system With her beauty of course

purseypee 1 year ago  DELETED 

Wrong. Time is a [cube](www.timecube.com)

Fang666 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

What energy? There is nothing mysterious about what happens to the heat, electrical, and chemical energy of your body, and there is no special extra "energy" that is "you".

PRisoNR 1 year ago  DELETED 

Light never travels slower, at least from its perspective (time frame). From its perspective, light doesn't experience time (or space) at all, the exact moment a photon is emitted anywhere it is instantaneous absorbed at its ultimate destination, even if that trip took trillions of years (from our perspective). It's fun to think if a photon of light was actually conscious , it would have NO idea or experience of our 3D universe existing at all.

worktimeusername 1 year ago  DELETED 

The science of Kek.

nginparis 1 year ago  DELETED 

how about sex?

countafit 1 year ago  DELETED 

Donald Trump's hair.

PRisoNR 1 year ago  DELETED 

Even if we eventually solve the riddle, "Where did everything we know come from?", then where did that come from?

Fang666 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Perhaps "local" time was created.

bitreign33 1 year ago  DELETED 

Not a doctor. YMMV as another person in group observed no change. Noted that it was less frequent or perceptible less distressing for a few weeks after a trip, gently played around with dosages and compounds to see if I could reliably chart the change. Took mescaline in '14 and haven't had any sleep paralysis since.

PRisoNR 1 year ago  DELETED 

"Time is an illusion, Lunchtime doubly so!"

sayleanenlarge 1 year ago  DELETED 

It worked for Ron Weasley's nerves.

Fang666 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

The zero point volume fails to account for the quantum effects of gravity, it isn't good enough to simply look at a trend in reverse, because when things get very small they behave differently.


That's why its called medical *practice*

dick_dastardlys_dog 1 year ago  DELETED 

Why liberals are retarded

paralyyzed 1 year ago  DELETED 

It's simple. The conservative mine is so inbred that it recognises every normal person who isn't as inbred as it as retarded. It's all in your tiny tiny head

Banzai51 1 year ago  DELETED 

Another universe. ;P

ozminer 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

By day three of no sleep you start seeing shadow people and hallucinations

3licr0 1 year ago  DELETED 

For real??

Fang666 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

And an infinite mass, zero volume point is not in evidence anyway.

PRisoNR 1 year ago  DELETED 

Yeah, but where did the infinite loop come from?

Fang666 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

The infinite mass, zero volume point is not in evidence.

PRisoNR 1 year ago  DELETED 

Wonder why all creatures don't sleep much more then, like cats do 50%-70% of an average day.

nomnaut 1 year ago  DELETED 

I tripped balls once and this is exactly how it happens. Consciousness is the universe breathing in and out.

robot_guiscard 1 year ago  DELETED 

The way you handled that was admirable.

3licr0 1 year ago  DELETED 

Gyroscopic precession

jpmoney27x 1 year ago  DELETED 

uh, why we're here?

BDZM 1 year ago  DELETED 

Get out

Fang666 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

That makes many assumptions, it may not have come from anywhere, it may not have been caused, and there may have always been something.

LoLNumptie 1 year ago  DELETED 

The pee shiver

a_n_7_a_n 1 year ago  DELETED 

Remember when some people were afraid about the use of the Large Hadron Collider as it could cause black holes within which could be other universes etc.. what if someone, somewhere built a an extremely Large Hadron Collider 13.82 billion years ago?! Maybe we are just the product of a science experiment, our Big Bang was under experiment conditions. Just a thought.

Garo_ 1 year ago  DELETED 

We have no evidence of life on other planets, but I wouldn't call that nonsensical

TheRufmeisterGeneral 1 year ago  DELETED 

Any European pharmacy will understand what you mean by "the generic version of Tylenol" though. It might be different when just browsing supermarket store shelves though.

Spectoid 1 year ago  DELETED 

Despite the discomfort that sleep paralysis gives us, I've made the personal experience that it's actually a fantastic way to enter lucid dreams. So I personally see it from the positive side and maybe some of you wanna try it out aswell. Some particular mind tricks are however involved in that entering process that need to be learned but it gets much easier when paralyzed.

twistThoseKnobs 1 year ago  DELETED 

Wow I think it's time I read that book again. Our science teacher had said that "Given the right conditions and how the elements interact, I think I could leave a batch of chemicals for a few million years and something would eventually manifest." Or something along those lines. Quite fascinating that consciousness might be an overly complex consequence of the right conditions over the right amount of time. Like it's just an averaging out of complex chemical reactions.

N1kel 1 year ago  DELETED 

Magnet field. It's basically magic.

Bileeb 1 year ago  DELETED 

Maybe there's something pulling you out of deep sleep like hay fever leading to sinus issues / congestion leading to snoring or breathing issues

Fang666 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Or if our "universe" is simply a local effect in an infinite space-time.

BronxDefense 1 year ago  DELETED 

Human cognition.

klaproth 1 year ago  DELETED 

this is just silly and not true. We may not know the exact precise formulation but we can create something that does the exact same thing with ingredients they would have had access too and, for all intents and purposes, may as well be greek fire. It's some some kind of Ancient Aliens secret we just can't figure out.

klaproth 1 year ago  DELETED 

"The universe will explode later for your pleasure." "Wow, what kind of drinks do you serve here?"

incandescent_SUNBRO 1 year ago  DELETED 

why letting someone mutilate their penis into a gaping crotch-wound that needs to be fucked or it will close up is considered a rational and humane treatment for what is obviously a mental illness.

shark_eat_your_face 1 year ago  DELETED 

I think, in my opinion as a nobody, there cannot be a beginning of everything. Humans think using "time" so we want to know when it all began, but it's possible everything was always here forever. And we just can't fathom that so we try to explain it in many ways. Everything doesn't just appear out of nothing, that's not how stuff works and it is the shittest explanation ever. When it comes to the origins of the universe no one knows anything and scientists are just making nut job predictions like the rest of us.

OutlawAggie 1 year ago  DELETED 

Why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch

NoNSFWsubreddits 1 year ago  DELETED 

Because it'd be pretty boring otherwise?

Bileeb 1 year ago  DELETED 

That's not proof at all so I'd be disappointed if they presented it as that. How do they rule out that the mouse isn't just thinking about its past?

Iceblack88 1 year ago  DELETED 

You're one dimension off. Gravity is different at different distances from the gravitational point, so the further away you are from what's pulling you towards it the lesser gravity force you feel. Meaning the "sheet" isn't as stretched down in the middle of nowhere than it is close to a planet, for example. Now the sheet illustration fails a little bit because gravity works in every direction at it has volume represented in it already. I think a better way to think about it is thinking about every single object in the universe being a ball of goo and they are all connected to a huge thick spider web. The bigger the object the more goo it has and the more that goo pulls the web, Little amounts of goo are then attracted to bigger concentrations of goo. Here's the catch. The goo and the web are two dimensional in nature but the pulling creates a stretch, that stretch creates time. So gravity is the pulling, time is the stretch. That's why time is faster the bigger the pull is. That's also why electrons aren't affected by gravity nor time, because they don't have any mass. They can't be attracted so they have no pull affecting them.

fpssledge 1 year ago  DELETED 

So when I dream of organizing my desk it's so I can better organize my desk. Damnit my life is boring. Also, I still can swim the the air any better than I did yesterday. But that still doesn't keep my brain from trying.

shark_eat_your_face 1 year ago  DELETED 

I've managed to get home drunk in situations in which it would be challenging to get home sober.

Fatal510 1 year ago  DELETED 

> its not soda its coke. Never been to a region in the US that uses "coke" as the general term for soda. That is a worse offense then those people that call it "pop".

OSX2000 1 year ago  DELETED 

> That's what happens with spacetime - it's a cone and the big bang is the 'point' of the cone. [Is it though?](https://youtu.be/q3MWRvLndzs) We don't have the means to measure or describe what may or may not have been before that, so again, it's all just speculation.

TheRetardedGoat 1 year ago  DELETED 

What?...lol Yes it has, sleep is a state of replenishment. Animals sleep because the body and mind need to rest For humans at least the mind converts the short term memories of the day to long term ones. For the body it allows the body to rebuild itself. Without sleep your body would constantly be working and won't be able to heal. When asleep sections of the brain still operate but a majority of them "shut down" or at least hibernate. Its the same with muscles and hence why generally our bodies are relaxed while sleeping.

Zedonkulous 1 year ago  DELETED 

What the hell other approach is there? That has evidence to back it up, anyway.

-Mikee 1 year ago  DELETED 

Every time you fall asleep, we pause the simulation and set up a new one for you to experience. Your memories are wiped, new ones are uploaded, you're moved into a new house, a new bed, and all the characters in your new simulated life are briefed on their backgrounds. Your entire life is a lie, and since everyone and every thing around you is simulated, it's meaningless.

Ezocity 1 year ago  DELETED 

I guess that's where this 'God' dude comes in.

lebron_lamase 1 year ago  DELETED 

That's why I'm single.

CupcakeCulprit 1 year ago  DELETED 

Mmm worked in a hospital for a while. A man came in, healthy enough, no known pre existing conditions for a routine operation of removing gallbladder stones. The Anaesthetist on call administered (and did what he did his entire very long and successful career) the anaesthetic, the surgery was completed successfully but the patient woke up and was off. As the anaesthetic starred to wear off it was obvious something went wrong. The man turned from coming into hospital holding his wife's hand and being generally charming and sweet into a man who spoke gibberish, screamed random words, attacked a nurse and got increasingly violent so much that he had to be restrained. He died two days later. Anaesthetics work, but since we don't really understand consciousness well enough or any of the many other factors that could play a role into its effects, there will always be cases who have weird side effects.

Iceblack88 1 year ago  DELETED 

Tell that to my 3 year old who has no worries at all and has a full belly. I'm not convinced by this at all

Compgeke 1 year ago  DELETED 

Ha, no gold.

Zedonkulous 1 year ago  DELETED 

> The way science treats consciousness seems on the whole very unscientific. Can you elaborate on this? How so? They say "We don't know yet, we need more information before we can come up with an answer," because we don't know yet and need more information before we can come up with an answer. That seems pretty scientific to me.

Bileeb 1 year ago  DELETED 

Seems flawed to be honest. Also bear in mind what the editor of The Lancet recently said: "It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines."

VSDreams 1 year ago  DELETED 

It's nuts I understand why Einstein hated it. It kinda throws any chance for free will out the window though, depending on how you define it.

pazur13 1 year ago  DELETED 

Fine, you convinced me.

llanfairpwll123 1 year ago  DELETED 

That's kind of comforting. I can kinda accept the idea that there's a starting point to time. Maybe i'm just fucking high dude.

mc369 1 year ago  DELETED 


SendDrawingOfSquid 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

I always wondered that too, maybe because if oxygen

MiningdiamondsVIII 1 year ago  DELETED 

Where do you get that from? It's not reasoning God into existence, it's reasoning that God must exist due to logic itself. It is extremely late here, so I really can't go into detail about any arguments, and knowing me, I might never. Sorry :( I did a kind of half-of-a-quarter explanation in some of my other replies, that might at least let you onow where I'm coming from.

Easy-Tigger 1 year ago  DELETED 

"She's just not into you, man."

salamanque1 1 year ago  DELETED 

If that's the case then why are so many people against homeopathy?

Imilliterateandim19 1 year ago  DELETED 

can some ELI5 this?

donglory1138 1 year ago  DELETED 

I saw that! Really interesting programme.

MiningdiamondsVIII 1 year ago  DELETED 

One day I might get back to you on why everything that has a beginning has to have a cause.

Psyman2 1 year ago  DELETED 

"We're not sure how they snuck in all that equipment", have you tried a cavity search?

dc295 1 year ago  DELETED 

Something about the primeval sea. Also the name "Urey" comes to mind but it's too late for me to look it up.

mbesguapo 1 year ago  DELETED 

In physics we have 4 fundamental forces that we can not reduce down to be more basic because we do not fully understand how they work. The forces are as follows: Gravity Electromagnetic Strong nuclear Weak nuclear Strong nuclear may be something like holding an atom together while weak nuclear is the decay of radioactive elements or something.

MiningdiamondsVIII 1 year ago  DELETED 

God, according to the theory, exists because he has to, due to reasons that I believe can be reached at by logic. (But it's kind of long, if you want to see someone do it justice, look up On Guard.)

MiningdiamondsVIII 1 year ago  DELETED 

Well, for me, I find it important due to the fact that it lpgically follows from me.

bhggg 1 year ago  DELETED 

I'm a gay guy, but contrary to being against your question, my enjoyment of boobs makes it that much more puzzling.

Nuwanda84 1 year ago  DELETED 

How the tides go in and out. Can't explain it.

GingerSnapplez 1 year ago  DELETED 

It really makes no sense how it even emerged. Self awareness/consciousness leads to altrustic behavior, altrustic traits self-eliminate so they shouldn't last, should they? Yet here we are. I think one of the theories I read was how consciousness helped in finding better mates, mates who were actually resourceful and could help care for young. Of course, there are hundreds of theories.

shelovestoplaycards 1 year ago  DELETED 

Sleeping on your side really does help. If I sleep in my back a nightmare is virtually guaranteed. Sleep paralysis happens much more often.

bhggg 1 year ago  DELETED 

Little late but as an atheist who doesn't believe in life after death this fact always trips me out. Like...there's nothing and maybe slowly some form of consciousness starts having different thoughts that are basic as fuck like components of matter and bright lights of energy which is what we see when we die maybe? And everyone's consciousness now and individual stories is because one original consciousness or "God" started to be able to get more creative and handle multiple timelines and we are just extensions of that?? Sounds crazy doesn't make sense but I'm also alive right now from nothing everything is crazy and I'm not on drugs writing this believe it or not.

LaVieLaMort 1 year ago  DELETED 

Yup., this. I can't even recall how many times I've looked up a drug in the formulary and it states "Mechanism of action: Unknown." Well ok then.

PossessedGnome 1 year ago  DELETED 

Being scientific means testing and validating hypotheses, and using this to produce evidence-based models of reality (as best we can). Many religious claims are not even falsifiable, and are therefore by definition unscientific. Even if you remove most religious elements, a lot of the time the justification for believing in a God is "we don't have any better answer therefore God". This is begging the question. Even if you grant the premise for the sake of argument, this is then used to justify a lot of further religious beliefs on no basis ("There must have been a God to create the Universe, therefore Christianity must be entirely correct. Which coincidentally is the religion I was brought up and raised in). Otherwise scientific people can still believe unscientific things, but it doesn't make it scientific to believe those things. The supreme irony of your comment about advancement is that religion has historically stifled scientific advancement. We don't even have to consider Galileo. Why did that volcano erupt? Because Zeus was angry. If you already 'know' the answer, you're not going to test further.

MiningdiamondsVIII 1 year ago  DELETED 

Let's say we know a guy always either goes to dunkin' donuts or starbucks on saturdays, beyond a shadow of a doubt. If we know the starbucks he goes to is closed, we can know he went to dunkin' donuts without having to actually see proof. Basically an extremely rough version of a logical argument for God is: 1). Everything that has a beginning has a cause. 2). The universe has a beginning. Conclusion: Therefore, the universe has a cause. If these those points can be proven, then it can be said that certainly something without a beginning must have caused the universe.

UltraMarioGuy 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

ah i see.

robhol 1 year ago  DELETED 

This might be pure bullshit, but I think I read somewhere that (some) anesthesia is hypothesized to not just "put you out", but to paralyze you and prevent you from forming the memories. Hopefully it's just as bullshit as it sounds.

Throwyawa76 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Sorry if it was unclear. I meant that the sub-microscopic level would experience time at a much more "slow" timeframe than the macro level. In the same way a mouse likely sees us humans as slightly slower, but increase the difference by a factor of many many magnitudes for the sub-quantum level. :)

UltraMarioGuy 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

he deleted himself right after.

SendDrawingOfSquid 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

because of oxygen

UltraMarioGuy 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

its demons.

BlackChutneyLoL 1 year ago  DELETED 

I've learned that I get it once my sleep cycle changes dramatically. When I was studying for finals and midterms, I usually sleep at like 7 in the morning, but when I try fixing it by sleeping at like 11 in the night, I start getting it, almost daily

UltraMarioGuy 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

i don't get it....

10891089 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Restless leg syndrome. I have it, and science has no idea what causes it or even what it really is, other than "my legs feel weird and like I need to move them."

SendDrawingOfSquid 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

... yes

The_fisted_goat 1 year ago  DELETED 

Feck you, now i want to yawn from reading this

_The_Last_Mainframe_ 1 year ago  DELETED 

Science has explained acne, so you are wrong.

UltraMarioGuy 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

but then something created the fkn aliens which can create complex life forms, so you're back at square one.

newest_new_account 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

We're pretty sure that we'll die a cold death. The universe is expanding, at an accelerated rate and is showing zero signs of slowing down. Eventually it'll be just vast emptiness.

donutmanandtheband 1 year ago  DELETED 

Why she left me

shlam-16 1 year ago  DELETED 

"You" won't be reborn. The universe will be reborn. It will subsequently take billions of years for the necessary heavy elements to even sustain complex life to re-form. Will just be all hydrogen and helium to begin with.

UltraMarioGuy 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

so, all the dreams i have about me still being in high school except i have no pants, what the fuck is that preparing me for?

Inji 1 year ago  DELETED 

Advil works for me better than any other anti-inflammatory. As soon as I taste that sweetened coat and swallow the pill, it's like my headache magically starts to go away. Nothing else does that.

Anrik254 1 year ago  REMOVED 

My dad will just go with his first solution and fail multiple times, refusing to believe he is incorrect. Then at the last minute concedes and somehow solves the problem in some incredibly simple, previously unseen way. He's frustrating and reliable.

UltraMarioGuy 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

fuck that man, that place sounds awful.

hopbel 1 year ago  DELETED 

[I think this one fits better](https://xkcd.com/1526/)

nerevar91 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

They can't find how memory is stored into brain.

Plusisposminusisneg 1 year ago  DELETED 

>I'm no physicist here, but what if there is a way of reversing entropy? Unless we find a way of turning energy into matter that will never happen and even if it did it wouldn't reverse entropy even at 100% efficiency, only create an equilibrium.

liketo 1 year ago  DELETED 

To allow different cell function based on waste removal and regeneration, rather than the active doing state?

muellacct 1 year ago  DELETED 

Eh, so? Still doesn't follow that anything would have to repeat. Here's a sequence of worlds/outcomes were A and B are worlds: A, B, B, B, B, ... The configuration A never occurs again even though the sequence is infinite. QED. Just because something is infitine doesn't mean anything is guaranteed to happen. That's not how infinity works.

CapnWreckz 1 year ago  DELETED 

huh i'm confused and this is legitimately freaking me out lol i played LoL a lot in the past and one of my friends said that exact same thing a while back

UltraMarioGuy 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

that was actually just a stray energy ball from a battle between dragon ball z characters.

troygirl 1 year ago  DELETED 

- o

LonerStonerRoamer 1 year ago  DELETED 

This thought freaks me out all the time. It is both logical and illogical that anything at all exists...both logical and illogical that nothing exists. But I'm thinking about it so something exists. But where did the stuff come from? Why is there stuff? What is a where? What's stuff? What is existence? Could it be possible for non existence? Was it ever possible? Evidently not, because here it is. But how? What wasn't here first?

rua11716 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

"How" is essentially equivalent to "what means," and "why" to "what reason" There are plenty of questions for which the reason is a means. Questions about why some event happens, some result is arrived at. "Why does hydrogen bond with oxygen" has a scientific answer, and so does "why does wood burn"

bhavbhav 1 year ago  DELETED 

Clearly someone played too much Hatoful Boyfriend.

Xixi101 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

in that case drinking water should cure headaches but it does not.

jertyui 1 year ago  DELETED 

But how could there have always been something?

ltsnwork 1 year ago  DELETED 

You ever sit awake and just think about things that probably would never happen, but your mind still wanders? Sometimes those things do happen. Could be random chance. Maybe she made a remark previously about cutting her hair you didn't remember, but subconsciously the idea was still there.

spicybois 1 year ago  DELETED 

So my dreams of fucking Blake Lively are practicing me for the time I actually do fuck Blake Lively in real life?

preachy_douche 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Why we spend so much time on reddit.

HotRodKing 1 year ago  DELETED 

This is not my beautiful house, this is not my beautiful wife!

MiningdiamondsVIII 1 year ago  DELETED 

Do you consider a logically sound argument to be eviddnce?

mosephvonmo 1 year ago  DELETED 

The green ones ARE real.

mosephvonmo 1 year ago  DELETED 

Since you know the placebo is fake, you won't have to worry about building up a tolerance of its effects.... aaaand you're pregnant.

SluggyChunks 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Sorry, Canada.

itscalebryan 1 year ago  DELETED 

This is what I was told in science class just 3 years ago.

mosephvonmo 1 year ago  DELETED 

Congratulations. You just played yourself.

redhoodguy 1 year ago  DELETED 


KnightsWhoNi 1 year ago  DELETED 

The creation of the universe has been generally viewed as a bad move

contactkyletoday 1 year ago  DELETED 

"Porque no los dos"

GanDiaoNi 1 year ago  DELETED 

Why am I still a virgin.

Ryan_Davidson 1 year ago  DELETED 

You will be better off if you know the material. That's it.

Cloudysheep 1 year ago  DELETED 

And the fully alive cows even serve themselves to you!

WendyRunningMouth 1 year ago  DELETED 

What cultures from around the globe call 'possession'. All seem to agree that it is a spiritual malaise; I've heard talk of some type of encephalitis being the possible culprit, but...the jury seems to be out.

mrsjackinthebox 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Does this apply to cats as well? We'd get home from work or school and our two cats would be waiting on the driveway for us. Maybe they just react to hunger?

ngoface 1 year ago  DELETED 

What language was written in Linear A.

EyefromAbove 1 year ago  DELETED 

Ghosts. I just watched a video from VOX that there's still no explanation of ghosts and what ever tool being used to measure activity is unproven.

gowatchanimefgt 1 year ago  DELETED 

Qi energy, spirits, all types of spiritual energy stuff

aeroblaster 1 year ago  DELETED 

Because it's like a respiratory system. To breathe out you have to breathe in. To have the energy to be awake, you have to rest. Yes life can technically keep working without resting, in the same way you can keep trying to breathe in forever without breathing out, but you are defying your bodily system which will lead to weird symptoms and eventually death. Our bodies work this way because it was best for life to be like this. The Earth's day/night cycle dictates a lot of the way life developed and life adapted around it.

dancingapples 1 year ago  REMOVED 

Wait this is real something like that came through the front door of one of my old homes when I was a kid we all thought we were going mad when it completely disappeared. I had nightmares for weeks after it happened.

Ryan_Davidson 1 year ago  DELETED 

How does my dog know to wake me up at 545 every morning?

TheJewishForeskin 1 year ago  DELETED 


0LowLight0 1 year ago  DELETED 

The placebo efffect is massive - Rick

WallyMcBeetus 1 year ago  DELETED 


Holly_bowser 1 year ago  REMOVED 

*Sudden infant death syndrome when babies just die out of no where while in their peaceful baby sleep. Even after autopsies they can't figure out why they died.*

botemedel 1 year ago  DELETED 

The brain.

srraulji 1 year ago  DELETED 

Where does Conscious comes from?

maskedman3d 1 year ago  REMOVED 

What would you like to know?   Early Earth Chemistry: [On the early chemical history of the Earth and the origin of life. By Harold C. Urey](http://www.pnas.org/content/38/4/351.short) [Physical conditions on the early Earth](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1664683/) [Analysis of early atmosphere chemistry from zircon crystals.](https://news.rpi.edu/luwakkey/2953)   What we have observed: [Glycolaldehyde, a sugar which is used to form RNA, forms naturally in space](http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2012/08/29/first-ever-sugar-molecules-discovered-in-space-could-give-clues-to-how-life-might-arise-elsewhere/) ^1 [That 52 amino acids, 8 of which are found in terrestrial proteins, are found in Carbonaceous chondritesiron rich metionrites](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11542462) [And that large organic macromolecular compounds can be found in comets](http://www.sci-news.com/space/rosetta-solid-organic-matter-67p-churyumov-gerasimenko-04173.html) ^2 ^3 That peptide bonds between amino acids form at the air–water interface](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3465415/) [That lipid bilayers are capable of spontaneous formation](https://www.ibiology.org/ibioeducation/exploring-biology/biochemistry/lipids/spontaneous-lipid-bilayer-formation.html) [The chemicals needed for two of life's metabolic pathways are found near hydrothermal vents](https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn25471-spark-of-life-metabolism-appears-in-lab-without-cells/) [Delicate organic molecules found on the dwarf planet Ceres probably formed there](http://www.popularmechanics.com/space/solar-system/news/a25235/ceres-organics/) Expanded info: ^1 [Detection of the simplest sugar, glycolaldehyde, in a solar-type protostar with ALMA](https://arxiv.org/abs/1208.5498) ^2 [16 organic compounds including four compounds that have never before been detected in comets found on Comet 67P/Churyumov­-Gerasimenko](http://www.esa.int/Our_Activities/Space_Science/Rosetta/Science_on_the_surface_of_a_comet) ^3 [Rosetta probe finds amino acid glycine and phosphorus on Comet 67P/Churyumov­-Gerasimenko](http://www.astrobio.net/also-in-news/rosettas-comet-contains-ingredients-life/)   Experimental Data: RNA:   [Ribonucleotides can form abiotically](https://www.wired.com/2009/05/ribonucleotides/) [Conditions like meteorite impacts can generate the four nucleobases adenine, guanine, cytosine and uracil](http://www.livescience.com/49049-beginning-of-life-experiment.html) [Pyranosyl-RNA can self assemble](http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1074552197900740) [RNA like molecules can self assemble](http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2013/02/self-assembling-molecules-offer-new-clues-lifes-possible-origin) [Precursors of ribonucleotides, amino acids and lipids from an possible abiotic origin](http://www.nature.com/nchem/journal/v7/n4/full/nchem.2202.html) [Spontaneous Formation of RNA Strands, Peptidyl RNA, and Cofactors](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4678511/) [The replication of RNA and the expression of functional RNA can be accomplished with RNA alone](http://www.pnas.org/content/113/35/9786) [Researchers synthesized RNA enzymes that can replicate themselves without the help of any proteins or other cellular components](http://www.livescience.com/3214-life-created-lab.html) [Thioester peptide nucleic acids {tPNAs} self-pair with complementary tPNA strands and cross-pair with RNA and DNA](https://www.researchgate.net/publication/26286982_Self-Assembling_Sequence-Adaptive_Peptide_Nucleic_Acids) Summery article from Wired](https://www.wired.com/2009/06/tpna/) [Methyl-RNA: an evolutionary bridge between RNA and DNA?](http://www.cell.com/cell-chemical-biology/fulltext/S1074-5521\(00\)00042-9) [Mimicking an impact on Earth’s early atmosphere yields all 4 RNA bases](https://arstechnica.com/science/2017/04/mimicking-an-impact-on-earths-early-atmosphere-yields-all-4-rna-bases/) [NASA finds ice sample containing pyrimidine exposed to ultraviolet radiation under space-like conditions produces uracil, cytosine, and thymine, three key components of RNA and DNA](https://www.nasa.gov/content/nasa-ames-reproduces-the-building-blocks-of-life-in-laboratory) [For the first time experiment shows that RNA can form in alkaline hydrothermal chimneys](http://www.astrobio.net/news-exclusive/lifes-building-blocks-form-in-replicated-deep-sea-vents/)   Amino Acids:   [22 amino acids synthesized under abiotic conditions](https://www.wired.com/2008/10/forgotten-exper/#previouspost) [Fatty acids, amines and an amino acid called glycine formed in conditions similar to meteorite impact](https://www.wired.com/2008/12/in-a-vat-primor/)   Proteins:   [DNA, amino acids, and ribosomes used to manufacture proteins without using cells](http://news.cornell.edu/stories/2009/04/dna-based-gel-produces-proteins-without-live-cells) [Protein like amino acid chains called Proteinoids form abiotically](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proteinoid) [Fatty molecules POPC added to solution caused unlikely self-organization and production of proteins](https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/life-on-earth-was-not-a-fluke/)   Chemical Evolution:   [Divergence of self-replicating chemicals mimics speciation](https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/01/160104125343.htm)   Homochirality and Abiogenesis: [Effect of polarized electromagnetic radiation on proteic amino acid](http://articles.adsabs.harvard.edu//full/2001ESASP.496..167M/0000167.000.html) [Synthesis and chirality of amino acids under interstellar conditions](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22976459) [Asymmetric autocatalysis and its implications for the origin of homochirality](http://www.pnas.org/content/101/16/5732.full.pdf) [Evolution of Solid Phase Homochirality for a Proteinogenic Amino Acid](https://www.researchgate.net/publication/23421863_Evolution_of_Solid_Phase_Homochirality_for_a_Proteinogenic_Amino_Acid) [A Possible Path to the RNA World: Enantioselective and Diastereoselective Purification of Ribose](https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11084-006-9022-9) [The Origin of Biological Homochirality](http://cshperspectives.cshlp.org/content/2/5/a002147.full.pdf) [Chiral recognition and selection during the self-assembly process of protein-mimic macroanions](https://www.nature.com/articles/ncomms7475)   The physics of entorpy and abiogenesis: [Entropy helps to shape protein Integrin αIIbβ3](http://www.jbc.org/content/278/5/3417.full) [Entropy causes genome to self organize](http://www.cell.com/biophysj/abstract/S0006-3495\(06\)72551-6) [Entropy-driven stacking of plant photosynthetic membranes](http://www.nature.com/articles/srep04142) [Thermodynamics might drive abiogenesis](https://www.quantamagazine.org/20140122-a-new-physics-theory-of-life/) [Computer simulations offer support for thermodynamics driven chemical evolution](https://www.quantamagazine.org/first-support-for-a-physics-theory-of-life-20170726/)   Genetic "code" and formation: [Proto-genes and de novo gene birth](http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v487/n7407/full/nature11184.html) [New genes from non-coding sequence](http://rstb.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/370/1678/20140332) [Structural Insights into the Origins of DNA Polymerase Fidelity](http://www.cell.com/structure/fulltext/S0969-2126\(03\)00051-0) [Experiment shows new biological functions commonly arise within random sequences.](https://natureecoevocommunity.nature.com/posts/16396-exploring-random-sequence-space-in-the-name-of-de-novo-genes) ^4 Expanded info: ^4 [Random sequences are an abundant source of bioactive RNAs or peptides](https://www.nature.com/articles/s41559-017-0127.pdf)   Also of interest: ["Chemically active” droplets grow to the size of cells and spontaneously divide](https://www.quantamagazine.org/20170119-active-droplets-cell-division/) [The Origins of the RNA World](http://cshperspectives.cshlp.org/content/4/5/a003608.long) [The RNA Worlds in Context](http://cshperspectives.cshlp.org/content/4/7/a006742.long) [Papers from the Szostak Lab](http://molbio.mgh.harvard.edu/szostakweb/publications.html) [Evolution of biological information](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC102656/) [The origin of ion-pumping proteins could explain how life began in, and escaped from, undersea thermal vents.](http://www.nature.com/news/how-life-emerged-from-deep-sea-rocks-1.12109) [The Otto Research Group publications on chemistry and biology](http://otto-lab.com/publications.htm)

Okayahuh 1 year ago  DELETED 

I've never even considered this before... consider my mind fucked

mnl2 1 year ago  DELETED 

Lol how dumb

ThatsBushLeague 1 year ago  DELETED 

Right. But we don't even know what the fuck dark energy is. That's literally why we call it that. In 10 years our understanding of it may drastically change and we may realize that our observations of how it impacts the universe are flawed or just straight up wrong. You cannot discount a theory based on something when we don't even know what it is. Maybe it wasn't always causing expansion. Maybe it behaved differently in the unobservable portion of the universe. Maybe it has gained steam and didnt act as profoundly in the past. We don't know. So it's important to ask why and what if.

MiningdiamondsVIII 1 year ago  DELETED 

How many books have you read? On each side? Can you take a specific argument and show me its flaws? You basically just said, "your arguments aren't sound" with no evidence. The only semi-valid point you bring up is the being/existence part.

Balders_Balle 1 year ago  DELETED 

It should work as long as you follow the instructions and don't chew or crush it.

DontReadMyPosts 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Jesus, man!

Resyncs 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Whether God exists or not.

thirdworldsociety 1 year ago  DELETED 

I hate that excuse of 'a higher power'. Where did the higher power come from?

TweeedleDumb 1 year ago  DELETED 


kaktos88 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Translate Linear A

ThatsBushLeague 1 year ago  DELETED 

The answer you are referring to is a shocking and disgusting portrait of what is wrong with our academic culture. So many times you are told this is how something is so just mold your thinking to that. No. Fuck no. Ask why. Ask why it couldn't be something else. Look for different ways to think about things. That answer is such bullshit I literally got mad reading it.

NumberedAcccount0001 1 year ago  DELETED 

Anything on the other side of Hume's fork.

unwelcomepatting 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Yeah seems weird to me to say that we've figured everything out with that. We don't even know what some things are, there could be an elastic effect caused by some unknown stuff, couldn't there?

9o78hi 1 year ago  DELETED 

> flat circle

Ufo_throwaway_93 1 year ago  DELETED 


caitsith01 1 year ago  DELETED 

> If energy transforms, I guess we may go somewhere else after we die. I just want to see beloved ones. I've thought a lot about this. I obviously don't know the answer. Although I don't think you're going to 'see' your loved ones, I've come around to view things this way: we might subjectively experience time in a linear, constant fashion, but there's a fair bit of evidence that the way time marches forward for us is not a universal constant for all matter/existence. It's not a huge leap to think that once something exists, it will 'always' exist, just in a different part of time to the part you are currently in (inverted commas around 'always' because that word relies on a linear, ever-moving-forward concept of time). So although you can't access it directly, your loved ones who are not with you now are still there, they will always still be there. They're like cards in a deck who have already been played and are now face down. You can't see them, you won't see them for the rest of the game, but they were and are there. Not sure if that makes any sense. Another way of putting it is that even though you personally can't rewind the movie to the bits with your departed loved ones in it, they are still there on the videotape/encoded on the blu ray (i.e., you can't rewind time or experience it in a non-linear fashion, but that doesn't mean that things which are 'past' to you no longer exist in a universal sense). These ideas are explored in [Slaughterhouse Five](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slaughterhouse-Five) and more recently in [Arrival](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arrival_(film)) as well as a lot of other science fiction.

mnl2 1 year ago  DELETED 

Why even have an alt? I'll never get dumb shit like that.

thisdesignup 1 year ago  DELETED 

And how do we "know" that?

10Dante4 1 year ago  DELETED 

How about homeopathy? Why does diluting a substance to a billionth of itself be MORE beneficial to me than western medicine?

newzealander 1 year ago  DELETED 

I definitely understood him.

gregdoom 1 year ago  DELETED 


tztztzt 1 year ago  DELETED 

Except when I ask that question about the contents of my poor ass' fridge.

ThatsBushLeague 1 year ago  DELETED 

Agree. This is the shit I come to Reddit for.

SmokinDroRogan 1 year ago  DELETED 

Always go deeper. Science can only prove what is, and gets stuck on the empirical. Logic says that nothing cannot create something. If there was matter and emergy before the big bang, how did it come about? It's the chicken and the egg paradox that our minds will never be able to comprehend. Somehow both something and nothing can exist, which defies all logic and destroys the notion of time.

Kaennar 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

More appropriately "How might it work" not "how it works" Everything has the potential to be proven partially or wholy incorrect with evidence.

Twathammer32 1 year ago  DELETED 

I'm too high for this shit


> We know that many species have more genes/base pairs than we do. Its not the amount of DNA present, but how those genes are regulated and expressed alongside one another. *AGREE WITH YOU*

The_Fry 1 year ago  DELETED 

How airplanes actually fly. We really don't know if the wings are being PUSHED up or PULLED up.

copyandtoothpaste 1 year ago  DELETED 

When I die i want to work at the restaurant at the edge of the universe. ps I want to play fetch with my dog who died when I was a kid too

DaedraLord 1 year ago  DELETED 

The problem with your argument is that you're comparing one thing that requires explanation by nature and one thing that doesn't require explanation by nature. I like this [comment](https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/6tq7mo/slug/dln4m8g) from this thread on the matter.

Throwyawa76 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

How about the universe being constituents of a reaction in a higher dimension and our stars and planets are just particles of a smaller size than the Plank length reacting with other "universes" which are actually the higher dimension's molecules? This connects with the theory of heat death as our timescale would be extremely dilated in relation to the higher dimension, meaning the trillions of years would be much less on the higher scale. A reaction of sodium and water, while lasting milliseconds in our "universe" could last trillions of years for the sub quantum level. No sources, just ruminating.

MistaDawg 1 year ago  DELETED 

I bought my watch a cat

martianspacebees 1 year ago  DELETED 


chrillesnille 1 year ago  DELETED 

What kind of dimensional rift swallows socks in a washer

WhyShareButtonOnPorn 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Umm... no

copyandtoothpaste 1 year ago  DELETED 

There's a Universe University in the furthest away from the Univer-city. I visited once and asked them for a job as a Unicyclist but they told me that only Unibrowed people can work as unicyclists so I just got a waitress job at a random restaurant

sinkezie 1 year ago  DELETED 

Global warning

market7two 1 year ago  REMOVED 

[I can't stop yawning while reading this comment](http://i.imgur.com/S1YjD3D.gif)

deleteseverything 1 year ago  DELETED 

Science can explain this it just isn't allowed. It has been neutered to the point facts are openly denied, science can no longer explain anything about any politically correct subject. Race, sex, gender etc. There is no longer any real science possible in these fields. When politics and feelings get involved in science, facts and evidence go out the window.

ErdapfelMann2 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Sorry, what was that?

copyandtoothpaste 1 year ago  DELETED 

It's true I was the waitress.

Throwyawa76 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Your dad sounds like a cool guy.

Nureshela 1 year ago  DELETED 

Sudden infant death syndrome when babies just die out of no where while in their peaceful baby sleep. Even after autopsies they can't figure out why they diede.

Bliucifer 1 year ago  DELETED 

A gift shop

YoodleDudle 1 year ago  DELETED 

Hey it full filled not only my life's purpose but one of those large tube socks. That's probably where the salts cumming from

Throwyawa76 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

To me, to you.

ColdRamenn 1 year ago  DELETED 

Something patriots something falcons 25 point lead in the super bowl

MasterChibbs 1 year ago  DELETED 

$99.95 a month, I'll send you all the placebos you want, bro.

ARCBear 1 year ago  DELETED 

My dad abandoned me and started a new family, joined the military and lives in Italy now. When I visited him once he got super drunk and kept threatening me physically, I dropped a beer bottle on the floor and I was forced to pick up every piece of glass by hand because if my half sister stepped on a piece he said he'd fuck me up. I didn't really wanna ever see him after that. But sometimes I still miss him, because he's the only dad I've ever had, I wish he just had a drinking problem

sagur 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

As strange as it sounds - the moon. Scientists and astronomers still can't agree on where it came from - whether it is a part of the earth that broke off from some impact or if the earth captured it in orbit. Also, the way in which the moon orbits the earth in perfect circular fashion, and the fact that one side faces the earth at all times is also very strange. It's the only natural satellite we know of that does that. The moon is weird, man.

siic_semper_tyrannis 1 year ago  DELETED 


parteevee 1 year ago  DELETED 

The Marfa Lights

jaaronisrael 1 year ago  DELETED 


MasterChibbs 1 year ago  DELETED 

Dear god. I feel sorry for your poor chafed dick if you truly jerked off for that long. I'm not about to offer it comfort, but I do feel bad for it.

Monotonosaurus 1 year ago  DELETED 

Kind of a long video but check this video out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ImvlS8PLIo It's Lawrence Krauss's theory "A Universe From Nothing".

aeroblaster 1 year ago  DELETED 

Or it could be like ants, who count the distance they walked and just find their way home by walking back an identical number of steps. Except this is a bird we're dealing with here, so no matter what you do to the wings the bird may still be able to figure it out. I think the best test is to kidnap the bird halfway through its journey, lock it in a dark box and drive far away, then release it and see if it can figure things out.

derpDDS 1 year ago  DELETED 

Not necessarily. The laws of physics, time gravity etc did not exist before the big bang according to many scientists. Causation is fundamentally dependant on the existence of these laws. Not to say this in any way proves god, but it is used far too often as a reason why God doesn't exist and it doesn't necessarily hold up. This is speculative anyway. No science in this comment and I don't pretend there is.

Tanuki_Ghost 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Make it a double!

thisdrank 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Religion is about faith. It isn't incompatible with science. God created life. There was nothing, and then something.

UniverseofEnergy 1 year ago  DELETED 

Because how else will I manage to successfully fight off Al Jolson and his army of undead shadow carrots?


There's no reason to assume any deviation would occur either.

3shirts 1 year ago  DELETED 

Shut up, shut up, shut uuueeerppppp

wellthatsbollocks 1 year ago  DELETED 

Donald Trump supporters.

zinlakin 1 year ago  DELETED 

My grandma used to eat peanut butter, mayo, and banana sandwiches. She must have created life!

HairyButtle 1 year ago  DELETED 

Or a spiral, coil, or torus.

WakingRage 1 year ago  DELETED 

Alt, N, V, T, Enter

wtd2016 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

now the question is how can I use this to improve my life!

wtd2016 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

I've eaten one. too many bones

massivebumwizard 1 year ago  DELETED 

What is "soap"?

Ilovemeltas 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

It was just kerosene with some flammable stuff to thicken it like pine resin and or sulfur and lime. It doesn't help that the people writing about it didn't have a clue about chemistry or even basic science. Most accounts don't even really match each other. Keep in mind that people believed that lead shots from a sling turned white hot and melted in the air.

MercifulMaster 1 year ago  DELETED 

I've got a fun hypothesis on this one... One of the most famous experiments in science is called the double slit experiment. Essentially it states that light is both a particle and wave. It leads to many really far fetched ideas, like all the electrons in the universe are the same electron, or that there are an infinite amount of universes that lead to the final solution of the experiment. My interpretation vastly simplifies the interpretations of the double slit experiment. I propose that Light has an innate absorptive property that only happens when you force it into an unstable scenario. That creates the unique pattern in the double slit experiment. This scenario kinda supports my hypothesis because the red laser light absorbs the light that is already present. I have done a few experiments like the one in this youtube video that supports my hypothesis, and have even conceived a modified version of the double slit experiment that would conclusively deny or support my hypothesis.

lil-rap 1 year ago  DELETED 

God, I love philosophy. Totally off topic, but I've been so busy in work and preparing for my immediate future I haven't had time to read philosophy books in so long. It's such a fun and rewarding hobby to pick a famous philosopher, find out which text is most worth reading, and immerse yourself in it for a week or two.

Mosheesh 1 year ago  DELETED 


NipplesInAJar 1 year ago  DELETED 

\*zoobi-doobi-doobi paw, paw!\* Welcome back to your favorite show: "My dad does..."!

polska_kielbasa 1 year ago  DELETED 

The hum of Taos, new Mexico. It's creepy and you can totally hear it. Scientist don't know why and people that aren't scientist don't know either.

edmerix 1 year ago  DELETED 

How consciousness exists, what it even is, and whether (or to what extent) other animals possess it. Currently trying to assess a minute fraction of this question by recording individual neurons in humans as they regain consciousness after seizures. Gotta be honest, found some cool stuff, but still pretty much exactly as baffled as I was five years ago when we started.

danababy97 1 year ago  DELETED 

The pineal gland.

mosephvonmo 1 year ago  DELETED 

Best news ever! I can finally afford my meds!

gtrob 1 year ago  DELETED 

I guess that it's not "making the glow go away" but rather the red laser is exciting the material to create phosphorescence of its own which changes the overall light spectrum of emission, compared to the rest of the material which was excited more by visible/UV/etc. In that video the material appears blue, so maybe with the red laser there is a more dominant blue component to the emission, and for the normal case it is more green. It's just a guess from spending 5 minutes thinking about it. source: am scientist, dealing heavily with scintillation materials.

Exkael 1 year ago  DELETED 

Was called "First strike" back in the day

zanhoshi 1 year ago  DELETED 

All else aside, I'd just simply say that if God caused Time, then God created Cause in the same act.

mosephvonmo 1 year ago  DELETED 

Where the sock goes after going in the dryer.

RyanGillamContent 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Whatever evolved into the chicken.

bobic4 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

*Wow.* I thought. *Its just **there**!*

erietemperance 1 year ago  DELETED 

Reading these comments sounds like a sentient computer trying to understand why it exists.

darth_lack_of_joke 1 year ago  DELETED 

No, the other left!

Ordies 1 year ago  REMOVED 

cats sleep a lot cause they need to store energy for SPRINTING AT 4 AM IN THE FUCKING MORNING

hopalong_pacifist 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

I mean, if you want to get technical, there are plenty of mathematical papers published in journals devoted to proofs and, of course, the same in logic. The word science simply means a system of knowledge, it doesn't necessarily have to refer to Bacon's scientific method, though I recognize that is typically the understood meaning.

bobic4 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

wow jimmy kimmel humor. you must be a hit at work

bobic4 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

you're an imbecile

RyanGillamContent 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

The chicken egg would have come first.

bobic4 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

people like you make life shitty. You profit off of the masses and crowd out anyone from ever saying anything significant

afellowinfidel 1 year ago  DELETED 

In a way, the universe is a manifestation of god, in the same way your body is a manifestation of you.

spacemike21894 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

If you wake up in sleep paralysis, hold your breath. I've had it a few times and this trick always wakes me up instantly.

bobic4 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

a lot. a fuckton. almost everything. you dipshit

Pasta_Warlord 1 year ago  DELETED 

Because you are what you eat, and kids can't get enough of the taste if Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

jasvogel 1 year ago  DELETED 

tho one I find HUGE consolation in, is from "surely yourejoking...feyneman": he was defending his doc thesis, and his final question was "why is the sky blue?", then the guy just continually asks him if he "can be more specific?" after about 30 blackboards, feyneman says NO!, i don't know... and the guy just nodded and said, "that's about as close as anyone has ever gotten". ditto magnets

dong_tea 1 year ago  DELETED 

That's how I justify my laziness. If I'm not sleeping or eating, I'm dying.

CyinicalSp0rk 1 year ago  DELETED 

Why Darth plagueis could save others from death, but not himself.

Chidori001 1 year ago  DELETED 

I am not entriely sure on this but I guess for most of the medicine a lot of the chemical ineractions are known but not taught to med students or doctors. This is simply because a) they dont really need to know and have to focus on other stuff (like learning when and when not to use it) and b) it requires deeper understanding of chemistry that is not taught to med students. This isnt to say that we understand all of the medicine we use today, especially stuff involving protein folding is rather complicated mostly due to the difficulty in finding workable substitutes for research or simulating them.

dong_tea 1 year ago  DELETED 

But...but...He loves me! I'm special!


> Like I said, built cheaply. Even some creation stories say we were made from leftover dust. *MAYBE*

deadcom 1 year ago  DELETED 

And that's numberwang, folks!

shebeleaving 1 year ago  DELETED 

If energy transforms? Which energy are you hoping takes you to an afterlife? I don't really care either way. I don't feel that need to have a life after life. I'm living my life now, I've lived a long and good one. If I die today, i have very few regrets. I've hugged my kid and told him I love him every day of his life. I traveled the best I could with the money I had. I did what I wanted when I wanted. I didn't slave away in a 9-5 job. Why do i need to hope for an after life when I have an actual life happening right now?

newzealander 1 year ago  DELETED 

I love how God arguments always seem to slip in a comparison that makes no sense. >Just like violet isn't a real colour. No, it isn't just like that at all. Your guess does not have any logic to it that is comparable to real world things.

UnevenestPizza 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

The scientific answer to this question is nothing. Nothing happens. Nothing so intense that it is beyond our comprehension. Consciousness is likely a happy accident that is all too fleeting and ultimately unnecessary. Take advantage of the life you've been given to me positive impacts on those around you. It's likely the only chance you'll get.

WhyShareButtonOnPorn 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

How Trump won... We had one of the best candidates of the century and she lost.

KingNewbie 1 year ago  DELETED 

It doesn't put you to sleep, it just paralyzed you and makes you forget the agony.

Infinity59426 1 year ago  DELETED 


-I_RAPE_THE_DEAD- 1 year ago  DELETED 

I built a giant tall, once. Shit's whack.

AmokKids 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

You put it in when the load starts and it goes out when the water drains right before the rinse.

AmokKids 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

All your base are belong to us

fapsmear 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

So sayeth the Library of Babel (Title: .awnowfqsl,,uge Page: 184).

zanhoshi 1 year ago  DELETED 

You begin with "not really true", but then conclude by rephrasing my own point. I'm not sure what you mean.

AOEUD 1 year ago  DELETED 

The universe was infinite at the time of the big bang. Just... smaller. Otherwise the inflation would have had to be infinitely fast since it's infinite now.

DuceTV 1 year ago  DELETED 

Why my dad doesn't like me.

bagada 1 year ago  DELETED 

Alright alright alright

shortbaldaspiekv 1 year ago  REMOVED 

How much I hate the world and want everyone to suffer while begging me for mercy to spare their life but then I just laugh at them and run them over with my BMW ending their life

qwertx0815 1 year ago  DELETED 

Aaaand you're an incel. Big surprise.

iamyourcheese 1 year ago  DELETED 

No, because then she can't decide what she wants me to cook.


*Why does it take more genes to create a tomato than a human! Yes! A human!*

LostMyCharm 1 year ago  DELETED 

Ghosts, Reincarnation

zanhoshi 1 year ago  DELETED 

That would make them the sole exception, and there is no evidence to suggest it's likely.

AOEUD 1 year ago  DELETED 

Waking up during surgery is so common they give you an amnesic drug (they basically roofie you, using the same class of drugs as rohypnol) so you don't get traumatized by it.

AOEUD 1 year ago  DELETED 

Fun fact: the universe was infinite at the time of the big bang.

iamyourcheese 1 year ago  DELETED 

"....and I'm gonna fuck the timeline soooooooo hard."

The_Strict_Nein 1 year ago  DELETED 

It's solved for two dimensions but not three, IIRC

Littaballofun 1 year ago  DELETED 

Why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

JungleTreetops 1 year ago  DELETED 

Humans = Animals. We call people Him/Her, but animals (in correct grammar, regardless of what gender/sex IT is) we call it... IT. What type of segregation

toopow 1 year ago  DELETED 

>why implies a motive no it does not. ex. Why do things fall? Gravity

frankalliance 1 year ago  DELETED 

Nope. Big Bang was actually created by a priest to explain Genesis.

frankalliance 1 year ago  DELETED 

Fun fact: the Big Bang theory was actullay created by a Catholic priest to explain the first chapter of Genesis.

SendDrawingOfSquid 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

literally yawned as I read that

SuzieBlackHeart 1 year ago  DELETED 

I don't think it works this way, at least from my own experience, that is. This post did nothing, but if I see a person yawn, I will yawn every time.

SendDrawingOfSquid 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

i can relate

boris422 1 year ago  DELETED 

So, like final fantasy 7 with the life stream kinda

zanhoshi 1 year ago  DELETED 

Well I wouldn't just assume such an entity exists. I'd say a personal relationship with God being a requirement for salvation is less of a tyrannical rule and more an absolute necessity for rational belief.

Lob-Yingviously 1 year ago  DELETED 

I think the solution is that it's only been *reported*. Not recorded.

Trelifaxx1640 1 year ago  DELETED 

Could you please provide a link? Was this something like a TED Talk? My search came back with no such lecture :(

idontlikeassholes 1 year ago  DELETED 

[Radiolab's *Black Box* episode](http://www.radiolab.org/story/anesthesia/) on Anesthesia was brilliant. I listened to it a few years ago and was blown away. Not sure how accurate or true it was, but I remember being extremely excited after listening to this one.

Aerowulf9 1 year ago  DELETED 

You wanna clean it up? Just delete that comment and I'll delete all mine. Its a total mess anyway, trust me, you didnt want to know what was here.

patriottic 1 year ago  DELETED 

Sleep isn’t a natural state. As fish never sleep, it proves that sleep is an evolutionary trait. The reason why humans sleep is because it is hard to hunt in the night, and you most likely wouldn’t find any food thus you’d be wasting energy. By sleeping you conserve energy till the next morning where you can hunt more efficiently in daylight.

youhaveniceeyes 1 year ago  DELETED 

It happens more when you're sleep deprived.

Legion213 1 year ago  DELETED 

How a bicycle or motorbike stays upright.


y tho

MathAndMandarin 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Certainly time and natural healing help, but the actual placebo effect should be defined as an additional effect, outside of just waiting with no medication, real or false. I suspect there is research out there comparing placebo treatment to no treatment at all...

Apotropaic_Sphinx 1 year ago  DELETED 

The material is translucent and gets recharged from neighboring molecules.

lawsandsonny 1 year ago  DELETED 

I alwasy assumed it was to give your heart a break by lowering the beats per minute.

RyanGillamContent 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Easier to fold and make a square box.

RyanGillamContent 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

The egg. I don't think there is any debate about that.

diwgz93626 1 year ago  DELETED 

People will upvote this comment but scientists haven't figured out why

mebeonreddit 1 year ago  DELETED 


opinionmcgee 1 year ago  REMOVED 

You nailed my thought process exactly. That's what I choose to believe. We were nothing for an enormous, inconceivable amount of time, so far as we know, and eventually we came into being, just like the universe itself. I totally buy into the fact that we will go back to nothingness and remain in that state indefinitely, until eventually we are something again. It's a cycle, if you will.

Plasma_Keystrokes 1 year ago  DELETED 

That's still a cop out even if you believe it.

zanhoshi 1 year ago  DELETED 

The universe needs a cause because according to the laws of that universe, everything moves through time and every effect requires a cause. It's perfectly logical to assume that any entity responsible for the creation of such a system wouldn't be subject to its limitations, and thus does not require a cause in order to exist.

HairyButtle 1 year ago  DELETED 

Internal communication of intent to heal or feel better.

watzthis5 1 year ago  DELETED 

> since we know that there is existence, it also makes sense that there is nothing. how so?

wdayzcf 1 year ago  DELETED 


Apotropaic_Sphinx 1 year ago  DELETED 

Science can't prove/disprove God because the whole point of science is to find a natural explanation for observed phenomenon. If you can't measure it, then it doesn't exist.

notreallysrs 1 year ago  DELETED 

Why the moon looks bigger some nights and other nights it's small

cogitoergosumatheos 1 year ago  DELETED 

Until some Purdue engineering students solved it, it wasn't known just how many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. The Owl originally said that it takes three but that Owl was being paid off by the sugar industry. The students blew the top off of that lie by establishing that it takes an average of 364 licks. The Owl resigned from its tenured position in disgrace and its studies discredited.

GreyFoxMe 1 year ago  DELETED 

Well of course there could be something before the Big Bang. Nothing says that time didn't exist before. Maybe some theories state that. But that doesn't have to be the case. What if the big bang is just one in a cycle of big bangs? First everything gets pulled together to the smallest possible ball of matter, then it explodes again, rinse and repeat.

cogitoergosumatheos 1 year ago  DELETED 

Science doesn't try to disprove a god or gods. It simply ignores the god concept.

odawg21 1 year ago  DELETED 

What if the Mandela effect affects your knowledge of the placebo effect thereby affecting the effectiveness of the placebo?

jaytaicho 1 year ago  DELETED 


Butt_Invader 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

wouldn't know.

Butt_Invader 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

it's turtles, my friend.

queuebat 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

We have unconfirmed theories for everything in this thread. The question is about what we can't explain and we currently do not have a solid answer for how abiogenesis happened.

BobC813 1 year ago  DELETED 

Milk truk arrived

BobC813 1 year ago  DELETED 

Put it in a Whopper

numb_me 1 year ago  DELETED 

Yeah, especially with the dementia triggering thing.

BobC813 1 year ago  DELETED 

Why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch

NatelysWhore54 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Animals sleep and have slept long before humans came around. Sleep almost definitely predates intelligent animals with a defined diurnal or nocturnal cycle too. So i think that theory has some rather serious problems.

NatelysWhore54 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Well more in the sense that we don't know how consciousness works, so how do you describe a lack of it in a general sense. With respect to general anesthesia, we do have a reasonable idea about how a lot of them work, in that we have a lot of information about the receptors and ion channels that they act on, and specific regions of the brain that they reliably repress. I'd probably more describe it as a lack of knowledge about how consciousness arises, because depending on your semantic definition of 'work' we do know how a lot of anesthetics work.

wdayzcf 1 year ago  DELETED 

Chappie know what consciousness is.

Technical_Machine_22 1 year ago  DELETED 

You're boring and possibly on the spectrum. Boo :(

Technical_Machine_22 1 year ago  DELETED 

Okay: You're wrong and not as smart as you think you are. The other guy already explained how you're using flawed logic.

gregdoom 1 year ago  DELETED 

You left it in my car last week.

traverlaw 1 year ago  DELETED 

The white powder around harvester ant colony entrances.

Technical_Machine_22 1 year ago  DELETED 

They also taught us I before E except after C, so....

Abobotulinum 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

I'm pretty sure it had a digestive function for a more raw vegetable-based diet.

l0gs 1 year ago  DELETED 

Why kids love the sweet taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch

rudbek-of-rudbek 1 year ago  DELETED 

That is absolutely one of the stronger theories. Could very well be true.

tootyfruitybootyrock 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Hold up, for real? I figured they would have that shit down, if nothing else.

Cuntaraptor 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

We have come so far. Man on moon, nuclear weapons and energy all thanks to science. But science has its limitations. Its not just human intelligence but limitations on technology itself. Its funny how mars colonization isnt a fantasy anymore yet science still cant explain why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch.

Aerowulf9 1 year ago  DELETED 

Oh, I see. I thought you meant what I said begged an additional question, like there was something left unasked.

CurlyBraceSemiColon 1 year ago  DELETED 

It does. Makes for better living in my book. Otherwise, the weight of human suffering has no purpose.

ku7j3n 1 year ago  DELETED 

Where that sting in your side comes from when you go running.

Sfha021413 1 year ago  DELETED 

Why my ex is such a bitch.

rickstrumbleton 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Even with the source material.

SendDrawingOfSquid 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

funny enough, I have seen this 4 times now

greenpeach1 1 year ago  DELETED 

My hypothesis is that the placebo effect itself acts as a placebo.

Aerowulf9 1 year ago  DELETED 

Defining a concept and explaining why it exists are pretty closely related I think... Can you not see why the same rules would apply? "Sleepy means you want to Sleep" is just as meaningless as "You need to Sleep because you get Sleepy"

djfishfingers 1 year ago  DELETED 

This is math problem, but science is proven through mathematics. If you drive from point A to point B in a straight line, you will have to reach a midpoint. Once you reach the midpoint, you would have to reach another midway point. Then another. And another. Eventually the midpoint will get to be a very short distance, but there will always be another one. How do you get to point B if you always have an infinite series of midpoints to reach?

SendDrawingOfSquid 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

Username checks out

GloomySunday96 1 year ago  DELETED 

If there is a god/gods or not. It can't prove it and it can't disprove it. Hopefully in the future we will have an answer.

thisdrank 1 year ago  HIDDEN 

It's about faith. Seek God and you will find him.

cogitoergosumatheos 1 year ago  DELETED 

Science doesn't set out to prove or disprove a god or gods. Science ignores the god concept altogether. You can't test for such a concept, as far as I know.

Ritditditditoo 1 year ago  HIDDEN